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Ehud Barak resigns from politics
Yuval Karni, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 26.11.12, 11:19
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1. Barak said in his interview, public opinion is not important
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (11.26.12)
After the amud annan, Barak said on t.v. interview on channel 10 that public opinion is not important. Who is he representing? Public or himself? This usless, spinless has got cunning and sharp brain which he uses for his betterment (and not public betterment). He understood that he can not achieve anything on his own. He is a failure. So he is trying to survive by joining Livni. Livni be smart, he will outsmart you one day and take your position. The histroy will get repeated. Do not believe in him as the man is in love with himself.
2. Long overdue and can only help Bibi and the gov't
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.26.12)
3. Barak to resign. Few things culd be
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.26.12)
better domestically. The man was and is a disaster.
4. Awesome ! Boogy yaalon as DM !!!!!
trump ,   danielroth58@yahoo.f   (11.26.12)
5. Barak's got my vote in 2013!
Avi Israeli ,   Modiin, Israel   (11.26.12)
Barak is superman on steroids!
6. How soon can the entire Israel celebrate his reignation?
Barak, you won't be ,   missed! GO NOW!   (11.26.12)
7. It's so good to get rid of that jerk!
Rotem ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
8. some good news eventually!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.26.12)
And now replace him by Yaalon and next is Bibi to be replaced by Liebermann
9. Go to the retirement home already
joseph ,   Australia   (11.26.12)
History will record the true damage done by Barak in the last 20 years. Prior to his tenure, we were in Lebanon, Gaza and Israel's deterrent meant a lot to the Islamic states. Now due to him, Hamas feels confidence of sending rockets to Tel Aviv and nothing happened. Israel has now sunk to the level of Hamas. Please, Israel's future generations are begging you to disengage from public life and let someone more competent take the reins "Mr. Security"
10. Awesome News!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.26.12)
Many years too late! Thank, God...this clown is leaving, because he has been a true detriment to Israel! Only five-citations, and he's Israel's most decorated soldier? Pathetic! I know Israel has a lot more braver men and women than this clown! Again, good riddance...that he will soon be gone! God bless Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem!!!
11. To all TB"s thus far
Sagi   (11.26.12)
You are all a bunch of ungrateful jerks. Not one of you has in your whole body what he has in the tip of his small finger. Not one of you has ever given or done for this country and people even one hundredth of what he has given and done. Shame on you all.
12. The older son
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.26.12)
of Ariel Sharon is sympathic for me to be new defence minister.He has reputation in israeli public and this is very important.
13. A man for all seasons!
Avouskila ,   South America   (11.26.12)
If he were'nt a politician, he could have become a Troubadour, as he is very capable of [leasing different 'courts', in our times, constituents, very flexibly. Though we should recognise his many contributions, he was also an opportunistic that leaves after him a sweet and sour taste. I cannot resist to wish great learning and festing in the future, but also I may allow myself to say "Adieu, bons debarats". Thank you!
14. Bye, Bye Ehud
sasha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (11.26.12)
Wish you best, these are good news both for you and for Israel. How about moving to Finland or to Switzerland? I do not invite you to the Basque country in case it is too tough on you.
15. I heard there is some news...
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (11.26.12)
...stating he's in talks with Livni? The two losers deserve each other! Leftist garbage!!!
16. Barak finally go home !
17. MEIR HAR ZION was best Israeli soldier of all time !
And he's a REAL ZIONIST !
18. Sagi (#11) is right
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.12)
Whatever you think of his politics, he gave a million times more to Israel than any of you kvetchers. He served in the IDF for 35 years, is Israel's most decorated soldier and people have the chutzpah to ignore everything he did. It's sickening.
19. mira with such opinions you should be with us here come home
miriam ,   israel   (11.26.12)
20. avoids being big loser in next elections
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.26.12)
21. Good Riddance. Now we need New Smart Young Leadership
Meir Elazar   (11.26.12)
Once we had good leaders we could trust. Barak will be last of the Olmert-Livna-Barak failure to leave and good riddance. Unfortunately Bibi is no longer the fighter he once was. We need new young spirited leadership that knows how to stand up to the enemy and stand with friends. It is time to send the older politicians to the Beit Avot.
EM ,   Ra'anana   (11.26.12)
I totally agree with 11 and 18. Barak has devoted his entire adult like to the service of this country. Like him or not, he led this country decisively and with devotion. SHAME on all the negative, ungrateful tb's. You really are a pathetic bunch.
23. to 14
nahi ,   jerusalem   (11.26.12)
new generation need others than what we are ... this morning i tried to teatche my granddaughter to make bye bye with her hand but she wanted to voice it and do it with her hand it was difficult realy i could not inform her it is difficult in her 7 month age so new gneration expect more than what it can be so they failed not the eldest . barak reached this point
24. Every failure always 'wants to spend more time with family"
Al   (11.26.12)
THis two bit loser has done more damage to Israel then you can imagine. There is nothing to be learned from him. His legacy should and will be thrown in the trashbin of modern Israels history. My next wish is that Israel throws Netanyahu out of office. There is nothing to be said about him. Neyanyahu's only claim to fame in his life was the fact that his brother died in Uganda. He has been riding on his brothers coatails ever since. A two time failure of a PM..he must go.
25. To the usual arm chair zionist in the USA
Avi ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
You are not Israeli citizens and quite frankly its none of your bussiness so butt out.
26. Barak Resign
Alan Simanowitz ,   Elazar   (11.26.12)
Now make room for Bogie Yaalon
27. E Barak
Volvi   (11.26.12)
He knew he was un-electable, he was done for, fubarred. Israel will be alot better off without him having any input on policy and decisions. Notwithstanding all his years of service to Israel but as a public official and politician he was a complete and utter failure. He will NOT be anyone. Bye bye, good riddance and dont let the door hit you on the way out.
28. Halleluya Halleluya Halleluya!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronit ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
Miracles do still happen. Awsome news!
29. To #21 a dangerous mistake
jeff ,   tlv   (11.26.12)
"We need new young spirited leadership that knows how to stand up to the enemy and stand with friends" a smart leadership will understand, that what the rambam teaches us and what the blood of tens of millions of slaugtered jews teach us, that all we have is god and ourselves thats it! You want to stand with what friends? learn some history please, there are no friends, its friends who we tried to make happy that destroyed us during cast lead, and latest hamas war, stop dreaming, and without fail, everytime in history the jew thought that by being nice he will survive he got slaughtered. In the late 30's most jews really where convinced that they or some country can convince hitler not to attack the jews, 10 million lives later, I see we didnt learn a thing. Its either we fight to survive and dont care about pleasing non jews, or we die and disrespect the blood that was spilled all because they where jews.
30. Liberman, Lapid, Labor and Livni are responsible
zionist forever   (11.26.12)
Between them Yair Lapid, a Labor party thats increased in popularity and the probability of Livni standing means his party is unlikely to even pass the 2% threshold. Even if he did get elected the only job he really wants is defence and this new pact between Bibi & Liberman means there is a very good chance he won't get the job he wanted. He has had his time in politics now better to get out go back to business which is what he is good at rather than being humiliated. I do think though he is telling the truth when his passion was never in politics, the way others obviously are.
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