J'lem lynch: Police lose interrogation records
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 25.11.12, 00:24
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1. They wanted to erase
Dov   (11.24.12)
some of the frequent files of Arabs assaulting Jews and by mistake also deleted the one case where Jews were retaliating for a change.
2. #1 You're a moron.
AF-22   (11.25.12)
3. Police too busy protecting itself to protect public
Ilan   (11.25.12)
Tapes get erased either through incompetence or to cover up incompetence
4. arabs attack daily and nothing happens
jack bauer   (11.25.12)
yet there is a brawl on the street and ynet calls it a lynch... well i noticed there was no mention of the video showing arabs stoning traffic and police standing by and doing nothing.... This is all par for the course. Arabs attack and never get held to account. Some jew kids are going to be made an example of...
5. NO #2...
les ,   canada   (11.25.12)
6. # 1 Dov what an idiot
David ,   Haifa, ISR   (11.25.12)
7. How perfectly dreadful!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.12)
Probably the result of the shock wave that reverberated from the Hamas missile that targeted Jerusalem. Must have caused a Gauss ring to be dropped on that special computer. Dear, dear.
8. Censored again ;) ,...
split ,   US   (11.25.12)
9. #1 might have something
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.25.12)
Since the video is not just the suspects, but also the police and their perhaps brutal methods, it might just not be a coincidence that much was 'erased'.
10. you lose credibility when you endorse corruption...
R ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.12)
If you really want to support Israel then support the rule of law. Comparing a Jewish crime to Arab crimes and generalizing comes off as ignorant and racist. What shall we say, it's the Arabs fault that we have Jewish pedophiles or human trafficking or prostitutes? No. We have that because we are also susceptible to corruption. If we did tshuva and had humility b4 H"; we would not have the enemy that we have today. Just read the Tanach!!
11. #7 Sarah
If the Israelis are so clever with computer technology as you say they are, I am sure that there is a jewish geek that can find the missing/ erased data easily. Yes?
12. Evidence of Js disappears and evidence of As appears
Simo ,   Helsinki, Finland   (11.25.12)
A model democracy = Israel. The joke of the century. Soon we read a news, where the victim Palestinian of this lynching had beaten himself. Police "found" the evidence.
13. #7 -
Wanda   (11.25.12)
You are sick and sickening. I have a good shrink for you in New York
14. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.12)
Oh, absolutely. The best in the world. They would certainly have the requisite technology to degauss a computer hard drive. No? Or would that be "Know?" Snicker.
15. Shame on the police!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.25.12)
It is exactly this kind of behaviour that feeds the [usually] baseless accusations of apartheid in Israel.
16. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.12)
Then go see that shrink. No one's really interested in your curbside psychoanalysis. You have absolutely no clue about how the ersatz "Palestinians" torment the daily lives of Jews in Israel. We don't bother them in their towns; they need to learn to stay the hell out of ours. You are also quite stupid if you do not recognize that seven decades of unremitting ersatz "Palestinian" terror have simply come home to roost. The Jews have had enough of that cancer in our midst. And the fact that you shed crocodile tears for one Arab who got beaten up while conveniently ignoring the fact that Jews have been endlessly tormented by Arab thugs for generations makes you the one who is sick -- and sickening. "Wanda." That's a Polish name, isn't it? Why am I not particularly surprised?
17. #14 Sarah B.
You have quite a penchant for "Snickers" chocolate bars-NO? Judging by the pics I have seen of you, you should "know" better-or should I say "Nose"?? Ha ha!
18. Big deal ,...
split ,   US   (11.25.12)
What lynch? After all he was just a stinkin' rag-head that got roughed up a bit - No records no case, take a hike,...
19. #16 - sarah b
Wanda   (11.25.12)
When a child is hurt or killed, it does not matter if the moher is arab or jewish. Obviously you would'nt know, living in war-free manhattan. Yes I am Polish, any problem ???? but also jewish
20. 19 - Yes I am Polish, any problem
split ,   US   (11.25.12)
According to her 'YES' a big one with capital letters ;) ,...
21. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.12)
I suggest you look up the word "snicker." You're making an absolute fool of yourself. By the way -- "no" and "know" constitutes a clever play on words. "know" and "nose?" Sorry, but you fell flat on your face. "Knows" might have worked, but you didn't use it, did you? You should leave word play to the wordsmiths. By the way, I don't eat chocolate. Hate the stuff, actually.
22. talmudic justice in a theocracy. What chance does a non-jew
Gentile   (11.25.12)
have in israhell?
23. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.12)
There are more fish named "Wanda" than Jews named "Wanda" -- stop pretending to be something you are demonstrably not. And you have no idea what I have lost, so that is not a subject you wish to broach.
24. #21 - sarah b.
Wanda   (11.25.12)
You are very good at giving it to talkbackers you dislike, by using very sophisticated words and sentences you pick up in thesaurus. Why don't you answer my comment (#19) - I want to know the difference between the feelings of a Jewish mother and an Arab one ??? thank you
25. #21
You are not a native speaker, so you will always run 2nd to me. Don't presume or assume what you do not know, otherwise it may come back to bite you. OK girlie??
26. #23 Sarah B.
BDS   (11.26.12)
To quote you: "stop pretending to be something you are demonstrably not." If you were a top flight US lawyer, having to pay millions of dollars per year in tax as you claim, then: 1. How would you have all the free time that you spend making comments on here, and 2. Why would you spend so much time mixing with us "plebs" instead of all the hi-so and influential people you claim to know?? Just fishing...........
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