Hamas: Jews will think twice before attacking Iran
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Published: 24.11.12, 22:35
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1. The Jews flee before our enemies. Hamas is right.
Steve   (11.24.12)
2. Fool
Andi ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
He may think that the UN doesn't create states, but with Hamas rockets around there is even less chance of Israel withdrawing from the West Bank.
3. True, we will think twice...
Ehud   (11.24.12)
Before we knew how good Iron Dome works, we would have thought 10 times...But we would have done it anyway...Joke's on you!
4. dream on, barbarian
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (11.24.12)
More rockets will get shot down into the sea? Terrifying. Now I'm really deterred.
5. WE will think twice???
Iron Dome ,   Israel   (11.24.12)
Why is Hamas's cowardly leaders in hiding then? Easy to boast from a hidey hole in another country.
6. in the coming war
JL   (11.24.12)
with iran...we will not have the time or manpower to deal with mercy will be shown and gaza will quickly be reduced to total rubble..we will not care about world opinion either..
7. Re: Iron Dome @ 5
Steve Klein   (11.24.12)
We capitulate, we run from Gaza, August 2005, we surrender, we retreat; we forcibly uproot thousands of wonderful Jews from Gush Katif. What are you proud of? Iron Dome?
8. results of operatio pillar
milson   (11.24.12)
its irrelevant that hamas' assets were badly damaged. They continued firing rockets to the last while israel did not respond with its own terror rockets out of political correctness. To make matters worse, bibi gave some power over israel to mursi, relied on US assurances over smuggling which are worthless and eased restrictions on the border and in the water for what- for hamas to stop firing. Bibi and barak lost the iniative. As elections are approaching, and the results of operation pillar become apparent, barak will not win his seat and bibbi will be dethroned in favour of another candidate. This operation has not deterred hamas spirit which is stronger than ever. The idf and minnister of defense did not consider this aspect. This is the 3rd bloody time, good israelis have taken it on the chin hoping that their leaders like olmert and livni, then olmert and barak and now bibi and barak would move forward and accomplish some real gains- like taking philadelphi router, like eliminating or taking captive zohar and haniyeh and eliminating top leadership. Israeli leaders are failing their people. New leadership is required that will take the iniative.
9. to Marzuk...
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (11.24.12)
This is what we get, for being "reasonable", merciful and too generous..?? Their brutal unprovoked rocketing of our homes and kindergartens, is their way to "show" how much they appreciate what we provide them with, since the beginning of their existense: water, electricity, gas, food,medicine, etc..What kind of concessions do they want or have the right to demand ? We are giving them their lifeline already for over 40 years now. And the appreciation we get is bombs to our schools, homes & kindergartens...Didn't the manour, hit the fan et ? WE DON'T NEED to THINK TWICE: We know well, that when they put their weapons down, there'll be Peace, but if G-d forbid, we do it, they'll try to innihilate US ! Reminds me the famous quote of Golda Meir: " If they'll put down their weapons, there'll be Peace, but if we do, there will not be Israel..." AM ISRAEL CHI !
10. watch out yourselves
marco ,   pardes hana, israel   (11.24.12)
Israel is usually 'allowed' a certain percentage of retaliation. But if the need comes everyone knows that if push comes to shove, being on the other side of Israel's possible protective abilities the other sides don't stand a chance. Just try again and see. Eventually Israel's defensive abilities if need will be unleashed. The Lebanese and Gazans have had it easy so far.
11. Congrats Hamas
mufflets ,   Dublin   (11.24.12)
Congratulations to the Hamas resistance organisation on this military and political success
12. Iran main enemy
Zivron   (11.25.12)
The Jews will aim at Iran in different ways than the Hamas Rejectionists.the call for an Islamic state and right of return is ludicrous even for the Jewish Leftist Liberals .futher violence and resistance will lead to mass warfare immense destruction of the islamic world as the Jews take the fuller measures of Justice for the Holocaust .
13. mufletts #11
alsky ,   toronto   (11.25.12)
I wish you are yours many more ''victories""
14. #6
Dony ,   Canada   (11.25.12)
In the upcoming war with Iran Hamas will talk the talk but dare not strike as they call it "THE JEWS".
15. mufflets dublin
friend of israel ,   londonderry n irelan   (11.25.12)
Wot planet are you on, typical Irish republican who supports terrorist murderers, when the Moslem brotherhood come knocking your door in the future and threaten your democracy, livlihood and religious beliefs and you live under the laws of Islam then you will see them for wot they're and believe in, world domination without western values and sharia law for you and your children...time for you to open your eyes and see the truth. Long live Israel, no surrender.
16. Hamas is cowardly! No Honor!
Mauricio Zuniga ,   Mountain View   (11.25.12)
Any country would, since they use children and hospitals as military shields. And they feel proud? HA! Cowards!
17. Zahar, etc: dream on - there was no Hamas military victory..
Rafi ,   US   (11.25.12)
... a few random missiles toward Tel Aviv, limited damage altogether in Israel. Three IDF personnel losses. Meanwhile... Gaza flattened once again, 100's of bunkers & tunnels demolished, 160 killed. Call it whatever you want... YOU LOST AGAIN! What Hamas sustained was a political victory of increased regional recognition - which in one week's time will be worth how much??... I'll take the military victory any day. We're back to square one, with Hamas & Gaza having taken another severe beating at the hands of Israel.
18. cowards Netanyahu & Barak
Frank Baum   (11.25.12)
kowtowing before Obama & the EU will be responsible for the destruction of Israel. If former Israeii PMs had bowed to the USA before, Israel would never have even existed.
19. The "Jews"
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (11.25.12)
I love how many of Israel's enemies come out with, "we don't hate the Jews, its just the Israelis we despise." Thank you for announcing to the world what we Jews already know. Your "clarification" in the article is helpful to us in making our case, in quoting what you really mean to the uneducated and naive.
20. take it or leave it
dov ,   usa   (11.25.12)
Either we take the land or we let them become a sovereign nation and deal with them like our other neighbors. Lets stop helping the Gazains. Egypt is ready to supply all the necessary resources for their existence. Let them continue to shop underground for everything.
21. A few tactical nukes can take out gaza after iran.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.25.12)
22. Mullets Dublin
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (11.25.12)
Hey mullets did you get the right address to send Hamas your congratulation? Just I case you didn't here it is.Hamas leadership c/o any rat hole gaza,Cairo.put it on any ship and they should get it in the next 64 years.
23. Hamas
Mark ,   Pasadena, USA   (11.25.12)
The more severe Hamas gets clobbered, the more they celebrate. Let's indulge them.
24. @ 7 = Steve Klein
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.12)
Israel is fighting for long term survival against an anti-semetic world and hateful neighbours around it . Actions need to be measured, with that in mind our moral standards and surroundings Yes we should be proud of a perfect execution of another survival test. Sad about 2005, but life means change and ability to adapt. The shame is the treatment Gush Katif Folk got afterwards when it was proper to compensate them, not humiliate them
25. Jews will think twice before attacking Iran
jacques ,   nsw   (11.25.12)
why would anyone listen to a monkey like him. stop advertising him he is piece shittttttttttt unfortunately they haven't learn yet the reality for the past 64 years. he will be next on the targeting list!
26. Israelis will think twice before attcking Iran..
Dan S.   (11.25.12)
The main question will be whether to hit them with an EMP or just nuke this filth. Ill be the first to admit that I am sick of these Iranians getting up and talking shit every day. One thing I would definitely like to see is a high flying drone fire a precision guided missile into the mouth of that dog Vahidi and that pig Achmedinejad the next time they utter the word Zionists in one of their statements.
27. Hamas Think Twice
Joel ,   Monsey, NyY   (11.25.12)
It's Hamas who should think twice. They got their backsides beat in big time. Israel did the right thing by showing restraint. They saved the lives of many of their soldiers, who might have been killed in a ground offense, Rachmana Litzlan! jayemmar
28. Iran - What a Joke
joel ,   Monsey, NY   (11.25.12)
Iran is out there showing V for victory. Didn't they see the videos of their rockets, which they supplied Hamas with, go up in flames, when the Hamas arsenals were bombed by Israel?! What a bunch of jokers!
29. To #11, Dublin Muppet
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.25.12)
Their military and political success consist of climbing out of their bunkers alive after IAF gave them a chance to pollute the area a little longer.
30. "The Jews"???
Billy H ,   Burlington, Canada   (11.25.12)
Yeah! Right! The "Jews" shouldn't think twice to nuke you bastard terrorists!! How you're so stupid and clueless to not figure it out dumb terrorists that it was pretty easy for IDF to swamp the whole Gaza strip & arrest or kill all those heartless terrorists that kill innocent "decent" human beings in cold blood!!!! Including this Hanneya!! Cannot you see it? It's because they're civilized and don't want to hurt civilians or provoke international laws!!! Because Israel is genuinely committed to human rights and high moral standards!! Believe me, if a marvelous country like Israel can maintain a high standard of living better than rich oil gulf countries with an amazing outstanding democracy that all free world recognizes and maintain at the same time an army that's categorized as one of the most efficient and mightiest on the face of the earth, then this nuclear country of course is striving for peace and acceptance to just live as any normal other country in the region without fear of elimination by a non-civilized terror countries like Iran and it's pets Hisbullah and Hammas!!! Cannot you see it? If you'll have peace and cooperation with Israel you're the winner!! Cause you'll have better standard of livings! Or may be even better understanding of how civilized modern world works!! This's very frustrating!!!!
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