Gaza deal seals major role for Egypt's president
Associated Press
Published: 22.11.12, 18:43
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1. Morsi No Different
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (11.22.12)
He, like other islamists, will continue to send children to their deaths because muslim men aren't brave enough to face the IDF.
2. US reliance on Morsi as good as on Al-Maliki
Alan ,   Canada   (11.23.12)
The US continues to trust despots or candidate despots for securing some of its objectives as if it was dealing with reliable democrats. We can expect to see the same with Morsi of Egypt as with Al-Maliki of Irak over which Iranian planes have been flying unhindered with weapon supplies to Syria. And both Morsi & Al-Maliki entertain political relations with one of the worst ennemy of the US!
3. Egypt's Role in the Ceasefire
NYC Girl   (11.23.12)
While there's no mention of it here, it's difficult to imagine there wasn't a little strong-arming on the part of the administration which, after all, holds the purse strings worth billions of dollars to Egypt and which a lot of legislators in this country are very queasy about handing over to an Islamist government. Therefore, does anybody really think that Morsi played this pivotal role merely out of the goodness of his heart and a humanitarian desire to see peace in the region? Not likely.
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