Israeli entrepreneur named 'top global thinker'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.11.12, 15:29
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1. Editor
something's wrong with the photo leading to this story on your homepage
2. Mazal tov!
Adam ,   Herndon VA, USA   (11.26.12)
Yet another Israeli working to make the world a better place. Fantastic and inspiring.
3. Wow! it looks great. I want to study at this university.
4. I would like to enroll Nuclear Physics Is it possible?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.27.12)
Can I get training in Israeli Nuclear plants to become a person dedicated to humanity!
5. to Tayfun Turkey
Walt ,   Georgia, U.S.   (11.28.12)
Tayfun my friend, this is not the story about how to appear smart - even if you got room temperature IQ...
6. To #5, Yes that is a spy ring story
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.28.12)
Mossad agent established an open university especially address to Arab country residents. By this way they will build spy rings in Muslim countries. As for IQ levels, your are unfortunate, here generally It is higher than 105 Fahrenheith comparing to you mild IQ levels in USA!
7. Educated in Michigan, lives in California, a US citizen.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.28.12)
His achievements are American and international. He and his esteemed supporters are secular thinkers and doers. Would be nice if the article in Ynet pointed that out and gave credit.
8. To #6 Tayfun
Walt ,   Georgia, U.S.   (11.29.12)
Yeah right my friend, we are stupid and this is exactly why the U.S. has been almost exclusively the birthplace of world’s innovations since WWII. Like just now you are probably writing and sending e-mails using U.S.-patented technologies. Get a life and don't make us live in your fantasy land!
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