Nasrallah to Israel: You lost in Gaza, so who can you defeat?
Published: 24.11.12, 09:04
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1.  Nasrallah the only gain is time ..but victory is the Lords
Galut ia ,   Selah   (11.24.12)
Psalms 83 is upon you and your ilk ...your false victory will dissipate like vapor in the wind ~~~
2. Nasrallah - Hamas Victory Gaza
Adam ,   Londonstan / Israel   (11.24.12)
He should apply for the role of the evil villain in the next Batman movie.
3. Planet Bravado
Captain Minus Bigger   (11.24.12)
Time to leave the bunker, brother Nasrallah. Enter the toilet bowl and we'll beam you up. Stay clear of feces. The virgins hate that smell.
4. Hold your horses do-nut head! You
Am Israel Chai !   (11.24.12)
cannot equate Israel's defense campaign against Hamas with what will surely expect the likes of you in case you dare temper with Israel. In Gaza, Israel was very careful not to inflict casualties among the civilians. Relatively few civilians died in Gaza during the eight-day campaign as compared to what your terrorist brother Assad is doing to his own blood and own people. He kills them by the hundreds each passing day if you get my hint. The score in Syria is above 37,000 killed in one year by Assad and you never even said one word to Assad to stop the onslaught. As they say in English, what fits Kuki, does not necessarily fit Muki. So, shut your greasy mouth and mind your satanic business in your dark cave !
5. Israel only looking for peace .
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.12)
Nasrallah goals are only to get from Iran his paychecks and from the Lebanese hashish production a fat share. He is protecting his interests with a private army and a repetitive empty rhetoric. He and his gang are on the wrong side of the history projected to a dark past while Israel is projected to a bright future stronger then ever.
6. Why first victory ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.24.12)
World recorder arab liars declared all their defeats victory, from the 1948 Independence War. Most remarkable such a victory was in 1973, when cease fire agreement with Egypt was signed at the101 km milestone from Cairo.
7. Nasrallah
Ilana   (11.24.12)
talk less, think more.
8. says the guy hidding in the bunker
maria   (11.24.12)
9. Some news!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (11.24.12)
In it is reported that US promised Israel that it will start deploying US soldiers on Philadelphia boarder (with permission of Egypt) and will control the whole arms smuggling. This serves the Israel purpose and there was no need of ground operation. I hope this is true.
10. Kuntars hero or cartoon ?
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (11.24.12)
I really love this guy... He won a grand victory in every war he fought and still lives like a rat .. hide scurry , hide ... shriek , scurry, hide... And now he knows the fate of his arm caches, be they in homes , in mosques, behind foreign journalists or women and children.. Israel should take more interest in letting the world know that their shells have a kill zone of around 200 meters and the next time around , everyone better keep a safe distance from anyone or anything to do the enemy at that point in time...
11. Amazing observance
Terri Arch Eologist ,   USA   (11.24.12)
This bright intelligent man also would believe that WW11 was won by Germany. In fact, I'm willing to bet a few pounds that he would insist on it. And who was it that let him out of his institution?
12. Nasrallah
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (11.24.12)
Yea and meanwhile I read this morning that 3M is investing some big dollars in Israel. So lets see...Israel has international venture capitalists flocking to the country and major international companies such as Intel, Microsoft, etc who have set up shop to take advantage of Israel human talent. And Nasrallah and the Hamas ilk have truly accomplished what? Built what? Educated their people to be sought out talent in what fields of human endeavor? A bunch of losers. Nasrallah, the Israelis are laughing at YOU. Why should we send our smart people into Gaza after what was accomplished from the air and sea? You and Hamas like to throw away the lives and possibilities for your people. In Israel our people matter to us.
13. nasralah
suter ,   beer sheva   (11.24.12)
why he lifing in an bunker? if israel want gaza is to day a sunny beach but israel care of population and dont hide behind them using them as humanshield think about that
14. what a pathetic loser
Chimo ,   Las Vegas, USA   (11.24.12)
This guy just can't get enough pof himself can he? He's so pathetic looking, he actually is starting to look like a mole, form being underground all the time, He squints in sunlight. Is this the best that hezbollah can do? Play cheerleader for Hamas? What a sorry bunch of losers
15. If he was that BRAVE why ? ? ?
AlbertoGA ,   St.George, USA   (11.24.12)
He did not open a second front up north ! Yes Haverim. I will tell you why. He love his "Touhas" toooo much. No Joke
16. Nasralla we will get you too, I know you read it
Someone   (11.24.12)
We will get you too, don't stay out of the bunker too long cause we are just waiting for a chance to send you to your 72 virgins
17. Hope no.9 you're right !
18. mad wolf barking @ the moon
Zorro ,   NYC   (11.24.12)
19. #9
Diego ,   Monterrey, Mexico   (11.24.12)
Yeah sure, and are they gonna do their job just as they "control" smuggling weapons into Mexico? FAIL!!
20. #9
Non-Jew ,   England   (11.24.12)
Thanks for that tip, Jew1, I've now read the article you mention and it's very interesting. I hope it's all true.
21. #9, just read it, looking forward to see it happening!
Flavio ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (11.24.12)
22. #9
If Obama is involved, nothing good will come out of it.
23. Nasrallah
Adam H ,   NY, USA   (11.24.12)
Look who poked his head out of his burrow! Does that mean 6 more weeks of winter??
24. He's kind of right.
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (11.24.12)
On the one hand, 7amas needlessly provoked a needless war, incurred dozens of casualties, got bombed to two centuries ago, but barely scratched Israel. Not much of a victory!! On the other hand, Israel is increasingly afraid to fight properly. We're too concerned about the dumbass media relaying photos of injured Palestinian kids, and the inevitable ensuing protests by a few thousand fifth-columnists, hippies, commies and liberals in the West. This time they started lobbing rockets at us indiscriminately for no apparent reason whatsoever. We responded by bombing a few buildings and taking out a few terrorists. Yet, we lost the media battle! How is that possible!?! Simple: The other side fights dirty. So should we. Plus: Images of Palestinian kids were plastered all over the media throughout the conflagration. Why were there hardly any photos or features covering the conditions in Sderot, Ashdod, etc.??? What is Israel's government doing!!? (Other than expanding the damn settlements in the West Bank!)
25. Empty moral
Emorex ,   Nigeria   (11.24.12)
Nasrallah is trying to motivate Gazans into war that is capable of their annihilation by Israeli. It is easy to stand outside the pitch of play and make noise; trying to coach players, if only Nasrallah was directly under the bombing in GAZA and God helping him to come out alive, he will epitomise the CRAB that boasted of escaping a trap to which it has lost most of its legs to!
26. Nassrala - Ass Hole!!! read it!!!
netanyahu ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.24.12)
Nasrallah, if you have guts, get out of those rat holes, I have some good news for you: If destroying Jabari along with his car - this is called a Lost: you are more than welcome to name it a victory for you. If destroying 95 percent of launching long-range capabilities - this is called a Lost: you are more than welcome to name it a victory for you. If destroying , most of the Hamas government infrastructure - this is called a Lost: you are more than welcome to name it a victory for you. If destroying Jihad terrorist in Gaza with our rockets launced into their panties -this is called a Lost: you are more than welcome to name it a victory for you. Let's make an agreement - we will constantly launch tons of bombs and send you to hell, then we will admit that you will be declared as the winners, what do you say about that, Ass Hole?
27. monty python and the holy grail
andy ,   uk   (11.24.12)
I just love this idiot, he's far funnier than any comedian in Englandistan. Reminds me of the knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who is dismembered bit by bit but insists hes more than capable of carrying on the fight. If Israel is so weak surely it would be a good time for Hez to "have a go" , and perhaps be would show a little more self belief in his rag tag armies atributes by sticking his head above ground?
28. Yes Yes Nasralah we all see how brave you are
Mike ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
We saw all your brave heros and how they helped your brave brothers in Gaza. You and your heros where hiding in your holes as usual.
29. ahahahahahah good question habibi Nasrallah
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.24.12)
and this time we defeat their right wing government :)
30. For Nasrallah
Zivron   (11.24.12)
For nasrallah and Iran there will be a different response because the Gaza strip is very congested whilst Iran is capacious with a lot of oil .also since nasrallah and Iran have aligned with the baath butchers there is less sympathy in the Islamic world than for the Sunni in Gaza.
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