Barak: Hamas, Jihad took a hard hit
Published: 22.11.12, 14:18
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1. If I was within arms distance of this coward Barak I would..
Yea right ,   Israel   (11.22.12)
show him what being hit hard really feels like. The troll makes be sick and ashamed to be an Israeli.
2. the other alternative isn't only having to stay in Gaza
the mad Zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (11.22.12)
I really wish that Israeli leaders could be as imaginative as the elder leaders. Israeli leaders say the only other alternative was occupying gaza indefinitely. Think.....the goal is to weaken hamas, even destroy it if possible. Fatah is a much better alternative. So why not launch operationinto gaza, sweep gaza completely and eradicate hamas, and then bring abbas and Fatah right back into Gaza allowing them to regain control of gaza and west bank. This would not allow the international community to condemn Israel for occupying gaza because Israel would be empowering Fatah. The only extremely tough move would be Israel having to sit down and make peace with the Palestinians knowing full well that the Palestinians do not want peace, they want all of Israel. But the main goal is figuring out how to end the presence of hamas, and putting Fatah in power by destroying hamas is the only smart and strong move to make. Occupying gaza would be a hugggge mistake. But allowing a ceasefire knowing full well that hamas will be strengthened by this is an even bigger mistake. Jake Sarna
3. "another operation in Gaza in the future."
A ,   Belgium   (11.22.12)
I sure hope Ehud "Creampuff" Barak won't be the one to lead it. Hopefully Israel will have a REAL defense minister by than who won't hestitate to get the job done.
4. We have mentally deranged ministers
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.22.12)
in the government! ham-ass lost a lot of missiles, they lost 1500 in Israel!
5. Barak, just SHUT UP! You are a disgrace & a loser.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.22.12)
Just cut the crap, will you!
6. If Barak really a brave soldier
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.22.12)
why not attacked personally the Hamas with an ultra modern slingshot ?
7. I didn't think any DM could be as bad as Peretz
zionist forever   (11.22.12)
Sadly one of the countries most decorated generals has proven he is just as bad as who has only ever led the Histadrut into battle. The many was a lousy PM and a lousy DM now he should quit politics get back to business which he does best.
8. we won on points
musis   (11.22.12)
barak saying hamas took a hard hit is like halutz saying we won on points. 1) Hamas doesn't care about civilian casualties only the heads like haniyeh care which is why they run for cover when missile strikes occur. 2) Hamas has no shortage of rockets 3)egypt and US will do nothing about smuggling 4) retaking philadelphia route, elimiinationg haniyeh and zohar of course were not done. 5)Israel refuses to launch its own terror missiles on gazans so israelis fight by one set of rules and hamas and hezbollah fight by dirty illegal rules which of course goldstone and that filth pillay do nothing about. 6) barak will not make it to to theknesset and bibi willbe fought by feigliin and will lose. Israelis are tired of his caving into pressure. In fact they are tired of olmert, barak, bibi, and livni, yechaimovitch. They need new leadership like eldad, lieberman or feiglin.
9. Barak, Netanyahu did quite well
Steven Zeluck ,   San Francisco   (11.22.12)
I agree Hamas and the rest of the savages will have to pause and ponder before they launch any more rockets. It's great that a ground invasion did not happen so that soldiers' lives were spared.
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