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Report: Satellite detects Iran attempt to smuggle Fajr rockets to Gaza
Published: 25.11.12, 09:11
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1. shahab 3?!!?!??
Arash ,   Canada   (11.25.12)
Shahab 3?! Are you kidding? shahab 3 is a 2000 Km range missile and is like 18 meter tall! where do you get your news from?!
2. Re: shahab 3?!!?
Remo ,   Sderot   (11.25.12)
From the Sunday Times...
3. Enough is ENOUGH !
Amos Jonah   (11.25.12)
If Netanyahu & Barak are scared of Obama, Hillary & the EU throw them out and bring someone like Levi Eshkol or Gold Meir who can tell the USA to shove it. Soon Gaza will be a nuclear power is this nonsense continues.
4. Can someone please explain to me,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
why instead of killing Iranian puppets in Gaza like "Mahmoud al-zahar " , the so called "Israel"chose to kill and murder Palestinian babies and children?!?! i am confused if anybody here has a reasonable answer, please, help me understand ...thank you!
5. spie satallite
Rimon ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
wow why in the world Israel can roam the whole space spying? ah somebody will say for their security. Well how will the US take it if they find Russian or vice versa the Russian will take it if they find American's syp satallite hovering overhead DC or Moscow? it is total absurdity.
6. Yes, we can explain:
Tom ,   Prague, Czech Republ   (11.25.12)
Iranian slaves running Gaza are hiding behind women and children. In every war you have collateral damage. It went into hundreds of thousands in other conflicts fought by other countries. Arab death toll in conflict with Israel is relatively very small. Now you know.
7. #4 - Salma the fakestinian
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (11.25.12)
It would be lost on you if someone did try and explain it to you... But here goes anyway! The rats have deep sewers that they climb into when the heat gets turned up!! While some of the smaller rats hide in homes, with their stashes, behind women and children. Kapish?
8. Good news, finally a confrontation of Israel and's
Edithann ,   USA   (11.25.12)
a dream come true for Israel.. Israel's suicide wishes will finally be realized.. When they go after Iran,, who will they run to for help? There wont be a UN to help them like in Lebanon..or us as they did to get them out of GAZA.. It's just looking better and better... . TATA
9. When did the PLO or Hamas sign an agreement with Israel...
Edithann ,   USA   (11.25.12)
'NOT' to aquire arms??? I don't ever remember any such agreement...Again, it's Israeli lunacy that thinks it's illegal... Those Palestinian Freedom Fighters hava all the rights...Israeli terrorists only have better it means Gazans must be more creative... Go a better job of hitting what you aim at... TATA
10. re can someone explain to me,
bea ,   sydney australia   (11.25.12)
Israelis don't choose to kill women and children. They try to kill Iranian Puppets as you call them but what to do, when those puppets are living inside the civilian population, inderground the Mosques or close to them etc... In Gaza there is no separation between the population , especailly the poor population who live in surpopulated areas of Gaza, and the military factions. On the contruary. This are those parts of Gaza that are chosen by the puppets to activate their missiles launching, because they know that civilians and children will be killed that civilians will lose their homes and the international community will condemn Israel immediately... don't tell me that you don't know about this. If you are living in " Palestine" you know it very well.
11. Explaining to Salma
Isaac Balbin ,   Melbourne, Australia   (11.25.12)
Sure, Salma. Once you explain how we drink blood as part of our ritual of seeking out your children.
12. #4 they would have only grown up to be like you
13. Forget tunnels, Sudan: Egypt's treaty violation is the basis
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.25.12)
There could be no smuggling to Gaza if Egypt would stop shipments from entering Sinai-an easy task. The focus must be on blocking illegal arms shipments from entering the Sinai, where they are a direct violation of the peace treaty with Israel, which demilitarized the Sinai. There is no point in cooperaing with any Obama foreign policy moves if Obama is not going to use force to end Egypts violation of the Sinai - ending aid, arms embargoes, naval blockades of Sudan and air strikes on weapons convoys - including in the Sinai, whether "ally" Cairo likes it or not. No different from US drone strikes inside Pakistan. Obama should be ignored if he isn't ready to deal swiftly and harshly with Egypt's Sinai violations, or why cooperate with any more US "land-for-peace" deals. Tals with the PLO must end until the US enforces the peace deals it already prokered - or why sign another?
14. why are your waisting your energy....
salma ,   richard Hague Hollan   (11.25.12)
probably have nothing else to do then this. Nobody in the world believes your used propoganda anymore. You better stop using babies and children lies. You are only proving over and over again that you are liars. Not neede...everyne knows allready.
15. #6 Ariel , am not fakestinian !!! can't you read?!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
thanks but sorry that was not a reasonable answer , all hamas leaders were on the ground and did not hide in the sewers like you and your "people"did , Haniyeh and many of hamas leaders had received many delegations during your last attack on gaza, they were under your eyes so again why your government targeted innocent people instead of them?!
16. IL Targets Palestinian babies? Ur not even buying it...
Z ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.12)
Even Hamas acknowledges the fact that its arming itself with the help of Iran, and has, and always will target Israeli civilians, it's in their charter. Hamas, civilians in gaza. and the whole world all saw that Israel targeted Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders and infrastructure, and that most of the civilians that were killed or injured did not heed Israel's warnings ( Hamas doesn't have that courtesy to israeli civilians) by dropping flyers on how to stay safe, and over 50,000 phone calls to people that in the vicinity of an imminent strikes, while Hamas told Palestinians to ignore warnings so that they can continue to use these Palestinian babies you cry over as human shields. Need I remind you that a few kilometers away more Palestinians were killed by Bashar Asad in Syria while everybody was affixed on our 8 day showdown to prove who has a bigger Zubey (not a nice word). I quote the "son of Hamas": "Hamas was born to destroy, it cannot build. Why does Hamas even bother to "rebuild" gaza when it knows the second it attacks israel again it will all be destroyed again.
17. Turn your eyes to the arab world Syria
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (11.25.12)
for example there are 50000 dead children women and man and nobuddy is making nothing they are defending nothing only the power of Assad did you or Obama or Clinton had nothing to say?
18. #4 Why do the Palestinians die for Iran?
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.25.12)
It's puzzling and makes the Palestinians look down right stupid. You elect Iranian puppets to the goverment, put your children in harms way and let your men die for Iran. On the world stage, you behaved like barbarians and that's why Israel puts up walls, checkpoints and blockades. Iran thanked Hamas for being good dhimmis and allowing your children to be used as human shields. Why should the UN, US and EU continue to fund the Palestinians if they openly accept money and weapons from Iran to commit genocide against Israel?
19. #15 Gaza was in shambles
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.25.12)
And you're saying Haniyeh was receiving delegations while Palestinians were dying on his behalf. All the while more rockets were launched at Israel bringing the F16s back and forth to Gaza to stop the rocket fire. Hamas continued the escalation and didn't care about the risk to the people or damage to property. The Hamas goal was to attack Israel at all costs to the Palestinians.
20. #15 okay, pretending to be a so-called "palestinian"
21. comment 4: Can someone please ...
Ruth ,   Israel   (11.25.12)
Sure, the explanation is very simple - because those brave leaders choose to hide behind babies - you tell them to stop being cowards and stand up, and we PROMISE to kill them quickly and painlessly, without jeopardising a baby's life! Happy now?
22. #10 I live in Ramallah
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
listen , u can not drop 1000s of bombs on 1.7 million people in a densely populated open-air prison, then tell the world the victims hide behind Hamas!!!! remember "Israel" had succeeded in killing dozens of Palestinian and Arab political and military leaders , Ahmed al-Jabari was the last example so again why "Israel" targeted our babies and children ?!!
23. #12 at least you're honest.
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
24. Cynthia , Hamas is not all iran puppets, only some of them,
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
resistance to occupation is not terrorism , as for what u call it "genocide against Israel" the Palestinian people and I have nothing to say to u but LOL
25. So you will attack the transport ship, without fail?
Cameron ,   USA   (11.25.12)
26. Best solution: IDF submarines sink the ship.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.25.12)
27. Salma -Palestine
Galut ia ,   selah   (11.25.12)
Simply it is a well known fact that Rocket launchers are placed in areas that have civilians and children in them and they keep them there till their rockets are launched.....and I have watched several clips of children being trained in Jihad and suicide techniques... Salma ,of Palestine where I come from ...your attempt to deflect blame is called h*g wash....
28. you talk in riddles
spyfella   (11.25.12)
try getting yourself an education and you could do the world a favour. With that you would certainly please the uneducated arabs a huge favour. TaTa to you to
29. A CLEAN Break
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.25.12)
OK So what has HAMAS done for Gaza It has deliberately fostered a State of War with Israel since they VACATED Gaza They oversee a State with one of the poorest economies in the world YET pro rata has one of the highest percentage of millionaries from Tunnel Smuggling Grants, Kickbacks, Arms Dealing etc etc!!! They have made Gaza - for a price - a dumping ground - a grand Launching Platform for anyone wanting to send missiles into Israel. Is Gaza a Country or simply one grand terrorist Pay as you Go Training Camp? Their hold on power has been ABSOLUTE they tolerate NO opposition whatsoever, They say Gaza is a prison? Of course it is a HAMAS PRISON of its own making But most of all they have let down a whole generation of Gazas young...offering no way to realise their potential only blood and hatred ..tears and poverty But you know what? This hatred and desperation of Gazas young is going to BOIL OVER. Turning round from a hatred of Jews and Israel to bite the very people who created and hold responsibility for this terrible mess HAMAS Old, spent, void.....nothing more to offer..just more of the same Its time for a CLEAN Break
30. #19 Cynthia
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.25.12)
FYI hamas is now stronger than before because your government chose to strengthen hamas at all costs to the Palestinians . wake up!
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