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Tel Aviv terror attack foretold
Guy Bechor
Published: 22.11.12, 20:34
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31. To: Zionist Forever at No. 30
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.12)
I don't have a problem with the Filipinos. They are law-abiding, good and dependable workers, and show an interest in learning Hebrew. Extend their work visas when they expire. They need to send money home, and Israel needs a steady and dependable labor force that isn't interested in the destruction of the State of Israel or in killing Jews. When my late mother-in-law (z"l) was in decline, her Filipino caregiver looked after her as if she were a member of her own family right up until the day my mother-in-law passed away. She never missed a day of work, and my mother-in-law was bathed and dressed every day, taken to the park on nice days, and well taken care of. Quite frankly, I don't know that you'd get that degree of care from an Israeli -- Jew, Arab or any other persuasion. The Filipinos are, I think, by and large a religious people, and they have enormous respect for Jews and the Jewish faith. Frankly, I have never heard anyone complain about a Filipino caregiver, or a Filipino nanny or a Filipino housekeeper. I'll take a hard-working Filipino over an Arab any day of the week, and twice on Saturdays.
32. #2 - Eli Yshai is the one making money
rani   (11.24.12)
33. To # 30 Filipinos?
Stan ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
Your first paragraph was spot on. Then you lost it. Building workers are mostly Israeli Arabs. Those brought in by permit. are mostly from China or Eastern Europe. Agricultural workers are mostly from Thailand. Infiltrators from Africa (who are not a demographic threat to Israel., wash the dishes in restaurants, sweep the streets and maybe also work in hotels. Who work in the homes of the frail, the sick and the old and dying? The Filipinos, not only in Israel, but around the world. 12 Million Filipinos do this thankless work. You say let an Arab do it, and then go home to her children after finishing work? These people are on call 24 hours a day. To replace a Filipino would require at least 2 local people and the cost would be 3-4 times as much.
34. #28 In need of correction; #31 complete nonsense
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (11.24.12)
Firstly I am not living in England, but in Wales. Secondly, I used to be a nurse, but not any more. My nursing skills however formed an excellent basis for my medical studies, as any medical professional would acknowledge. Since 2001 I am working as a family physician and emergency room doctor for the National Health Service. But what has all of this to do with my original post, which was a comment on Bechor's article? My argument was that Bechor's use of tendentious language (calling Palestinian diplomacy in the United Nations being "engaged in political terror") makes him more of a hasbarist/propagandist than a serious journalist. Using Bechor's criteria I could easily qualify him as a "terrorist journalist in the cause of the Zionist terror entity". One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, that much is clear. But one can clearly overdo it and Bechor choice of words here makes him look ridiculous. Who would want to take this guy with his biased language serious? And who would want to take a poster like Sarah B @ 31 serious? She is making things up as she goes along and engages in purely wishful thinking. It must be an intolerable thought for her to think that I am actually visiting the United States and Israel/Palestine without problems.
35. Illegal Aliens
ahmed ,   Hyderabad, India   (11.24.12)
Isreal needs palestinian cheap labour force and Palestinians have no choice other than to work in isreal to survive.put your self in place of a poor palestinian labour who is coming to israel to earn some pennies for himself and for his family at home, how much in terror he himslef is..GOD's world shows that this world is imbalance and justice and reward will be given in the next world to those who work for the humanity.
36. To: No. 34
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.12)
You tried to enter Israel claiming to be a physician, but no one could find a trace of you having studied medicine anywhere, ever. I don't know what wool you have pulled over the National Health Service's eyes, but you are not a physician. You have no credentials, anywhere. So, you don't think Abbas and his cronies are terrorists? Ever hear of Ma'alot? Freedom fighters do not target civilians. Jewish freedom fighters, for example, targeted the British military infrastructure in Palestine. They did not fire missiles at British civilians. In fact, the Jewish freedom fighters did not target Arabs at all -- until the Arabs started targeting them. You're on the no-entry list with respect to both the United States and Canada. You have been declared persona non grata by the State of Israel. You have never once been back since Israel kicked you out after your last terrorist escapades in Gaza. You therefore have no credible first-hand knowledge of Israel and Israeli society, and are ill-equipped to comment. Whom do you think you are fooling? Do you think we are not aware of your terrorist history? Oh, we are. We are. Keep looking over your shoulder, nursie boy.
37. Guy Bechor is wrong again.
Stan ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
As usual, Bechor who is know for his Right Wing views, is using untruths to forward the aims of the Unruly Right in Israel. 1. We were informed by the police on Friday, that the Palestinian who placed the bomb on the bus in TA is a legal resident in an Israeli Arab village because he married a woman from that village. 2. Bechor has informed us that at "..... the height of the Oslo illusion, there were 110,000 Palestinians working in Israel legally." What he has not told you, is that at the beginning of the FIRST Intifada more than a decade earlier, there were more than 120,000 Palestinians working in Israel. He has tried to show that as a result of the Oslo Agreement the number of Pals working here rose sharply, and as I have shown, that reason is invalid.
38. # 31 Let's celebrate
Stan ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
At last I can agree with Sarah B
39. To: Stan at No. 38
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.12)
They all come around eventually. It's only just a matter of time. ;-)
40. Disgusting
Jonathan ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.24.12)
This article is very dangerous and the author needs to be careful of treading that fine line between critique and fascism.
41. illusion
is in the mind of person at first and may put it on the land .palastinians are not illusion but the fence would be
42. I and my elite cronies are doing just fine
Ehud Baraq   (11.24.12)
Our wealth and power is growing day by day, what do we care if Israelis leave for the great abroad by droves? We elitists have never been better off! We are enjoying life as never before! And our power is more entrenched than ever! So... Up Yours, Deliberate Serial War Loser Ehud Barak
43. #7. Bertram: Tell the truth, drop the crap
Tom W ,   USA   (11.25.12)
Tell us, why the UK is not joined the Schengen agreement? FYI: All EU countries, total of 27 ratified the "Schengen" agreement according to which they opened up their borders among themselves. No need for visa or border check within Schengen nations. Only the UK alone did not join the open border treaty. Britons instead of opening up their borders, coming to Jewish site to gush forth their visceral hatred of the Jews. Only two nation made war expressly on the Jewish people ... the other was Sir John Glubb pasha, the British leader of the Arab legion. The spirit of Glubb lives on in the UK.
44. Israel's biggest danger is her leaders.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
Bechor is absolutely correct. Time after time, Israel's government adopts stupid, self destructive policies that will obviously result in many Jews being maimed and murdered. Perhaps to prove how liberal they are. It's ludicrous and intolerable. Israels biggest danger is her leaders. There are very few good ones, unfortunately.
45. $200,000 per Israeli Arab family to leave forever.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
It's time for concrete transfer plans.
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