We could have achieved more
Giora Eiland
Published: 25.11.12, 21:28
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1. A better use for the writer´s time
Tyrone   (11.25.12)
If thinking israelis like the author of this op-ed spent more time trying to figure out a way to achieve peace instead of imagining new target scenarios for the IAF Israel would be more respected internationally. Gaza a "state"??? Yea right, whatever....
2. Deterrence???
Maryam ,   Cairo, Egypt   (11.25.12)
I can see clearer than ever that Israel isn't interested in peace. You're whining about not destroying enough of Gaza and plotting your next rampage. Do you know how psychotic that is?
3. Non governmental Organizations
Simple Simon   (11.26.12)
who sponsors them?who finances them? who directs them? why do they exist? why do independent countries allow them to operate within their borders if they represent the 'enemy'? whats the difference between an NGO and an observer? Whats the difference between an NGO and an organization such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO, Syrian Liberation Army, al Qaida, ETA, the Black Panthers, The Weathe Underground, The Reds, The Greens, the Fascist, Nzis, .... Who decides these things? Is it the "free and democratic,liberal media"? Please somebody, anybody try to make sense out of these conundrums. I can't. Whats worse is I cant take any more. Can't everybody just shut up and mind their own business?
4. 150% correct,unforunately IDF is too timid
ab   (11.26.12)
5. Fine
ed   (11.25.12)
OK then don't complain when Hamas target civilians, its war isn't it? You sick twisted man
6. Nos. 1, 2 and 5
Mike ,   Australia   (11.26.12)
You are all ignorant. Israel could finish off Gaza in 25 minutes leaving it desolate and abandoned, with over 1 million people fleeing to Egypt. Hell, why not do it!! Syria does. While the other morons (Hamas, etc) call for the annihilation of all Jews, Israel still provides them with electricity, etc. Enough is enough. If it truly is war, no more complaints from us. Target Israeli civilians, go ahead. Just don't bother to come knocking when Gaza has been emptied! These stupid people have not learned a thing. DO YOU WATCH WHEN THEY KILL THEIR OWN? DO YOU WATCH SYRIA? WHERE ARE THEY HAPPY? NOT IN IRAQ, NOT IRAN, NOT SAUDI ARABIA, NOT EGYPT. ONLY IN THE US, AUSTRALIA, CANADA........AND ISRAEL.
7. Exactly correct - do this next next time
John ,   NZ   (11.26.12)
8. The right to protect
Mike Smith ,   Auckland New Zealand   (11.26.12)
Although not a Jew, I support Israel right to protect it's self against enemy attacks. No country in the world would tolerate what Israel has had to put up with these past several years. Hamas acts and is a terrorist organisation. Pity the people of Gaza does not see the harm Hamas is doing to it's own people. It's a crazy world where their is so much hated, and not enough of Love thy neigbhour.
9. Apparently Mr. Eiland is adhering to the Hamas narrative
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.26.12)
10. our idiot leaders dont know the meaning of the word HUDNA
jack bauer   (11.26.12)
11. as long as thios coward is DM Israel will never win a war
CHAIM.S 54ST ,   BROOKLYN NY   (11.26.12)
as long as this self hating leftist coward Barak is defense minister,it would be impossible for Israel to win any war,Barak is the best defense minister the Arabs ever had, People of Israel,with this self hating cowardly leftist regime leading you,you are doomed, if you don't want to lose your country,make sure in the upcoming elections,you vomit out this leftist government
12. Total Agreement
Ron ,   LA   (11.26.12)
13. Eiland is Correct
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (11.26.12)
The main idea behind destroying infrastructure, in my opinion, is to force Hamas to invest considerable funds into rebuilding, which means they won't want to, and will hard a hard time, starting another war. The Dahiya Doctrine did work in 2006, as did the destruction of large parts of Jenin in 2002. No terror from either of those places since then. People's memory is short.
14. agree with author
Volvi   (11.26.12)
however I think thats exactly what the IDF did when ordered to apply more pressure in the latter days. They did bomb a major government building and police stations. I have a feeling they already inculcated your suggestions into policy this time round. Ignore all the early moronic Israel haters comments. Theyre quick to jump in, they must keep watching our press and jump in first opportunity. Pity we allow them a voice and platform.
15. Chosen people
Fred ,   USA   (11.26.12)
Because we are God's chosen people we don't act like any other nation at war. If they had Israel's fire power nothing was left of the Jews and israel. I am proud of Israel and its leaders.
16. Peace and deterrence
Adam H ,   USA   (11.26.12)
I agree with the author, and during the operation I was thinking the same thing—that to deter rocket attacks the IDF needs to destroy enough Gaza infrastructure. In reply to #5 we’re not talking about targeting civilians; it’s inanimate objects that cost money to rebuild. To establish deterrence the response has to be disproportionate, there’s no way around it. It’s the same as preventing crime: the punishment for crime has to be disproportionate. And of course, Israel should not be supplying power to Gaza. In this case peace will not be achieved by negotiation, as Hamas’ stated goal is to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. You cannot negotiate with someone looking for a way to kill you. Peace here means deterrence, at least for the foreseeable future.
17. You can't win a war from the air
Dan   (11.26.12)
In the end you have to go in on the ground, and the longer you delay, the worse it will be. There is only one solution: take Gaza and throw the Gazans into Egypt. It can't be worse than the present situation.
18. Agree that you lose credibility when max legal damage
r ,   Atlanta   (11.26.12)
Is not exacted by rival state, Gaza may be unequal in most regards but politically it wants to dominate both Israel and whatever is left of PLO.
19. Israel needs leaders like him.
Max ,   Brooklyn,NY   (11.26.12)
Bravo Giora Eiland, the true professional! No wonder, he was highly estimated and respected by Ariel Sharon.
20. If the USA during the WWII had worried about hurting
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.12)
civilian targets they might not have won the war. when rockets are shot from buildings where civilians are located- if the civilians do not leave there- as far as I am concerned it is their problem. We allow Hamas to use civilians as shields - to them it is our weakness. if we would drop leaflets instead of telling the people to leave an area where we are going to bomb (as we then warning also the terrorists to leave and we waste our bombs on empty buildings - which do little to win a war on the ground but leave a big impression on the media) Instead we should tell the population that if they do not leave areas where rockets are being shot at Israel or arms are being stored- their lives are endanger and they will responsible, We might find less civilian lives are endanger as anyone with any sense would move out of that area until the war is over. and we could then allow our soldiers to destroy all of the military targets regardless of worrying about civilians. Then the outcome would have been much different. And there would have been a real deterrent after this war. Instead Hamas raises the flag of victory and we walk away even after additional rockets with our tail between our legs- giving in to Hamas demands for more access. Who is hamas targeting? are our civilians less precious? our behavior only encourages the next war and all of the terrorists.
21. Eiland is 100% right
American Maccabee ,   new york, usa   (11.26.12)
22. a better use
shlomo ,   Brazil   (11.27.12)
Are you aware of the peace concept being an equilibrium of war forces?
23. dan #17 you're
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.27.12)
wrong--please read the article again--the general's right
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