Iron Dome shootdowns cost $25-30M
Published: 24.11.12, 07:56
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1. Is this the only coin we value saving lives with?
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.24.12)
I was brought up with the idea that a human life was precious beyond price. If we're down to evaluating the worth of a defensive system by comparing its cost to the costs that it saved by saving lives, I'm sure the balance would show it was worth it. How valuable is a person's life? How much does it cost to bury a person? How does the family calculate the lost income, the intangible support and love of a parent or sibling? How can you predict what the victim might have done (and how much it might have been worth) had the victim lived? The very design of the Iron Dome system should show the world (if they want to see) that Israel cares more for preserving the lives of its own people than its enemy does. All its enemy wants is to kill; as long as someone dies, they're happy, no matter whether it's one of ours or one of theirs.
2. Actually Iron Dome operational costs 300,000 NIS
Miron ,   USA   (11.24.12)
compare to 3bn NIS / 3 days = 1 BN NIS / day.... The cost of Iron Dome vs. the cost of useless coll ups = 1 / 10,000 th. And if we had normal count of batteries as opposed to 4 in South we could keep schools open!
3. $25-30 M is the biggest bargain since 1948
Alan ,   SA   (11.24.12)
Imagine how much more structural damage and loss of life without the Dome! Now spend one million on decent accomodation and facilities for its brilliant technician operators.Kol Hakavod and respect to them
4. Take the 30 mil from funds for the PA.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.25.12)
Since the PA pays all the salaries in Gaza and Hamas runs the place, it's only fair that the PA reimburse Israel. Then the families of the dead and injured Israelis can file claims against the PA and Hamas for crimes against humanity, etc. Time to put Hamas out of business, one way or another.
5. I have an even bigger bargain that should be deployed
Dan S.   (11.25.12)
NIS 300000 would by many thousands of Kassam like equivalent missiles. Israel should build them en masse for a few shekels apiece. Next time the Hamas shoots a couple hundred missiles, we inundate the, with tens of thousands of 'Israeli Kassams' for the same cost as one iron Dome missile. After a couple days of hundreds of thousands of these missiles hitting Gaza it would be over - one for every resident.
6. US bankrolling an expanded Iron Dome you say?
Cameron ,   USA   (11.25.12)
Lucky for you, gentlemen.
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