Gantz says IDF attacked all possible terror targets
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.11.12, 15:22
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2. Is is a victory if you consider that...
Zob ,   Asqelon, Israel USA   (11.22.12)
There are some buildings in Gaza still standing. And enough people to eventually glue the other ones back together.
3. unbelievable
uli ,   jerusalem   (11.22.12)
How he can praise the home front? Does he not have a piece of sensitivity? He and his bosses just traited the home front. Yes it was strong, but in order to give you the back to FINISH THE JOB and take the joke of terror from their heads and the heads of their children. And what have you done with all your surgical airstrike farce? Hamas is celebrating and the rocket menace has not gone, but will become stronger than ever before. DISGRACE! SHAME ON YOU!
4. Kiryat-Malachi
Baruch ,   Kiryat-Malachi   (11.22.12)
if evrything that moves was destroyed, how did they succeed in firing rockets at us at 22:00 one hour after the cease fire ??!!
5. Israelis struck everything moving in Gaza except their
observer ,   Egypt   (11.22.12)
lurking despair
6. All possible targets ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.22.12)
Rockets kept falling on the South until the last minute !
7. Mission accomplished.
Marc ,   Nice, France   (11.22.12)
All strategic goals have been accomplished : -Demonstration of Operationality for Kipat Barzel and Khetz, a big game changer, -Hamas "military" resources nixed without harming Gaza civilian population too much, -All this without casualties among the soldiers, in a useless ground attack. A Clear message to Iran : Your local suppletive can't harm us, but we still can (and probably will) harm you. One of these days, don't worry... A (very) clever strategy.
8. Good leadership
John ,   Boise.Idaho, USA   (11.22.12)
Israel's "wake up call" and extraordinary leadership, ought to be a lesson to the free world, and especially Hamsa/Gaza, that if you harbor and promote terrorism, it will come back to bite you in a nasty way. Where are the "victory parades" for their heroes? Egypt-learn a lesson here.Let's see how the rebuilding goes after the sweets are passed out. Have a nice week of shopping.
9. Baruch #4, you think like a westerner.
The Arab way is to fire at you while closing the door. We are the stronger and more civilized. We don't behave like they do. We THINK before we act. And we keep our side of the agreements. They never do. They proove how they are.
10. Truth is always the fist casualty of war
Avi Israeli ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.22.12)
When you read articles about our leaders congratulating each other for the wonderful job they did and headlines praising Obama and Clinton, you know we're living in interesting times.
11. #10 Yes Avi, exactly!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.22.12)
12. What number 7 said
13. #8 John
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.22.12)
The "Palestinians" will not rebuild the buildings in the Gaza strip. This will be done by useful idiots from other countries. The "Palestians" are too busy preparing for the next terror attacks on Israel.
14. Warring parties always losers.
Michael ,   C   (11.22.12)
In this case, Morsi of Egypt won because he has established himself on the world scene as a capable leader. The U.S. also won through influencing Gazans and Israelis to stop the shooting. Gaza and/or Israel will be winners some day, when the conflict between them is settled permanently. Until then, BOTH fighting parties are ALWAYS losers.
15. another bitter and shamefull defeat for Israel
CH.S ,   54ST BROOKLYN NY   (11.22.12)
citizens of Israel,in the coming elections,please make sure to vomit out this criminally insane traitorous cowardly leftist government. in any other normal country,these traitorous quizlings,who refuse to protect their country and it's people,would be hanging from the gallows
16. Possible transcript from last nights call
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (11.22.12)
20:55, Jerusalem: Bibi: "Good evening Mr. President" BO: "My Secretary of State just informed me that you've been briefed on what to tell your people tonight at 9 PM". Bibi: "Yes, sir." BO: "I want you to say it with conviction, uh, like you mean it! And tell Barak to do the same - have him talk like a general, you know, uh, use phrases like "strategic objectives were met", "wiped out their this and that"... and so on. I don't care what the polls are saying... and uh, don't forget to thank me and Hillary. Do I make myself clear?" Bibi: "Yes, Sir. BO: "Now, uh, I want you to know who's the boss. Did you really think you could diss me like you did, try to influence the US election and, uh, get away with it? Now, let me be perfectly clear on this. We both know I let you and your people off the hook with just a slap on the wrist this time. But next time, no more Mr. nice guy. Do you understand? So Bibi, how's it feel to talk like Churchill but act like Chamberlain?" Bibi:"It feels like, like... I'm in a hotel room with Megan Fox, with my balls cut off, sir". BO:"That's funny, I think I'll use that line about someone I don't like next time I'm on the Jay Leno show". click... Bibi: "Hello, Mr. President? are you still there? Mr. President?....
17. #9. You write like someone who lives beyond the line of fire
Avi Israeli ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.22.12)
It's nice that you're taking the moral high ground. Next war, I hope you don't have to take that thought with you to the grave.
18. Let's hug it out
Ari Gold ,   LA USA   (11.22.12)
After seeing that picture of Netanyahu with Danino and Aharonovitch I think they need to have a group hug.
19. Iran now knows that Israel and Netanyahoo are paper tigers!
naro ,   nyc   (11.22.12)
20. All possible target?
Brod ,   USA   (11.22.12)
It might have just been empty holes. The Ayatollahists might have created those 'empty holes' to fool Israel. Why would Hamas have a victory celebration? After the ceasefire crap, Hamas bombarded Israel with several more rocket bombs. And Israel leadership chose to be impotent in the face of external attacks. This further erodes Israel's deterrence. Without deterrence, it would be the beginning of the end for Israel. Hamas and the Ayatollahists will be more emboldened to attack Israel and achieve their Charter that calls for the destruction of Israel. If Israel cannot cleanse tiny Gaza enclave of rockets and the terrorists that manage them, how could Israel face a bigger foe like Iran. Israel needs strong leadership that does not easily buckle in the face of external pressures and manipulations. Israel needs strong leaders like Ben Gurion and Begin and brave and brilliant Generals like Sharon, Eitan, Weizmann, Kalahani, etc.
21. iam disipointed
saraina ,   Israel   (11.22.12)
why you have done this Mr presdent?what is you fear? you are puting you citizen to the problem.why not weep them are way from Gaza,there not dicvid to be living. iam disipointed.
22. American Jewish supporters
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.22.12)
Having voted an Anarchist back into the White House, they dare tell our leaders in Israel what to do, and insult them to boot. In a long battle for survival of the Jewish state , it would have been wrong to walk into 2 traps through invading Gaza. Our Powder must remain dry to do the Job in Iran, because sure as hell is hot, Obama will not do it for Israel or for USA I am one of those who believe Jews have every right to vote, be active and have their viewpoint heard once they live in Israel
23. #15-your head is on backwards..a la great victory for Israel
jewishness ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (11.22.12)
Marvelous! Hamass defeated by losing 80% of it's ammo, 85% of it's commanders, 95% of it's meeting and training areas, 150 terrorists made into garbage/worm food, 110% of hamass targets hit, no exceptions except the COWARD MESCHAAAL who as soon as the first bullet shot, disappears in his spider hole rather than lead by bravo example, does the usual hamass disappearing act, let's others die, for stupid cause, innocent women and children die, he lives, he PROSPERS, cowers and hides like a frightened trapped's what everyone expected of COWARDLY MEEEESCHAAL...and when the firing stops, he pops up claiming personal victory over the JEWS...We expect him to be assassinated by his own, the IDF, the EU the Mossad, the russians polonium group, the Fatah secret police, his enemies all over the world, etc...even the Iranians want to get rid of this pain in the neck, much SOONER THAN LATER!
24. Strategic Goals Accomplished
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (11.22.12)
If all the strategic goals were REALLY accomplished than there is a clear lack of planning and understanding on what was needed. AND in return for absorbing some bombs Hamas got..... Who is Bibi kidding?
25. Its like eating the potatoes and leaving the stake
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (11.22.12)
Israel had fought a great war, but the concessions for the ceasefire made the Pals winners.
26. End the games. Retake Gaza forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.22.12)
ALL of this suffering has one source. Israel's lunatic retreat from Gaza. Once again, Israeli patriots have been proven 100% correct. The leftists continue their unbroken record, since before 1948, of being infalllibly wrong. End the stupid games with those who want to mass murder us. That means Fatah and the P.A. as well as Hamas. Retake Gaza forever. Retake all our abandoned lands. Drive our enemies out.
27. So many experts here...
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (11.22.12)
So many bloody experts here, hollering about cowardice, and acting certain that American presidents give orders around the world, and little nations obey. I'd love to say that I have such wonderful inside sources of information. But I don't. And neither do most of you chin-wagging bombasts. You're emoting, not stating facts. You can all tell me just how you would go into Gaza and do... what?
28. Armchair generals
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.22.12)
like myself see a lot of tactical mistakes. First of all guns had to be used much earlier. Secondly a new type of aircrafts must be developed against terrorists. The F 15-s are not designed for this purpose. A heavy unmanned bomber is needed, with at least 1 tonne of explosives. Here is the lesson for israeli engeeners to develope a new super weapon, like the Iron Dome.
29. Excellent job
augustine johnson ,   birmingham_usa   (11.22.12)
excellent job done by Israel---augustine---usa
30. #17, I have no idea what you mean.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.22.12)
I live in Haifa. The Gazan's have a culture. Its part of the friction, west against the Levant. The west expects 9:00 is 9:00. Not in Mideast culture. You speak like you are from a leftist moralist high ground. Sorry you have to be so self righteous. Must be exhausting being a god all of the time.
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