Israel-Hamas ceasefire takes effect
News agencies
Published: 21.11.12, 21:10
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1. Sounds good to me. 1500+ targets hit in 8 days.
Jake ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Not too shabby. Hamas will be busy rebuilding Gaza over the next few years.
2. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (11.21.12)
Prayers for the Holy Land and Middle East in the coming hours and days.
3. Pathetic
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (11.21.12)
This will not be peace it will not last.... bad decision..
4. Irrationality defined
Markus Valiant ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (11.21.12)
5. The puppet pleased his masters
Cynic ,   USA   (11.21.12)
6. sad
Daniel   (11.21.12)
Pathetic. The country was ready to defend itself. If politicians had thought like this back in 48, Israel would have never been founded. Same thing for 67, 72, etc. I cannot imagine Meir surrendering at the first sign of international pressure.
7. #1
dudu ,   netanya   (11.21.12)
this is where you err. hamas, the elected "government" in gaza, will NOT use the time between now and eternity to rebuild gaza. they will however, take eu and un money as well as usa and israeli money to build more tunnels, buy more mortars and rockets, restock weapons and build underground ammunition shelters. whatwe had last week as well as in 2007/2009 will happen soon again. i'm afraid too soon. my prediction: mid to end 2013.
8. Hamas WON for sure....and....
Israeli 2   (11.21.12)
Bibi had a chance to prove himself different than Olmert. They are all the same Banana.
9. How stupid.
Joan ,   Israel.   (11.21.12)
Next time they will use gas on Israel. They are liars and they will get gas from Iran.
10. Wonderful
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.12)
now everyone can go back and watch La La Land in peace. Bibi has done nothing but disappoint. Fool. Vote for the most extreme off-the-scale Right WIng party in the coming election, then maybe, if they win, they won't take the country anymore Left and damaged then it is.
11. And hamas or one of the other terrorist groups
A ,   Belgium   (11.21.12)
breaks the ceasefire...what than? Bibi and Barak are going to stumble over their own feet wondering what to do next? The US, UN, and EU will ask Israel to "show restraint", as if they haven't been until now? Mrs. Clinton will thank Morsi for being such a great mediator, while allowing more missiles to be smuggled into gaza through Egypt during the "ceasefire"? Israel is a great and wonderful country, the Israelis are fantastic people, but your government SUX!
12. A sad day in israel history.
Eric ,   nyc   (11.21.12)
They have learned zero from the leb war..Isreal coward and quit.The enemy will now be able to rebulid even stronger and Iran is laughing..And for anybody that thinks Israel will stop Iran from getting a nuke is in a coma.Isreal is too weak to even defeat hamas.Pathetic.
13. unilateral truce like unilateral withdrawal
Boris ,   ISRAEL   (11.21.12)
like unilateral peace. the state department thinks up one sick, dangerous plan to pressure Israel over time after time. this entire operation was a tremendous and costly disgrace. if we are too delicate to fight, lets climb massada and committ mass suicide.
14. Netanyahu just lost the election
Shep ,   Memphis   (11.21.12)
Israelis know BiBi bowed down to Obama and Morsi and this will not sit well with the people as long as they know that they are constantly under the threat of missle attack. What a wasted effort. Then again. there is a lot we don't know. If this keeps Gaza quiet while Israel takes on Iran, then it all makes sense.
15. Bibi is a sell out
Oren ,   Florida   (11.21.12)
Bibi just lost himself the election. Out with the coward in with Bennet!
16. Real Cease Fire Or Hamas Reloading?
emanon ,   USA   (11.21.12)
17. Gaza urban renewal courtesy of IDF bombing empty buildings.
naro ,   nyc   (11.21.12)
Now Israel made Hamas the leaders of Palestine, and Israel is at the mercy of Hamas. There is no deterrent at all. And Bibi and Barak can go on the speaking circuit in the USA and Europe at $100,000 per speech and Barak can buy his clothes at Barney's NY. This is really the end of Israel as a viable country. It can always be thrown into chaos again by Hamas without any retaliation.
18. Bibi, Barak biggest cowards
Shlomo Dan   (11.21.12)
in 4,000 years of Israeli History. Even Herod fought against Roman before being defeated by superior force. Bibi, Barak only good for licking their master O's boots daily. Pathetic losers.
19. Most shameful defeat in Israeli history
Frank Baum   (11.21.12)
bunch of small-time riff-raff with homemade rockets have Bibi & Barak begging for a truce ? The Ayatollahs are ROFL laughing in Tehran.
20. great
great   (11.21.12)
what will actualy be gained by going in? we got all targets, we had no one killed in action. we proved to iran that they cant and wont be able to rely on gaza as a front for them, we proved to hezbolah that we can do the same to them. so why need to go in. oh i almost forgot we hit a bunch of leaders by air...
21. Obama pressured Netanyahu
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros   (11.21.12)
In public, the Obama Govt said they were backing Israel. But behind the scenes they put on the pressure and Netanyahu caved in. Now we will read stories in Ynet and other media about how much the IDF accomplished in 8 days. But the truth is they could not stop Hamas from firing rockets because their hands were tied by the politicians.
22. Dont open the border crossings
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.21.12)
If they do, G-d forbid, then Hamas will smuggle in more rockets.
23. so the US and Egypt announce a truce between
palestinians and israelis. anyone else see something ridicules about this?
24. Hamas will declare victory and..
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.21.12)
...a year from now the same scenario will be repeated.Too bad,they could have gotten rid of the scumbags this time,but have to listen to Clinton and Obama....I hope Lieberman is elected next.
25. 1 Sounds good to me too. Rebuilt we will
Abu Ali ,   Gaza   (11.21.12)
we did after cast lead and we will now. But you better think twice when it comes to real players like Iran. We are 12000 people strong under siege, they 80 million with little more means. Regards.
26. Sold out, again
frank ,   rehovot   (11.21.12)
the likud will not lose the election but they certainly lost the respect of the citizens. But then again, bb isn't concerned with respect from israelis, only with the great white hope and how he can increase his personal fame. Barak, maybe at one time you were someone, now, you are a has been who is dangerous. Vote for a strong Israel. Vote for strong leaders not followers who scamper and hide from obama. Liberman? Where the hell have you been. You have a big mouth when you want money. What about your obligation to the country? Oh sorry, does that interfer with your personal agenda???? Vote these cowards out!
27. Egypt is the winner
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.21.12)
Congress was ready to cut off all foriegn aid to Egypt. Now Obama will point to Egypt as the "peace maker" While they allow weapons to be smuggled into Hamas from Egypt.
28. I am outraged by Israel government
Alex ,   San Jose, USA   (11.21.12)
This was the most stupid decision. Israel was supposed to finish the job. Get rid of Hamas clean the area of rockets, seal the tunnels. On the other hand is very easy for me to give advice from here in US. I pray that I am wrong. God bless every single Israeli, you deserve the best and you are the best.
29. Israel would never learn ..
Winston ,   UK   (11.21.12)
Unless Israel strike a blow to Hamas, to keep them down for yrs. to come. This truce will be for hours at best, before a new wave of violence would violate any cease fire and the blame game becomes the game hamas knows to well how to play.
30. When did war become political?
Who decided there needed to be "rules of engagement? Why do we go to war against aggressors & then "have to" stay for "nation building". Why should the people be responsible for paying to restore power or anything else to a country or a strip of land when the people that live there continually attack? I've not seen an aggressor be "careful" not to bomb populated areas or restore areas they've bomb!! What a jacked up world we live in! War is war and there should be no "rules of engagement". If you dish it out, you should be prepared to get it back!
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