Israeli passengers stuck at Bangkok airport
Shiri Hadar
Published: 23.11.12, 13:48
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1. El Al and its Passengers
Joel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.23.12)
If El Al is trying to be more competitive, it must show more consideration for its passengers. Management will have to work harder if it wants to live down El Al's less than mediocre reputation. This airline has many good points but fails to grasp the real meaning of service and human consideration.
2. More time for these losers to smoke weed
aL   (11.23.12)
and hook up with hookers.
3. passengers stuck in Bangkok
grandma ,   Israel   (11.23.12)
Not all Israeli travellers to Thailand are weed smokers,etc. Some are really tourists! Especially seniors! So there!
4. Roll a fatty for Al the talkbacker
Mea   (11.23.12)
Dear Al, I read your post here and in other places. It seems you have a rage issue. The other day you went off on the incompetence of the IDF-I thought your cyber head was going to explode and splat virtual brain matter all over the inside of my monitor screen. You know what's good for calming rage, Al? Weed. People who smoke weed for anxiety based rage experience excellent symptom relief. I would like to suggest you connect with your two sons currently serving in the IDF and se if they'll aside you in getting some--btw the IDF is the only military on earth smart enough to accept that marijuana is an excellent cure for PTSD and general anxiety. So Al, inhale deeply and you will discover what most people already know: weed is a good thing for calming down and taking life a lot easier. In your case I prescribe also eating the roach.
5. safety first- or what?
laura   (11.26.12)
"You cannot try to fix the problem at the expense of the passengers who are locked in here for so many hours…" what was he complaining about? leave without fixing the problem? Passengers are cronic complainers- so he didn't get home for Shabbat? Big deal! He returned home late, but safe. They were sent to hotels- they could have been sleeping on the floor in the airport- so stop yapping.
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