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Livni returns to politics, unveils new party
Moran Azulay
Published: 27.11.12, 15:14
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1. I would not vote for her again
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (11.27.12)
Having voted Kadima twice there seems little point to me in voting for her as a sort of rump party twice. Her party got the largest number of seats last time around -and from what we can read in the press her Ego got in the way of a coalition that could have started to rescue Israel from the path it has taken - and then she did nothing in opposition. She has done nothing to convince me that she would do differently next time and so she will have to look elsewhere for votes this time.
2. A star created by the media
Charles   (11.27.12)
what has livni done in her career? not much!! she is an in the box thinker with nothing new to sell. the creation of another unstable arab state?
3. good name
All praise to Livni for such an appropriate name "The Bowel Movement"
4. Livni
Michael ,   Kokhav Ya'ir, Israel   (11.27.12)
Ho hum...
5. Not a Hasbeen, but a Neverwasbeen
Akiva   (11.27.12)
And the left go wild! Another contender! But do they realise that Tzipi's actually not going to get the opportunity to divide Jerusalem and abandon large swathes of Israel, security be damned? The tide has turned, friends. This announcement only compounds the issue. Another political party to weaken the flustered Shelly and the substanceless Yair. Tzipi has delivered the final nail in the coffin of the loony left and, once the dust clears, the only people cheering will be those of us with our feet firmly planted on the right and in reality.
6. Because that is what Israel needs...
Sarah ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
another political party to further dilute the government's decision making abilities
7. does this prove that she has no brains?
ma nishma ,   modiin   (11.27.12)
To start her own left-center party and run against Yesh Atid and Labor, does that make sense when she could have had the number 2 spot? I think she is making a horrific mistake that will be borne out in January.
8. A party for each "leader"?
Mark ,   London, UK   (11.27.12)
Sitting in UK we have a very different political system, our parties and their principles stay constant; the leadership and policies change. As an outsider it looks very bizarre that parties are set up around individuals. Since that will inevitably lead to coalitions it must be hard to vote on policies as you will never know what coalition you will end up with and what compromises they will make. Besides this, democracy is very expensice. How are all these political parties funded? Looking at the other end of the telescope, it must seem very strange to have a choice of only two big parties and some minor ones to garner up the protest votes. Truth is that to win, a big party has to follow the trends in public opinion as well as provide leadership.
9. what a joke!
nadav ,   tlv   (11.27.12)
Livni is a nice woman, I've met her, but unfortunately she is not cut out for politics, certainly not at this level. She would serve better running a ministry of think tank. She failed miserably as a Foreign Minister and offered NOTHING when she was head of opposition. Nevertheless she is preferrable than that populist Chavista "Red" Shelly Yechimivoch, who wants to turn Israel into Cuba!
10. The left is in trouble, BIG trouble....
Mitchell Cohen ,   Gush Etzion, Israel   (11.27.12)
....Let's see. On the right, we have Likud united with Yisrael Beitenu and Habayit HaYehudi talking about uniting with Ichud HaLeumi. On the left, you have Kadima splitting into what is left of Kadima, Yesh Atid, and now Livni's "HaTnuah" party. Labor is about as relevant as Meretz. In a nutshell, the right is uniting, while the left is dissolving. I can't wait until January 22....
11. Tzippi
Volvi   (11.27.12)
What she be No.2? not Tzippy shes too proud and an egoist, she dances to no one elses tune. Thats why she created her own party. Which serves me as a rightist well. The left is now more fragmented, Meretz, Labour, Lapid now Tzippi. Bibi will be very happy with Tzippy. and Mofaz can go home and sulk away.
12. The Tzipi Livni BOWEL Movement party. Perfect name!!!!!!!!
So funny ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.12)
P'd off yid ,   South of tel aviv-Is   (11.27.12)
Tzipi mami nobody wants you! Does not matter what you call your party or who you put on your ticket(?) no one will vote for someone who continually sells out the state. Don't you get it? The left is finished. All the let's policies have brought is more death, instability, economic instability, social degradation and etc. I hope after the next election she too will retire forever.
14. name of the party
Dot ,   Heidelberg, GER   (11.27.12)
what kind of name is that?! Movement - what kind? Where to forward, backward, sideways, jewish, christian, islamic??? Seams no concept and programme to me.
15. So many parties
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (11.27.12)
Every loser who failed to win in his party can go out and make a new one. It is time to stop this stupidity and try to give us 2 or maybe 3 parties by either 1. Adopting the Turkish model: when a party fails to get 10% of the vote, its votes are cancelled and it is too bad for the idiots who voted for them. 2. Make the election to the Kenneset regional; this means that every membner has to win his OWNseat and this way, he does not have to kiss the rearend of any other person. Finally, let us keep a record BY NAME who voted for and against any law so we can get back at our "representatives" in the next election cycle. This way people can be resposible for their actions or inactions.
16. Tzippy Livni & Ehud Barak what a shidduch!
2 egoists   (11.27.12)
Both should form their own Hanukah parties with their own families.
17. She is joining the race as head of her own party,
cuz she wanna be prime minister BAD!
18. Waste of votes
peter ,   tel aviv   (11.27.12)
All the candidates and parties of the center fall victim to their egos. Instead of uniting against Bibi, Feiglin and price tag lovers they spread the votes so thin that there is no chance in hell to bring about the change they all call for.
19. What a horrible person to run again
Shep ,   Memphis   (11.27.12)
Livni knows that she has no hope of winning and so she is just a "spoiler" to what remains of a decimated "left". Of course this is "blackmail" to eventually combine forces in a leftist coalition with the intent of demanding a leading position rather than following allowing fresh new faces to attempt to resuscitate the left. Typical Livni. She was the one who destroyed Kadima and now this!!!!!
20. Livni is only here "to fight for Livni ".
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.27.12)
She serves only herself.
21. Two things I would like to say
Commentator   (11.27.12)
First of all, what kind of name is that - "movement"? A movement to what direction? What a cheesy and confusing name... Secondly, this new party sounds like a Kadima spin-off. Wouldn't it be easier for Livni just to remain the leader of Kadima? The Knesset is already very divided, this will just be another one of the parties nobody cares about...
22. Maybe Barak should create his own party as well? What a joke
Commentator   (11.27.12)
23. Slippy Creapy Tzipi
fajir cohen ,   jerusalem   (11.27.12)
This is not politics- its a circus -
24. Livni changes parties as if they were socks.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
Livni is one of the best examples of what is wrong with Israeli politics. Her abilities are mediocre, at best, and there is no good reason for her to be in any position of national leadership. Livni is power obsessed and changes parties as if they were socks. It is tragic that Israel is full of wise and courageous men and women but very few of them make it to the Knesset.
25. Return of a Failure
Erich   (11.27.12)
Livni has a big problem to match her even bigger ego, and that is her record as a failed opposition "leader" constantly sulking about being unelectable but forever devoid of any new ideas. She is a disaster for Israel, and her new party (Kadima Jr.) will soon be a footnote in history. The Left has shown yet again that advancing Israel's interests is at the bottom of its agenda.
26. If this woman comes to the Rule again -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.12)
- Israel will end up in Her biggest Problem ever. The Leftist Peace-camp, Will give Israel Her biggest Nightmare. Arn.Sweden.
27. Tzipi Livni will be President
Art ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
she will replace Shimon, good move
28. Kadima suicided by removing her
Ruben ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
So finally we have a moderate and wise person to vote for. She's a honest career politician. Not an oportunistic unexperienced person who nobody knows how will be in reallity, beyond the media talks. Good news!
29. Is this a joke?
Ml   (11.27.12)
I think of establishing a new party call "levad"!
30. The public fall of Tzipi Livni
Wade ,   NYC USA   (11.27.12)
Livni lost the leadership of Kadima in internal elections. If her own party rejected her, why would the wider population do otherwise? I guess she is trying to elect herself to the Keneset. Perhaps she will have enough personal fans to squeak by and give her employment.
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