Hamas to probe 'unlawful executions' of alleged collaborators
Published: 25.11.12, 19:18
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1. extremism
belinda ,   Perth wa   (11.25.12)
These men and the other two men teaching their 5 year old boy to hold a gun and yell out need to be educated and brought to justice. In my country this kind of behavior is called extremism and is uncivilized and complete lunacy.
2. LMAO So What Will Be Done With The Findings
They will kill them and drag them through town???????????????? Animals with a 7th century mentality!!!
3. Executions' of Aleged Collaborators
ltrail ,   United States   (11.26.12)
The so-called collaborators are accused of showing Israel the locations of the resistance and their rocket launchers. Israel doesn't need on-site spotters; they have satellites that detect, monitor, and mark locations. Those hamas agents have murdered their own folks who are likely innocent of their supposed crimes. The Nazis did the same thing to their own people on trumped up charges.
4. The government has decided?
Ezra ,   San Diego USA   (11.26.12)
Seriously? They have a government? LOL
5. Hello - who cares?
babawawa ,   new york, usa   (11.26.12)
I just read on another site that the man you see being dragged was in prison for opposing Hamas - because they weren't extreme enough for him. They can kill those kind of collaborators until the sun sets!
6. They'd hope to conceal it from the world
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
The disgusting and (to Hamas) damaging photos of the collaborator's bodies being dragged through the streets made the world media with headlines such as "Savages". What choice did Hamas have but to be seen to be holding an "investigation?".
7. Outcome already decided:
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.26.12)
Murder by persons unknown. Case closed.
8. Body dragged like a doll
Barbaric Islam. How they can do that to human being. Cruel death !!!!!. Where is human right, where is the biased Europeans. Where is CNN & BBC. Where is UN and International Court. If it was done by Israel the world will condemn Israel within few seconds.
9. with those devils Israel have to deal!
jew ,   europe   (11.26.12)
obama?? Clinton?? EU ?? UN?? where are you??
10. Lunatic barbarian Islamic Hamas..
mai ,   philippines   (11.26.12)
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