Opinion  Guy Bechor
Tel Aviv terror attack foretold
Guy Bechor
Published: 22.11.12, 20:34
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1. Agree 100%...
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.22.12)
..get them out and seal the border crossings.
2. someone in the government
JL   (11.22.12)
is making money from all the entry permits being given out ..we are being sold out by traitors that are elected officials
3. barak and dayan
mislon   (11.22.12)
recall dayan in 1973 october war was not himself, depressed, offered pullbacks and generally despaired during the war whereas sharon, bar lev and some great generals on the syrian front, hofi, orr held fast and maintained idf fighting spirit which is important to the nation. We have 3 wars, hezbollah war, cast lead and now defense pillar where the nation's people helf fast and told the idf, we will suffer but OK, just do what needs to be done. Let's look at the problem: Hezbollah had an excellent asymmetric rocket based game plan along with fortified booby trapped positions. Halutz was out of his element, peretz had no insight and olmert was incompetent and so the job was not done. In cast lead, Ashkenazi did a good job in laying down fire but idf did not go all the way but quiet was bought. Yet israel did not join other nations in introducing new laws of war against terror/gureilla groups who are not bound by existing lawas. So goldstone ripped israel apart even though hamas was firing from civilian positions into israel civilians. During the interim, ehud barak kept making concessions under presssure perhaps and israelis are dying because of it whether its rock throwing or work permits for arabs who then blow buses in tel aviv. I have little doubt the hamas activated the tel aviv bus bomber. Now in the current war, there were many considerations so it was not simple but clearly there is no goldstone. anderson cooper and ben weideman were interviewing every gazan under bomb to see if it was a war crime and not really appreciating how dirty hamas fights except for mentionning dragging a corpse through the gazan town as retribution. bibi and barak kept yapping about the threat of ground invasion. Why not give you bloody war plan to haniyeh already??!! A lightening retake of philadelphi corridor, commando raids, movng people out with leaflets and flattening some areas . It does not feel like israel has come out better though when gazans wake up they will say, what the bloody hell happened. In any case, Israel needs new blood, bibi has no future as PM as people know he can't take a decision and caves in constantly. Ehud barak has lots of experience and was only resurrected because of peretz' incompetence and olmert's winograd problem who basically said he had no idea of what the hell he was do ing. Livni is wrong. Israel should start talking to some of hamas officials on cold arrangements since fatah is an empty vessel.
4. Invasion by illegal Arabs = future terror
Anti Arab terror   (11.22.12)
As usual, Mr. Bechor is 100% correct... Fixing labor manpower shortages by allowing Arab/Pali. fifth-columnists to seep in by giving them work permits is tantamount to officially authorizing terrorists to breach Israel's borders and thus invite the perpetration of terrorist acts in the future. ALL Israeli able-bodied idle individuals (both secular and religious) who now receive govt. welfare/stipends should have just one option: either join the IDF or sign up for work in a labor pool (e.g. Merkaz Haavodah) to replace/displace ALL current alien holders of work-permits.
ISAAC ,   MIAMI USA   (11.22.12)
6. This Is A Real Problem
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (11.22.12)
Get the Arabs out of Israel. They are a 5th column. It's clear their loyalty is to their Muslim brethren and not to the Jewish state. Israel is for the Jewish people, not for the Arabs who give out candy when an IDF soldier dies.
7. Absolutely agree
Bertram ,   London, UK   (11.22.12)
In fact, I would go further and recommend that all sane societies should seal their borders and become fortresses. What is good enough for Israel is good enough for everyone.
8. This article is vital! We are going to
Reuven   (11.22.12)
lose our Israel unless we deport all of the Palestyinian "workers."
9. "Political terror"
David ,   San Francisco   (11.22.12)
The author lost all credibility with the sane world when he mentioned the PA's "political terror." Going to the UN is far less "terroristic" than Israel's approach to creating a state- bombing hotels, markets, police stations, hanging soldiers, massacring villages and displacing 300,000 natives. "Political terror?" Nothing compared to actual, Zionist terror! Or what Israeli's like to call "Freedom fighters." What a crock of BS.
10. jllegal arabs?
MONA ,   US   (11.22.12)
I wonder who is the illegal aliens
11. Deport the illegals
Ron ,   LA   (11.22.12)
Time for Bibi to go....A very bad agreement in Gaza, 60000 thousand illegal Africans. 100000 illegal hostile Pals. By By Bibi. Bibi was voted in to save Israel not harm it.
12. Not Surprising You Come From San Francisco
Ross Gallen ,   Henderson, USA   (11.22.12)
The tone of your rant against Israel is not surprising considering that you come from a city famous for its left wing ideology. You must take great comfort in your surroundings. Fortunately most Americans are factually grounded and do not share your unsupported views. Your's is the worst kind of political terrorism.
13. Deport ...
sid ,   israel   (11.22.12)
And who is going to do the dirty work that no Israeli wants to do such as farming , factories , construction... etc
14. locating UFOs! woohoo!! i always knew they existed
15. Bibi may have just screwed himself...
Tired of the lies   (11.23.12)
...and not in a good way...I'd vote for Leiberman..he's got a back bone and won't bend over for obama or his buddies the arabs...I hope.
16. Israel has yellow leaders
Rachel ,   US   (11.23.12)
Israeli leaders do not have the courage to defend Israel.
17. I agree but....
David ,   Israel   (11.23.12)
And don't consider me left leaning at all because frankly the Palestinians have themselves to blame. I believe that perhaps if the Palestinians had better living conditions and future by better education, economic status etc they would be less likely to look towards terrorism and blaming Israel. The cost of living is also high there and they make far less then a struggling Israeli makes. Im not saying that Israel should pay the bill at achieving a better socio-economic situation in the territories but rather the UN and world should wake up and find out where all the billions each year is really going.
18. No. 9 David
NYC Girl   (11.23.12)
It's hard to believe you actually managed to cram that much hyperbolic b.s. into a single talkback. Perhaps you need to stop believing all that Palestinian agitprop....because you sound quite unhinged.
19. #7 Bertram
doctor ,   USA   (11.23.12)
Your sarcastic comment is just plain stupid.
20. # 15
sid ,   israel   (11.23.12)
How could Israelis say criticise the US and its president after all the help they are getting courtesy of the US taxpayer. Israel should be grateful .
21. Is this a journalist or a hasbarist?
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (11.23.12)
Bechor makes a complete fool of himself. The Palestinian Authority decided quite legitimately - after Israel's refusal to stop building new colonies in occupied Palestinian territory - to go and seek an upgrade of the status of Palestine in the United Nations. That Bechor calls this "engaging in political terror" beggars belief. Maybe the hard right takes him serious as a journalist. but for the rest of the world this guy is a complete joke.
22. Not only work permits but also family unification
Vardina   (11.23.12)
should be abolished immediately with regard to Arabs.
Zohar ,   Tel aviv   (11.23.12)
If an Israeli is caught hiring illegals they should be shunned. Arabs will turn on their own people for loss of work/money bc NO ONE will hire them. Lets see the terrorists become an enemy of their own people and lets see Israelis trading security for cheap labor osterzized. And I know there are hardworking Arabs trusted by their employer etc... What can I say, life's a b!tch- send them a charity basket every month to ease your pain- hire them and I'll spit on you ;)
24. Hamas just got wacked,
John Prophet   (11.23.12)
Assad's days are numbered and Hezbollah time is short! It is written.
25. good luck with that, our leaders are cowards
and traitors ,   jack bauer   (11.23.12)
26. Israel's biggest enemy is not ham-ass,
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.23.12)
hizbollah or iran. It is the government of Israel! The knesset, civil servants and PC generals that are destroying us. Make no mistake, they are the biggest enemy we have!
27. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.12)
Okay, I'll tell you. The Arabs are the illegal aliens in the State of Israel. Now you can stop wondering.
28. Ben Alofs #21, Always predictable
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Gush Etzion   (11.23.12)
responses from a Dutchman who resides in England under the pretense of being a doctor but is, in fact, a nurse. So he's not only predictable but dishonest as well.
29. To: Robert at No. 28
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.12)
He also conveniently neglected to mention that he is on the terrorist watch list of the United States, Canada and Israel. In fact, he's banned from entering those countries for his lifetime. There may be other countries as well. He's a known terrorist collaborator, with a very long and grisly Interpol file.
30. Israelis don't want these jobs
zionist forever   (11.23.12)
These people are being brought into work because Israelis don't want the low pay manual jobs. Convince Israelis to work on construction sites for minimum wage or less and then we can do something, this is not a social welfare issue it's one of business needed workers and the locals not wanting the jobs. I hate to say it but we should be hiring arabs rather than Filipinos because arabs do their job and go home at the end of the day. Filipinos come to Israel for years, if they have children they go to school so resources have to be spread further at the expense of Israeli children and many Filipinos don't want to go home so when the permit expires they just vanish never to go home. What the government needs to do is start a campin to get Isaelis to do the jobs at the same time deport the Filipinos.
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