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President's backers, rivals clash in Egypt
Associated Press
Published: 23.11.12, 16:51
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1. Sick of Morsi Behaviour
Ingy Sammakia ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.23.12)
The Brotherhood are always followers and not leaders. The Egyptian Protesters that died were leaders of this revolution and should be given some powers. The Brotherhood's ideas are against women, freedom of speech, unless it came from their Morshid or Brotherhood leader. They will never win, because the power of the people speaks louder than some Brotherhood leaders that want women covered up and married at the age of 9. Lets not forget they want the SHARIA law and that doesn't fit in with the secterian, christian and regular muslims.
jeff ,   uk   (11.23.12)
hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he thinks hes god egyptians arent weaklings they stand up and fight they will get him and that brotherhood out of there
3. Too many peoples on the streets.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.23.12)
Maybe Sweden and Norway would allow to immigrate 15-15 million egyptians no such high tensions there.
4. Unfinished revolution
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.23.12)
There's a lot of deception going on.The Muslim Brotherhood have not carried out a revolution in Egypt;they have HIJACKED a revolution. Morsi is no revolution.He's a reactionary tyrant.A different type of reactionary tyrant to Mubarak and his cronies,but still a reactionary tyrant. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. Arab Spring, part 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.23.12)
As if anyone seriously believed that democracy and Arabs / Islam could ever be compatible. I said at the time of Mubarak's ouster that the Egyptian people would come to regret getting rid of Mubarak and that whatever followed would be ten times worse. It would appear that I was correct (false modesty aside, I usually am). The evil face of the Moslem Brotherhood is now clearly on display, and there isn't even a pretense of anything democratic about an Egypt dominated by the Moslem Brotherhood. On the bright side, Congress will now very definitely cut off foreign aid to Egypt. Without that -- and no other nation has expressed an interest in stepping up to the plate -- all hell will break loose and there will be much bloodshed before the blowing sands finally reclaim Egypt. Good riddance.
6. Egyptians should do one simple thing
jeff ,   uk   (11.23.12)
ask Israel to run the country, I think its a great idea!
7. Obama's artwork now on public display!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (11.23.12)
8. Dont believe the photos
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.23.12)
After all, Obama just commeneded Morsi for his bringing about the "Ceasefire Agreement" WHICH IS ONLY A "LULL"
9. Old story!They swapped Moubarak for Morsi Different guy same
Alan SA   (11.23.12)
10. how is that democracy working out ?
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.23.12)
democracy and Islam cannot co-exist !
11. Morsi
Dave Blevins ,   Deer Park / USA   (11.23.12)
I think "jeff" in UK has a good idea. Let Israel have Egypt and it will prosper. Here in the US we hope Obama is impeached. He was illegally elected as well. And there is a lot more of us citizens than government.
12. thank you OBAMA!
sue ,   jerusalem   (11.23.12)
13. Morsi say Morsi do....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (11.23.12)
Many said that Egyptians would wish for the days when Mubarak was in power....they were right.
14. President Obama
sickhead ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.23.12)
Please correct your mistake in Egypt. Allof us will drink this dirty water. Please, fix it.
15. New Dictator
Don ,   USA   (11.23.12)
You people elected Him, now live with it. I have no sympathy for you. You elected a terrorist, just how do you think He will rule. Sorry but NO sympathy whatsoever.
16. Character Traits of a People
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (11.23.12)
The Islamic Arab has once again demonstrated their main character trait--express your anger with riots and rock throwing. While I am mostly concerned when it is directed against Israel, I cry for a people that doesn't know how to talk and bargain their way to democracy. I cry for a people who thinks violence is the only answer when one is upset. I cry for a people who doesn't understand what the word compromise means. I cry for a people who thinks the only correct way is THEIR way.
....DACON9   (11.23.12)
18. It will be the same in Syria, all they are
Arlene ,   Israel   (11.23.12)
doing is changing one dictator for another. Morsi feels the big huncho now he is responsible for Gaza, lets see how long that "friendship" lasts.
19. morsi
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (11.23.12)
amazing he is going to be worse than the last one , they dont know the meaning of democracy , arabs who needs them
20. #12. sue: Why Obama?
Tom W ,   USA   (11.23.12)
How' bout the 70%-ers whose vote and money created Obama and the coming mayhem which will engulf the whole M.E. including Israel. Reading these posts it's absolute clear that many people simply incapable to comprehend and internalize the sinister changes that occurred in the U.S. with the active help of the 70%-ers. Our next torturer wont be a 90 years old SS Obersturmbannf├╝hrer who died in So. America but your leftist "comrade" chanting "Death to Israel". Yes, those evil leftists whom some adore wholeheartedly. When the headless blind opens its eyes it's will be too late.
21. #18 Don- USA
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.23.12)
You sound like you're talking about Obama
22. Arab vote
Simon ,   Florida   (11.24.12)
One man one vote one time
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