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France to recognize Palestinian state at UN
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Published: 27.11.12, 19:32
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1. Attention Palestinians! No one is giving you Israel.
Sam ,   Canada   (11.27.12)
The whole idea behind Palestinian diplomatic moves is the hope that the West will hand them over the territory (West Bank and Israel through a right of return). As the Palestinians can or should see, no one is going to do that for them. The West supports a Jewish majority state and expects the Palestinians to negotiate for their state. If not, Palestinians can sit around and wait for nothing.
2. I can hear the IDF practicing now "I was following orders"
Jim USA   (11.27.12)
3. France has been hostile to Israel since DeGaulle
Sidney ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Remember when the great poobah stopped the delivery of Mirages to Israel. Until then it was a popular plane partly because the IAF proved its capabilities. Now every country wants American planes, the same kind that the IAF flies. Who buys Mirages now?
4. #1 Come to the table at once
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (11.27.12)
The real negotiations will start once Palestine is declared a state (Nov 29) with the borders being based on 67 borders with mutually agreed land swaps on 1:1 basis. Also, Jerusalem is the subject of final status talks as per all previous agreements. Jerusalem is the key to any agreement and Palestinian rights there are inalienable as per the UNGA resolution on Nov 29.
5. Do Something in Response
Bill Klien ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Time for Israel to annex area C and low populated areas of Area B. The French consulate and any other country's consulate that votes for this resolution should be closed.
6. The Palestinian Vatican
tiki ,   belgium   (11.27.12)
Now I understand! They do have something in common! When will the next show go on the road; a new status for Kurdistan or Armenia, to name just a few! What's the difference? The difference is that Jews are not involved. What a farce!
7. Well, lets see....
Avouskila ,   South America   (11.27.12)
Compressive is the appropriate attitude one has to use, dealing with France, a very 'powerful' socially in econimics, on the verge of get another red mark for its future economic standing (catastrophic), and with a large Muslim population being used as a conduit to a hopeful commerce with their homelands, thus saving France from bankrupcy: But the most unusual aspect of the current French Government is the number of senir ministers who just happen to be of some Jewish origins. Well, as I say you have to be comprehensive, and let the facts speak for themselves. Though, it ought to balance the situation if we can explain properly the Oslo Accord.! It might have some value, to those gentil people who somehow behave more catholically than the Pope himself.
8. State or no state, strife and terrorism will continue
simply because Islam cannot tolerate a State for any other religion in their neighborhood but their own. Don't be fooled.
9. adhere to the united nation resolution, no one wants israel
Anton ,   jerusalem   (11.27.12)
Israel is not above the law, just adhere to the united nation resolutions and give palestinians the state according to 1967 borders, according to resolutions, and lets live in peace and stop whining! and crying that people are anti-sematic because they are not!! adhere to laws and be civilized!!!!
10. What a state!
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (11.27.12)
I sometimes wonder if the old Nazi trick of telling a lie enough times it becomes truth is working here, political correctness and appeasement has allowed this fake notion of a suddenly discovered new peoples called Palestinians to continue.Palestine does not exist, Abbas and his cronies only thought about statehood in the 60s, The thousands of jews who lived in Iraq, Iran,Tunisia,Syria before being violently exiled were not Israelites but Syrians, Iraqis,Iranians, they were nationals of a sovereign country that happened to be jews.They dont seem to moan about Pakistan which was carved out of nowhere for Muslims to separate from India.Shall we just call Sri Lanka, Ceylon from now on as it used to be known or lets not use the name Namibia but South West Africa,the old name under mandate or revert back to Rhodesia which is today's Zimbabwe.So why the old mandate name of Palestine is constantly pushed by the Arabs is only a cover up for their true goal....not a state but the entire state of Israel.Nothing will ever change with these devious Arabs. There was only a two state solution, i.e Jordan and Israel and not three state, or 4 if you include the "Islamic terror republic of Gaza"
11. French Move Not Surprising
emanon ,   USA   (11.27.12)
Given the number of arabs living in France, this is not surprising. The French are afraid of riots disrupting their lunches. I fully expect the Londonistan based British government to follow suit for the same reason.
12. Eurabia
Gallula ,   Paris France   (11.27.12)
France is declining and president Hollande has been elected thanks to the 10million Africa and Arabs. They now want calm and quiet in their towns buying social peace and political choices....poor France
13. France is bankrupt.Needs to make nice to oil Arabs
Alan ,   SA   (11.27.12)
Same goes for most of Eurabia.Streets are full of prams.The new Eurabians are now calling the shots.
14. Good job FRANCE
Eyholzae ,   Switzerland   (11.27.12)
Good job France and also Switzerland my country, we are proud to reconize Palestinian state in the border 67.
15. UK
Dwayne ,   boise USA   (11.27.12)
Apparently the UK is also going to back the bid.
16. #9, yes give them a state
Alan Eigenstein ,   Edgewater, NJ   (11.27.12)
Israel's Knesset should vote to grant sovereignty over the entire north half of France to the Palestinians, with Paris as their capital.
17. #14
joe ,   vienna   (11.27.12)
Just announced: Austria, too, will be voting in favour of the Palestinians.
18. No surprise that you are proud...
Mina ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.27.12)
...this is particularly when considering that Switzerland turned away Jews who tried to escape from the horrors of the Nazis regime, as well as kept & profited from Jewish property that was stolen from the Jews by the Nazis.... It is therefore no surprise that your so-called 'neutral' country (i.e. 'neutral when you are not too busy appeasing to rich Arabs/Muslims) supports actions against the Jewish population in Israel. Finally, just in case you may care about the facts, there has never been a Palestinian state in before or after 1967! In 1967 the West Bank was controlled by Jordan & Gaza by Egypt. The reason Israel's army had to move into those areas in 1967, is because Israel was attacked by a number of Arab countries all of which were defatted in Six Days, which later became known as the Six Days War. So what I suggest is that in between stuffing your face with Swiss Chocolate & Swiss Cheese, you will also bother to read some history books that were not written by terrorists like Hamas...that is providing you can read...I mean the last time that I've visited in Switzerland, I was not impressed with the level of general knowledge & education in your country. Good Luck exploring the truth!
19. @4 you don't have one. Learn to live in peace
Miron ,   USA   (11.27.12)
that's all we asked. You keep spouting ultimatums written for you by guys who will put your whole family in their tank's transmission for smoother ride.
20. recall 1 million french troops on maginot line
guilliame   (11.27.12)
1 miillion french troops on maginot line and nazis blitzed through in a cakewalk just as french now back abbas at UN to quiet their own 6 million moslems who are drowning france in sharia and ear peircing miinaret music which is driving french people insane. Israel will defend itself and its values unlike the bloody cowards of europe and hungarian far right leader should beware of what he says
21. Woopty doo, but the 'occupation' will continue indefinitely
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.27.12)
22. #16. Divide Paris to make the capital of Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
#16. Wonderful idea! Palestinians can have a state in France. Paris can be divided so that half of it is the capital of Palestine. The French should embrace this idea because they love "Palestinians" so very much.
23. One problem negative comments do not understand...
Giuliano ,   Rome, Italy   (11.27.12) that Fabius is a French Jew. Also the French Jewish community seems to think Israel went too far recently
24. # 18 Mina - Excellent retort to those swiss antisemites
Moshe ,   Usa   (11.27.12)
25. #4 there was never in all of history a country called
Palestine ,   jack bauer   (11.27.12)
take that to your table
26. Giuliano, a couple of points.
Josh Felt   (11.27.12)
Needless to even say, I harshly dispute and question the validity of your claims. 1. Fabius and his family was Jewish perhaps at one time - 50 or more years ago. Memo to you: he is now, indeed for a long time, meaning: decades a Christian. Last time I checked a Christian is not, is not and I repeat is not a Jew! 2. What evidence can you bring of your claim about French Jews' critique of Israel. Zero, nothing. So spare us your bs. 3. France indeed can and be punished by Israel as a result of this. Its so-called Consul General in Jerusalem is a rabid antisemite, who has made himself noted by his disgusting repeated attacks gainst Israel and the very Jewish people. Lieberman will perhaps throw him out of the country on Thursday for a change and close down their place. Detto for Belgium.
27. Hugging
Zivron   (11.27.12)
There is an upside in that if the Arabs want peace peace is possible but if they want war they will perish without us .Because the Jews most of them ought build deep escape routes only being six million but Islam being billions plus cannot escape.Anyway it's all about Trade for the French and Votes from their Islamic population which are there because of French colonialism and Trade with the Islam.
28. The best line i heard about France supporting the Palestinia
Dan Kelso   (11.27.12)
France can recognize a Palestinians state, as long as they move it to Paris. All the French people can wave their white flags like they did to welcome Hitler.
29. Why does France oppose a Kurdish state?
Ask yourself this question. Why does France oppose a Kurdish state in Iraqi Kurdistan? The Arab oil money must be doing a good job buying the French off.
30. France is already dead
BH ,   Iowa   (11.27.12)
It's heart doesn't know enough to stop beating.
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