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Arafat's remains said to be exhumed Tuesday
Associated Press
Published: 24.11.12, 14:05
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1. I would not be surprised
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.24.12)
very much, if an empty grave is found with a notice : " I am in the hell ".
The cunt is dead and buried. Let sleeping dogs lie.
3. arafat
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (11.24.12)
hmm , still looking for the secrect account in switzerland , for the money he plundered , true saying theiving arab ,
4. What makes anyone believe...
Israel   (11.24.12)
that they won't palnt anything to make it look like Israel did it by radioactive poisoning???? The material on his clothes could have been from Abbas's people, or Haiyeh's people wanting him out and dead! Good grief! The false accusations of Israel will NEVER END from these losers!
5. @Leave Arafat to rest in his soil
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.24.12)
We are absolutely sure that the Zionist government is responsible for what happened to our brave leader and if we had the evidence PA & Arabs would not declare the war on "Israel" so morons leave him rest in peace.
6. He is already History...
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.12)
I feel like throwing up . The whole issue does not matter to us at all . He is already well behind our back . He's not worth a minute of our time.
7. Thats dumb,the man was poison.His
Dyslexic ,   Israel..   (11.24.12)
bones have probaly turned into cyanide.
8. answer to #2
jc ,   israel   (11.24.12)
I guess to world needs a reminder of what a slimey,murdering and theiving scum bag looks like.
9. Arabs still dig Arafat ;-)
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.24.12)
10. # 5
John ,   Herzliya   (11.24.12)
And I am sure, that you are also absolutely aware of the fact that the money donated to you, people, was transferred to the secret Swiss bank accounts of your brave leader and that Suha is now enjoying in the funds that should be used for your education, hospitals etc.
11. #5 Arafat was a thief and his wife still is
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.24.12)
How can you still support somebody that stole so much money from you. He was a con-artist and a very good one. And there is no proof that Israel killed him so why are you so sure?
12. He? No 5?
Alan ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.12)
Did you understand what you have written? You blockheads want to exhume him, and then demand that we leave him alone? You're bonking mad, all you lot. Your views are a clear sign what is all terribly wrong with your society, MG, which age do you live in? Why don't ask instead what happened to all the money your brave leader stole from your people? You're like a cattle, aren't you, never question your idiotic leaders who lead you from one disaster to another.
David ,   USA   (11.24.12)
14. #5
Natan   (11.24.12)
We all know that he died from aids. The man was a pervert, in addition to being a terrorist and a crook! Little boys in Ramallah were scared to walk near his compound!!
15. Arafat Dug From Pit?
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (11.24.12)
While his soul rests in the pit of hell, his body is being dug up from the pit in which he was buried in a parking lot in Ramallah. With the pit open and empty we can use it to dump our used motor oil from our automobiles.
16. Salma, Arafat was poisoned by Mossad
Nour ,   1 State   (11.24.12)
The assassination of our father and leader Abu Ammar shall be avenged in equally covert and deceitful means (wink wink) - and of course, through the legal channels such as ICC.
17. Poison?
G ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
Thought he died from Aids???
18. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.12)
His soil? Good. We will be more than happy to send his rotting carcass to Egypt. It is, after all, his soil ..... Ramallah could use a new landfill, anyway.
19. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.12)
You don't have standing to bring Israel before the ICC, lunkhead. And even if you did -- do the words "chain of evidence" mean anything to you? The Widow Arafat: Oh, look what I found in my closet after seven, eight years! Some of my late "husband"'s old clothes. Let's get it tested for all manner of poisons (which, if there are any, I likely applied myself, what with the Arab spring and everything threatening to cut off my multi-million dollar annual allowance). Chain of evidence, chica; chain of evidence. To those of us who respect the law, those words actually mean something. The only chain of evidence you lot can produce are the chains by which you so-called "people" hook murdered individuals to motorcycles and parade their corpses through town. And you wonder why no one can stand any of you? Trust me -- if Israel wanted your "hero" (LOL!) dead, he'd have gone missing long before 2004 -- and either found in a very compromising and embarrassing position (the Latin term is in flagrante delicto) with an underage boy (as was his bent) or his putrid remains would have been cremated and scattered over the Egyptian sands). Wouldn't want to pollute the oceans. Is Suha going to drag out his putrid corpse every time she feels the continuation of her hefty stipend is endangered?
20. My guess is....
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.24.12)
He's still dead, just smells a little bit worse then when he was walking the earth stealing the palestinians money and future.
21. #5 Salma...
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (11.24.12)
You used arafat and brave in the same sentence, hahahaha. How bout coward, thief, manipulator of the palestinian people. Look at how much better off he left you after he died from HIV. And what happened to all that money?
22. Hero?
Fady ,   Jounieh, Lebanon   (11.24.12)
A thieving racist murdurous scumbag is a Hero in the Arab world...(Terrorists acts, massacres in Lebanon and Israel)of course that your hero... Like all other terrorists they become martyrs and heroes, Hassan Nasrallah, that Hamas pig, Jamal Abdel naser... And blaming Israel, the west, or any of their allies in the Middle East is not something for any tiny thing that happens because narrow minded people need always to blame others to feel alive and to have a cause to fight for. He used to call his own people "dogs" and u still love him (buy Suleiman Frangieh's book) it's written there in a conversation with Arafat. Arabs... I guess it's true when they say how many Palestinians does it take to change a light bulb? None, they sit in the dark and blame the Israelis. Pathetic!
23. Let sleeping DOGS lie
bracha ,   ISRAEL   (11.24.12)
Just that...
24. Not only isotops..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.24.12)
They will also search for the new aggressive virus vislam. It is very dangerous and more deadly than ebola...
25. #19 not so fast!
Nour ,   1 State   (11.24.12)
Hey Sarah, what are you babbling about again? Yasir Arafat's remains will be exhumed and the type of Polonium detected will surely have a signature - since polonium is only produced by a few countries and each one of them has a unique signature (but you wouldn't know that would you?) - Now if the Israeli signature is detected - we surely have a lead to start on, and we are patient enough to carry this through til the end. Now take it easy, I know that defeat tasted very sour. Frankly, we thoroughly enjoyed kicking your ass but hey, you were hiding in New York. Those unfortunate Zionists over here had to crawl into sewer pipes. What were the survey foundings regarding victor/loser? 56% of Israelis thought the modestly armed Palestinians WON the war. That is according to Israeli newspapers - CHICO.
26. The casket will probably explode from an IED device.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.24.12)
27. the only thing this garbage bring is violence
zionist forever   (11.24.12)
Assuming we did poison Arafat all the Polonium ( which has a very short half life ) or any other poison we may have used 8 years of the body decomposing so whats digging up this terrorist scum going to tell us? If it was proven we killed him then what, are they going to have us all arrested for murder? If we do the tests and its discovered that he died of AIDS considering homosexuality is so looked down on in the Muslim world what then? If they do tests and its found we poisoned Arafat there will probably be riots and possibly terror. If tests are done and its found we did not poison him then people will think there is a cover up and riot. If there are riots its Abbas who will be in most trouble because he is the first one the mob will turn to.
28. ArabFart bones are dripping poison: Terrorismus Arabeus!!!
Uri Yisraeli ,   Lod, Israel   (11.24.12)
He dropped dead from that venom. His carcass should be exhibited for all to see!
29. Like Adolf Eichmann, scatter the Scum's ashes in the sea
Eilon ,   Yerushalyim   (11.24.12)
30. He'll still be prettier than his wife
Yassir, ,   Kissy?   (11.24.12)
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