Gaza rockets hit south after truce; IDF holds fire
Ynet reporters
Published: 22.11.12, 01:24
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1. How many seconds AFTER the "truce"
Dov   (11.21.12)
should we expect the next rocket?
2. Truce
Allan ,   Brooklyn NY   (11.21.12)
let's at least attempt to be positive
3. Did u say that u want to attack Iran? hahahahahahaha
Christian ,   Beyrouth   (11.21.12)
please do it!
4. #1 more than expected comes true
observer ,   Egypt   (11.21.12)
a committee has been formed to investigate Bibi's failure.
5. There is no truce..start pounding them ,,stop the illusion
Al   (11.21.12)
6. Next SALVO of Rockets
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (11.21.12)
the question is not how long before the next rocket comes after the cease fire....the question is "HOW LONG WILL WE TOLERATE" a government that does not finish the "JOB"...when the next ROCKET is launched from gaza ?????
7. Jerusalem Arabs celebrating Hamas V
Bibi'sMistake ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.21.12)
All around Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods there is celebration and fireworks in celebration of what the Arabs see as a Hamas Victory . Neyanyahy may say goodbye to the next election. 72 % furious over ending the incursion.
8. Guess they put their clocks back in Gaza
Meghan ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.21.12)
but like it was in 2006, they didnt stick to the first cease fire. Seems Hamas are crying like a bunch of girls, they have taken a BIG bashing this time. Rockets still coming, didnt some get the message. They will soon celebrate victory amongst the rubble. OK Gaza, until next time, mean time Israel celebrates her IDF and its love of life, so different from the Hamas primitivos!
9. Terrorists Replenish Ultra Cannon Explosives = word TRUCE
Dov   (11.21.12)
10. More proof that we should not accept a ceasefire
Umm El Kul Naqba   (11.21.12)
Cancel it now! This is clearly an attempt to try to claim that they won the war and Israel was defeated. This would be an ideal time to cancel the cease fire and go back to round the clock bombardments of Gaza until they beg for a ceasefire.
11. And it's 9:25 and they are still shooting rockets from Gaza
R ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.12)
there's not going to be a ceasefire. egypt is going to prevent arms smuggling!? yea right.
12. Useless banter!
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (11.21.12)
The ceasefire should be written on a roll of toilet paper! Now is the time to do what any other country would do to defend its citizenry: Flatten Gaza!
13. The great leaders have produced peace
Wally ,   Auckland NZ   (11.21.12)
Thank you Hillary, Pharaoh Hussein, Pharaoh Morsi, Catamite Barak and Buttboy Bibi - for the "peace" you have done! Prepare for another 10,000 missiles to be brought in over the next few months and years! Expect a giant sucking sound as young people leave for abroad by droves seeing the IDF does nothing but deliberately lose war after war after war.
14. 9:34 in ashdod and another rocket came in
miri ,   ashdod   (11.21.12)
isn't this considered a break of truce? bibi lost my vote and my whole families vote, actually my whole neighborhood isfurious at him. what bibi and barak have done is embolden hamas. we may have destroyed many caches but in the middle east it's who came on top last. CNN is right now reporting that there have been no rockets, and I'd like to say that a rocket came in about 8 minutes ago. what this operation has done is legitimized hamas. western media is praising them for standing up to Israel. now wiping them out will be out of the question just like the PLO became legitimate after 1st intifada and oslo. before this operation we all were voting for Netanyahu, but now not only has hamas won, bibi is finished! miri
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (11.21.12)
Once again another inapt government has sold out its citizens for a non existing ceasefire. They will allow this rocket fire to go on for another 12 years with little to no action. The state of Israel has lost its war on terror and rewards terrorists with negotiations and deals. We can here our Arab neighbours celebrating victory, there is no longer any will to stand up against barbarians.
16. #11 there will be no more smuggling
Morsi has promised and end to smuggling: from now on heavy weapons will be openly supplied. For some good news, there are rumors that Netanyahu has bought an extra large tube of vaseline.
17. First time I feel shame to be Israeli
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (11.21.12)
I don't expect nothing from now on from our leaders, no more proud, and I feel a slave of the U>S>A
18. Bye bye Israel.
Steve ,   Rotherham, UK   (11.21.12)
Hamas and the other groups have just achieved a great victory over Israel, who has caved in to their demands. It is now only a question of time before Israel is destroyed. I've seen more backbone in a glass of water. I'm done supporting you.
corinne ,   usa   (11.21.12)
20. You have to look a little deeper ...
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.21.12)
The Israeli government knew that the ceasefire would be broken, so why not sign up for it and look good? Same as offering more than 90% of the West Bank. Israel can offer wonderful things knowing that the Pals will turn down the offer. Because the conflict is about religion and not land.
21. truce
Eric ,   Detroit, USA   (11.21.12)
Another ploy by Gaza, two days, Israel sends troops home, bombs fly, troops return, huge expense. The rest of the world needs to understand that this fight is for them not just for the security of Israelie citizens. Bibi is right to halt but the job needs to be completed. Although this allows more time for more Iron domes.
les ,   canada   (11.21.12)
hamas in "distress"??? joke of the year. hamas has won, period. the question is whether the israelis are dumb enough to re-elect the incompetent natanyahu "leadership", or go for swallowing the bitter pill, and get rid of hamas and hizbollah once and fo all.....
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (11.21.12)
Terrorists Replenish Underground Caverns Easily = TRUCE
24. Why I am not surprised?
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.21.12)
This "truce" is as ineffective as the Israeli government. Not that Hamas or whoever keeps going on firing on Israel, but now the rockets come from Sinai as well. Bibi you can already start clearing your office, you already lost the elections. I hope that there will be demonstrations all over the country.
25. Where are Israel's leaders who know how to take care of.....
Sick of all of you! ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.12)
business? We need a new Prime Minister. New head of IDF. And a Minister of Defense who can stop hiding under the table.
26. No18
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (11.21.12)
You sound like a frustrated football supporter, then again coming from Rotherham i can understand why. I cant see Israel missing you.
27.  'Israel is in distress'
mayer ,   brooklyn   (11.21.12)
what a crazy world never could imagine that i would see a "strong" israel behave like a scared child its stems from the fact that bibi and group dont know why they are in the holy land sad day for the Jewish people 1. a truce with terorists on their trems 2. even if they broke it ... the excuses are already coming bibi shame on YOU the Rebbe told you what to do but you are smarter!!!
28. Truce
Dan ,   UK -Jerusalem   (11.21.12)
We need to see the bigger picture. Now most of the long range rockets are destroyed, Israel is more ready for greater, more urgent and importaint challanges that await .........Lets use our imagination. FULL RESPECT TO BIBI !!!
29. Israel cluster bombs after ceasefire
lydia ,   Brisbane   (11.21.12)
After Lebanon ceasefire was announced Israel, dropped millions of cluster bombs on Lebanon. Israel refused to provide ordinance maps to the UN to faciliate the removal and difffusing of these unexploded bombs despite the number of children injured while playing in the fields.
30. #4 Observer, who see nothing, knows less,
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (11.21.12)
What is really needed are some shrings, that shoult you put away, where you won't harm anyone
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