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Hungary: Far-right leader demands lists of Jews
Published: 27.11.12, 16:20
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1. Who said the Holocaust couldn't happen again?
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.27.12)
Looks like Hungary wants to take up the baton that we thought was buried with Hitler. What will the EU do? Probably say nothing as the Jews are lined up and taken away 'for their own protection.' Now we know who won the 'Who wants to be the next Nazis' contest. (Only European countries could enter.) Sickening. The Mufti of the Nazis must be smiling in his grave.
2. Hungary
Zvi ,   Bat Yam   (11.27.12)
For the Good and the bad that what you have Israel for. Hungarian Jews do not wait for the first murder. Come Home the real Home in israel
3. Neo nazi Jobbik party
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.27.12)
is a direct result of antisemitic propaganda on the internet. Before the cyber world - invented mostly by jews - also existed neo nazis in Hungary. But never got more than 3-4 % in the elections. After 2006 two nazi websites HUNHÍR and KURUC INFO begun their Der Stürmer style propaganda from US servers. Result : Jobbik got 17% in 2010 elections. I repeat to annihilate these websites at any prices , including legal actions against US Government, which supports these nazis.
4. We know that -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.12)
- When the War comences in the Mideast, the Apocalypse will begin and, Hungary will come for Vojvodina, the Northern region of Serbia. The War in Mideast will be the beginning of Global uppheaval, and a Big War in the Balkans and a new divide of Europe in two blocks. It is time for to prepere for the Great Hashiva Lema,an Zion. Arn.Sweden.
5. First they made lists...
SNS   (11.27.12)
6. I am not Surprised as to nr 3.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.12)
He gives a Hint that the Jews or Israel is to blame for the Rising numbers of Nazis in Hungary ?. Nazis or not - Hungarian National Consciousnesses are the same as ever. Arn.Sweden.
7. Lists?
David ,   London, England   (11.27.12)
The economy goes to hell in a hand basket and they start to make lists of Jews. What do they intend to do with the list - as if we didn't know. The Nazis are back and those of us who said never again. Did we lie or are we just asleep. Can't wait to see what the EU does about this.
8. this is why general yaalon is needed
mohson   (11.27.12)
jews have transformed themselves from somewhat helpless dzimmis to more confident self reliant israelis but not all of them. There are the pacifists at haaretz along with weaklings likeb eilin, ben ami, livni, peres, who refuse and are afraid of israeli national identiy. General yaalon, a kibutznik formerly a supporter of oslo had his eyes open at this royal deception with thousands of israeli casualites. and yet meretz and livni want to carry on and bring rockets to ben gurion and tel aviv regularly. In other words, you want to go into the ovens first to find out if they are real. This is still a huge problem for jews. Yaalon is the type of leader who will eliminate threats and fast, you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!
9. Now I am waiting
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.27.12)
for the outcry within EU, of which Hungary is a member. why can I not get rid of the thought that it will not come?
10. To nr 6. Arn.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.27.12)
Misunderstanding. The antisemitic websites mentioned in my post are lyeing about the jews, day and night. For example they allege that the Rockefeller family is jewish. They rule the world with their money as a part of a jewish conspiration. The truth : Rockefellers are not jews. In the early 1900's dozens of journalists tried to investigate to find proofs for their jewishness. But found only dutch protestants in the family, up to the XVI. century. No problems, neo nazis liars say they are jews. Probably they mix Rockefeller with Rickover, an other famous american. Admiral Rickover was a submarine commander, a war hero, and internationally acknowledged nuclear inventor. He was really jewish. But about him not a word in the hungarian nazi websites. Only about the Rockefellers, suggesting every jew is financial swindler and ruthless exploiters. Like the Rockefellers. What is this if not pure lyeing ?
11. can confirm
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.27.12)
Unfortunately, hatred towards jews is rising in Hungary. One example for this is that these days on Hungarian national holidays or political rallies it is getting natural to see that people burn Israeli flags. I stopped going to the synagoge on Kol Nidre because a few years ago there was a nazi protest at the synagoge, they were protesting against the jews and taking photos. I don't know about any other European country where this happens. In 1921 (when nowbody knew who Hitler was) Hungary was the first country to implement laws that limits the number of jews in universities and certain professions. And I'm sure Hungary will be again the first to do that in the 21'st century. It's just a matter of time.
12. #4 Arn, It will all start in Sweden, in your back yard.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.27.12)
You should read Lord of the Rings, or Kama Sutra perhaps. Something. Your end of the world messages make as much sense as last year's snow. It went into water, under the bridge and to a fjord somewhere. A maiden jumped in the fjord water to swim and became a writer, wrote Lord of the Rings. Are you getting the truth now?
13. 10% unemployment in US is not interesting for Reuters...
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Thanks for trying to improve Jewish people, but I would rather have US media focus on troubles at home. One working well employed American help better bridge our differences than all this... ( not sure what the good word is ).
14. @1,2,3,4,5,6 what changed?
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.12)
West always segregated Jewish people in ghettos and kept a list of Jewish nationals. I am not sure what they are complaining about. This is how things always were in Western world.
15. Free Speech vs Neo Nazis
TommyD6of11 ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Istvan, The US Gov't does NOT support neo Nazi websites. The USA supports Free Speech. The best antidote against such evil is the "sun light" of free speech. It is difficult for such evil to withstand exposure. That is your best weapon since it builds a national/global concensus against any neo Nazis.
16. Hngary should have been nuked before WW2 ended
k ,   US   (11.27.12)
blame the allies who never gave just punishment to these countries when you commit a crime and you do not get the payback for it, you will keep committing it blame the allies who never gave the punishment to these countries
17. Jew should make aliyah
nadav   (11.27.12)
why contribute Jewish talent and skill to a country that hates them? Jews in Hungary should move to Israel where they would be welcome and, in turn, strengthen Israel against her enemies, be they arab or European.
18. #6 what?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.27.12)
#3 seems to blaming the Internet. It has already been suggested that the ease of communication provided by the Internet has allowed previous isolated people to realize they are not alone, but part of a community, and they can come out of the closet. This has happened with pedophiles, zoophiles, neonazis and Islamic Jew-haters. What is the solution, is a different question.
19. Nazis
TommyD6of11 ,   usa   (11.27.12)
I hate it when the press mislabels groups like Jobbik as "Far Right" when in fact they are FAR LEFT, just like the NAZI's (i.e National SOCIALIST Democratic WORKERS PARTY). The Nazis was a highly centralized government that controlled directely or indirectly nearly all aspects of industry, commerce, and society. They had nationalized health care (i.e. Obamacare). The Nazis were fanatically pro-animal rights. The Nazis were fanatically anti-smoking, anti-religion, and anti-individual rights. The Nazis were fanatical vegetarians (Himler was a vegan). The so-called Far Right in America (i.e. The Tea Party) believes in small, decentralized government and maximum individual Liberty. The exact opposite of the Nazis (National Socialists). Always remember, it takes a really BIG government to commit genocide.
20. Explain Nazism and 6 million dead Jews before the internet.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.27.12)
21. It seems,there is still a great need in
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (11.27.12)
Hungary for this antisemitic garbage,the antisemitic bacteria is thriving when the stomach of a great number of madiars is empty,Hungary shoud be ashamed for the help it gave Germany to exterminate the Hungarian Jews,and doing its own killings.
22. Everybody mumbling
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (11.27.12)
but what Israel is doing? Israel is also making list of non jews posing threat to Israel and even practices profiling
23. Nr 10-12-18.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.12)
Nr 10. I Quote - Before the cyber world - invented mostly by jews - This is the Hint I mentioned as according to nr 6. Nr 12. Nothing of nr 4 will start in My Backyard - and I was not giving a message of an End of the World Message. The World will not End, only Prophetical Time. I suggestst you ceep your errors to yourself. Nr 18. I Quote #3 seems to blaming the Internet. Versa - Before the cyber world - invented mostly by jews - Arn.Sweden.
24. @21 we helped, too. Blaming dogs for master's deeds.
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.12)
25. @22 I beg to differ. Let's look at practical implementation:
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Since practice is a measure of words let's take a look who did Israel arrest and brought to justice from abroad. Mr. Eichman. Do you mind explaining how did this man made it from under American occupied Germany in Latin America? Would you claim with serious face that his only fault was being non - Jewish? Gregg from Haifa, just curious, where did you get those ideas?
26. the truth is
bill ,   canada   (11.27.12)
jews are a security risk worldwide; mostly because of the attacks against them; in canada every jewish public event needs extra security
27. At Least In Hungary They Do Not
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (11.27.12)
Prevent jews from using public roads. Have thousands of checkpoints that only Jews must go through. Require Jews to carry special identification and to not go into Hungarian neighborhoods without special permits. Have walls that Jews are prevented from passing through. Have busses that Jews are prevented from riding on. Hold Jews in administrative detention for years without charges. Steal land and water from Jews and bulldoze their homes and their villages. So the Hungarians have a LONG ways to go until they even get close to being as anti-semitic as the Israelis are.
28. Avenge the Guilty
Zivron   (11.27.12)
29.  WW3 Imre Kertesz
carole ,   paris france   (11.27.12)
please read "sauvegarde"(name in french) from Imre Kertesz,every thing is inside
30. #23 Arn, Will "ceep" and skip your voodoo fantasies.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.27.12)
I always had a high opinion of Swedes, of those I met while visiting Stockholm and those of Swedish heritage here. Your backyard appears like a special place, maybe Far-right Hungarians planted it? Anyhow, as I said, read something.
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