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Hamas welcomes Barak's resignation, which 'proves he failed'
Elior Levy
Published: 26.11.12, 17:22
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1. They'd turn a fart into a victory if they could
William ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
How can you tell Hamas/IJ are in distress? When they continually concoct reasons for why they can claim "victory". Barak has been in the military since '59. That's longer than Rantisi, Jaabri, Mugniyeh, and Mabhouh - and we know where they are now. If anything, after delivering a very harsh blow to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and blow their smuggling lifeline including the Yarmouk factory in Sudan, these are good notes to leave on.
2. "Quality strikes on Tel Aviv"
William ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
It seems Gazan terrorists measure "Quality" with the same ruler as they measure "victory". What were the quality strikes on Tel Aviv? None hit the city directly. Several fell in the ocean, in open fields, or were shot down by Iron Dome. Only one hit a building in Rishon Letzion and thank G-d there were no injuries. If you lowered the bar so low that a 16% success rate is a "victory", then basically anything is, right?
3. Barak, Leiberman and Netanyahu
Harold ,   USA   (11.26.12)
They all failed to achieve their gauls and they all have to resign and stop enterfering in politics.
4. Barak leaving is a victory for Hamas, Islamic Jihad?
William ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
Better think again, boys. Many credit Barak for being too lenient on Hizbullah and Hamas during the past campaigns. You better hope his replacement isn't more Right politically and harsher militarily or Gaza will be a parking lot in 8 days. Come to think of it....Barak's leaving is good timing.
5. No capable to think person would eat it
If it was his failure he wouldn't wait till January 22nd. You bunch of liars.
6. the celebration might come a bit too early,
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.26.12)
if Yaalon moves in instead they will be praying for Barak to come back!
7. My G-D ! these moslims are so stupid !
and which victory they are talking about???? According to them they have always won, arabs won all the wars :-) So stupid !
8. Immense pressure put on Bibi
Baruch Shimshon ,   Springfield   (11.26.12)
Bibi had no choice but to agree to a cease-fire. He was under tremendous pressure from Obama and Europe. Until this attitude of placating Muslim belligerence toward Jews changes, peace will not be possible.
9.  #1 A FART ?
Talking of Farts , I recently farted in a crowded lift ( elevator ) .It was wrong on so many levels.....ha ha ha ha RFLMAO.
10. with buffoons like Bibi & Barak
Frank Baum   (11.26.12)
Gaza itself will soon be a nuclear power, not to mention Iran.
11. these birds can claim as many "victories" as they wish...
Rafi ,   US   (11.26.12)
... the only thing that really matters is what actually happens on the ground. In that case, IDF clobbered PLO in Lebanon in1983, Hizbollah in Lebanon in 2006, Hamas in Gaza in 2009 - and now again in 2012. All these groups proclaimed 'victory' despite the smouldering ruins before their eyes... Despite the self-delusional propaganda, the enormous losses sustained by these groups on the ground speak for themselves...
12. are only Arabs liars, or do other practice it?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.26.12)
What can we expect from the Arabs? Anything that can pop out of their mouth does and any similarity to truth is merely a mirage.
13. I amglad that this is what Hamas thinks
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (11.26.12)
When they underrate their opponents or over rate their power they will continue to loose. Let them enjoy this as a victory while Israel continues to advance her defense capabilities quietly.
14. to 7
as long as you see the life is the best value to yourheart you could not understand the meaning of freedom ..some people like to live yesterday ..many like to live tomorrow ..israilis are -some and many only .........and you are one of the many ...but sure you will be here tomorrow ???
15. to 1 and 4
to leave or stay is the same if it is free choice of the person but when event force one to leave is another thing .. hamass think about the latest .and nothing wrong to barak if he leave by the free choice
16. Obama Probably Forced Bibi's Hand
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.26.12)
Now that Obama doesn't have to face re-election he is going to hold Bibi's feet to the fire. He might have told Bibi to get rid of Barak or there would be no more US aid. Bibi is going to catch hell for meddling in the US election.
17. #4 - Absolutely!
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (11.26.12)
I'm one of those who think Barak is too lax. I hope a military fanatic takes his place & finally deals with Hamas, et al with the most absolute harshness.
18. victory?
Phillyboy ,   USA   (11.26.12)
Hamas-your idiotic policies has brought nothing but calamity, destruction, misery and ignorance on your people .Your Fajr missiles will not feed them,your scuds will not shelter them,your Grads will not educate them. You are building a sick, fanatical,ignorant society which is doomed occupy the the trashbins of huuman existence
19. mirage
al quds ,   al quds   (11.26.12)
is what i see at israeli tv a mirage? did you see barak's face?!
20. General Yalon
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (11.26.12)
General Yalon would be a good Minister of Defense.
21. OK, So Everything is OK in Gaza???
leo ,   nyc   (11.26.12)
So Hamas won and everything is fine in Gaza-I guess they need no aid money for repairs and those buildings fell down by themselves-- what wonderful leadership in Gaza!!!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.26.12)
AS EVER! Come on Ham Ass! Isn't this the real victory that we experience every second of every minute? Barak is gone and Yaalon will be there in his post next. Now, you will have nightmares for another 64 years. This guy will make Barak look like an angel. Enjoy!!
23. Barak achieved supreme victory and so felt able to retire!
Can write a biography on Netanyahu and Obama relationship
24. The essense of failure
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.12)
The man who single-handedly, gave southern Lebanon to the Northern Islamic demons, and strengthened the Western demons, Hamas, is a victory for Jews everywhere. The next DM must be wise enough to know the value of eliminating the enemy, not fighting wars with leftist political policies.
25. A quickie?
dapperdanman ,   K.V., Czech Republic   (11.26.12)
Barak in as president, Peres out to unite the center-left ahead of the elections. Wouldn't that be a nice speculation?
26. well I consider it a victory for jews, but lets see how his
replacement acts ,   jack bauer   (11.26.12)
everything ehud has done for years has been detrimental to Israelis.... lets hope his replacement is better.... fingers crossed
27. It must be nice to be victorious in every single war
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.26.12)
I guess the bigger the humiliation and body count at Israel's hand, it somehow translates into a victory. So why all the complaining about the occupation? That should be considered the greatest victory of them all !!
28. To most talkbacks. You donĀ“t have a clue of what you are ...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.12)
Talking. 1. Barak did not act alone, there was a security cabinet. 2. With new elections Barak knows he has not a chance, unless BIBI calls him back. Which is a posibiity. Barak hinted that. 3 Every body talks here as if they were experts on military matters. Somethings are not like they look. Let's face itt. I would have liked a ground invasion, but let's think of the deaths, not on Hamas's side but on ours. This is specially meant to the ones sitting comfortable in the USA, while rokets pour in in South Israel. 4. The IDF acomplished 95% of initial targets, and missions. 5. Probably there will be another round of War but that would have hapened with or without Barak. With or without Ground Invasion. 6. In these types of situations a one man doesn't decide a complete war. The decision is taken by many in the military and political arena.
29. #3 Harold LOL
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.26.12)
Maybe you should learn to spell. Its spellt interferring. Come back to post when you learn gramaticaly correct LOL
30. #1
MONA ,   US   (11.26.12)
Let's face it,for the first time people were extremely frightened .
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