Israel leaders at odds over response to Palestinian UN bid
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.11.12, 20:24
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1. Liberman has my vote
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (11.26.12)
Israel should immediately annex every area of the West Bank that has our settlements. The West Bank was never recognized by the international community as belonging to Jordan. But no one complained. Israel's claim to the land is even more legitimate.
2. Why does Israel Fear the International Court?
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.26.12)
Several distinguished legal minds have consistently argued that settlements are legal and occupation is a misnomer, and Israel control of areas beyond the 1948 or even the 1967 borders is legal under international law. SOoooo, let's argue our strong case before the court where we are a member ...
3. "Israel's political power limited after Gaza op"-admission
ab   (11.26.12)
of debacle,parting shot from the serial bungler Barak and that Closet Sharon,Netanyahu
4. Obvious contradictions ...
A.Q.   (11.26.12)
Israel and the U.S. keep talking to the world about a two state solution and how they want peace and everything. And when the Palestinians go for it ... obviously after negotiation failures and the continuation of settlements construction in the west bank, Israel keeps running from country to another to convince them NOT to vote for their membership. And of course the U.S., backs Israel with their stupid veto. ''They veto and they say they're democratic'', yea sure. The world needs better humans, better leaders to ensure the EQUALITY to every single human being on EARTH, Jew, Gentile, Christian, Muslim, Hindu... etc .. And not to live on the expense of others like parasites. After then, real peace will prosper. It's the only solution.
5. Israel can't have it both ways.
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (11.26.12)
We can't complain when Arabs use violence to accomplish thier goals, and then threaten them when they attempt to use peaceful, political means to reach thier goals. It is so interesting that we won our State in the UN, completely ignoring the wishes of the local Arabs in Palestine, and now we are shocked and indignant when they pull the same stunt on us.
6. ... obvious contradictions??
Noel ,   Cork, Ireland   (11.26.12)
just as what happened in South Africa 20+ years ago ... strange how all those activists have disappeared and have nothing to say about the current corrupt regime that is decimating a previously proud and viable nation. The world needs states like Israel to uphold democratic and just institutions and not capitulate to the demands and pressures of terrorists and radical activists.
7. Topple Lieberman
Ed ,   USA   (11.26.12)
According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is certain that Israel should respond fiercely and topple the rule of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Isn't it time to finally deal with this loose cannon? How much more damage to the reputation of Israel needs to be done before he is retired?
8. When Israel's position is insipid and apathetic
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (11.26.12)
How can the rest of the world care more than we do? Do we expect the rest of the world to care more than we do? You really think they feel guilty about the Holocaust or what??? Why would they care more than Israel does? How would they justify that to their people?
9. Israeli govt behaves like a bunch of thugs
Tom   (11.26.12)
"only if the Palestinian president files suits against Israel in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, then Israel should perceive him as a hostile entity and work towards taking down his government. " And these are the "moderates"? Seems more like mafia.
10. Pals have Zero Legal Right to do This
My Planet Israel ,   La-Jerusalem   (11.26.12)
The Arabs refused the state offered them then lost their war of genocide against the Jews. After that: they had no rights left either to the land or the state, PERIOD. THAT is international law as clear as a bell. They NEVER accepted the land legally so they lost any claims to it. Those who support the pal state bid are in violation of international law. If they break these laws so openly; Israel need no longer bother with the influence or wishes if the UN or international community. Further, this move violates ALL agreements between Israel and the Arabs, making all such null and void. Finally: the pal-Arabs have done NOTHING concerni g nation building, having flouted and stolen tens of billions in international aid while maintaining terrorist activities. The 'pals' are not even a people: their a gang of Arabs who are unwanted by their fellows and never had any legal rights or culture or state to begin with. This entire thing is a farcical attempt to assuage the Arabs at large but has failed miserably. Israel has NO legal or moral obligations to these people: they should look elsewhere for a 'home'. Period. Murderous and hate filled cultures should RECIEVE Zero respect from anyone.
11. #4 And not to live on the expense of others like parasites."
A ,   Belgium   (11.26.12)
Tell that to the "palestinians", they're experts at it.
12. #5 Israel would prefer a triple suicide bombing
to normal political moves by the Palestinians.
13. #7 Ed
David ,   USA   (11.26.12)
Isn't it time for you to mind your own business and shut your mouth. Worry about the US that once was a proud nation and now is a stinking corpse.
14. #5
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (11.27.12)
The lack of trust within the Israeli government for Palestinians to keep their promises began,particularly after Oslo 1,when Arafat told his Arab audiences that he was not going to adhere to this agreement with the Jewish State. Providing for non-member status at the UN would, indeed, be such a violation.
15. Annex Area B And C
Bill Klien ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Time for Israel to annex area C and low populated areas of Area B.
16. How Can They Have UN Standing . . .
emanon ,   USA   (11.26.12)
. . . when they have neither a civilization or a country?
17. #5 Lieberman wouldn't fire rockets at Abbas...
Alex   (11.27.12)
Ridiculous and bad attempt to a comparison.
18. Why is the Israeli government so full of idiots?
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (11.27.12)
Topple Abbas? Just who do they think will replace Abbas? their choices are Hamas or Al Qaida. In other words a more militant organization. If the PLO disappears, then Israel will be in an even worse position. The US will be forced to throw Israel overboard unless Israel feeds and cares for the non-Jews in the WB and treats the non-Jews in Gaza with more fairness. Why do Israeli leaders think taking a hard line with the Arabs will be a good thing for the future of Israel? I suspect that the Israeli leadership thinks it is being clever by creating a crisis with the Arabs so they can forcibly drive them out, but all that will do is validate Iran's position and force all the Arabs nations to be more militant against Israel. Are they 100% sure that they they will not lose the next war they start?
19. #7 He's the only Israeli politician with Israeli interests
Alex   (11.27.12)
in mind. He doesn't care what some Jew hating gentile says, and does what is best for Israel instead.
20. israel has rarely, if ever, followed the rules?
Kol Nideri   (11.27.12)
21. I love Palestine, UN. International Criminal Court.
BDS ,   USA   (11.27.12)
22. Make up your collective minds.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.27.12)
23. You can't vote in israel.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.27.12)
Good thing too you're a lunatic. Many people say the same of obama.
24. Good question..
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.27.12)
Maybe after the US $$ dries up, the pals might leave for jordan? BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!!
25. # 15 Bill ABC 's
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.27.12)
26. #9 Ignoramous
Alex   (11.27.12)
The move violates Oslo accords, meaning the pallies are breaking the last commitments they've had with us. Not that you'd ever care...
27. Colonel Richard Justin Kemp CBE would know what to do...
Alexander Beck ,   Zurich   (11.26.12)
Colonel Richard Justin Kemp CBE deserves Israel's Highest Honour, the Medal to the Righteous among the Nations!
28. Nothing will induce Adolf to give up the Sudetenland
r cummings ,   uk   (11.26.12)
That is the problem the rest of the world has with the bunch of right-wing nationalist-extremists currently running Israel. International law says that Israel is only a temporary military occupier and cannot settle its own people on occupied territory, and that this constitutes a war crime under the Geneva Conventions. Yet Israel just goes on doing it, holding its ears, making up ridiculously feeble justifications and pretending to Israeli Jews that they can settle in the West Bank regardless. Oh dear, this is going to end in tears when it finally gets to the ICC, Israel dies not have a legal leg - nor even a legal foot - to stand on here, it is in for a short, hard legal thrashing in front of the world's cameras. Like Hitler's mad quest to expand Germany by conquest and settlement, nothing could shake his rabid resolve until he bit the cyanide capsule, having seen his insane racist dreams turn to dust on the battlefield. Israel is similarly heading for a moment of divine illumination in defeat, it is unfortunately a necessary moment for a country that has wholly taken leave of its senses in trying to create a little racist empire in the 21st Century.
29. It smells for Israel now
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (11.26.12)
Israel refusing Arabs to use diplomatic ways? How ironic!
30. UN
john ,   toronto   (11.27.12)
There is no need to worry over this. It will happen now or later. It does not affect Israel in anyway. It may give rise to stability to two states .Needless wars may stop and leaders may start talking instead of fighting .
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