$1M per missile: Watch Magic Wand test
Yoav Zitun
Published: 27.11.12, 20:30
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1. looks very nice, but
al ,   canada   (11.27.12)
if necessary, can it stop 50,000 missiles,and is Israel willing to pay $50Billion ? When is the 2for 1 sale on?
2. Just Talk... talk
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.27.12)
Barak said but he did not say will protect all the skies of Israel
3. It's magic will be to bankrupt the IDF
Zionist forever   (11.27.12)
The government & IDF think they can use thes things to shoot own Hezbollah rockets but unless the IDF is going to stop buying weapons and limit their spending to magic wands and iron domes then we can't afford it, Hezbollah have about 40,000 rockets, are we going to have to spend 40,000 million so we can shoot them all down? The Arrow is only about $1.5 million nd we can only afford about 100 missiles and they are designed to shoot down much more dangerous Shihab missiles. If we can only afford 100 Arrows where in earth will the money come from so this magic wand has any wartime value at all. Originally it was deigned for air defense replace the 50 year old Hawks which are designed to shoot down cruise missiles etc, then some genius decided I should evolve into a system for shoong down terrorist rockets. Like the people who deigned Iron Dome nobody which is $50,000 a shot nobody considers cost, the just say you build it and we will buy it. Buy enough to act as an air defense system to replace the Hawk and nothing more otherwise we will magically be putting our safety at risk because offensive weapons win wars not missile defense systems.
4. Magic Wand!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.27.12)
Praise the Lord! Well done Israel, hopefully soon you will sigle-handedly with the use of your Magic Wand make all the Islamic Fundementalist and their terror associates disappear frpm the face of the planet. O Israel you are a beacon of light amongst your surronding nations. May the light of Ahura Mazda be with you!
5. Congratulation, well done.
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.27.12)
Now, the only thing Israel need is to remove n-asss-ralla and ham-asss haniyeh... Now, IF ANY ROCKET IS LAUNCHED against Israel, one of thos leaders have to go...
6. #1, #2 & #3
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (11.27.12)
Dear All, You forgot about IDF destroying most these missiles before they are lunched. If necessary Israel can target Hezbullah Targets with its own missiles. The Iron Dome and Magic Wand and Arrow Family plus IDF Pilots and Israel's own missiles is more than enough to hold these lunatics and the Islamic Republics despotic regime at bay. Last resort will be tactical nukes to completely obliterate these bunch of trouble makers. Have a nice day!
7. 1.2.3 Missing the point
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.12)
It's part of an overall system. The airforce will be destroying most of the missiles before they get off the ground and whilst in the air. Ground forces will have been used to sweep accross Southern Lebenon. Tehran and Beruit and related inferstructure would be in rubble. And if Israel launched missiles what would be the results at the other end.? In any event I am betting that many of those Iranian Missiles end up landing in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria.
8. 6
Zionist forever   (11.27.12)
It doesn't matter what tactic the IDF uses when the war breaks out or how many they are able to stop before they can be fired because we have to buy in advance the interceptors which cost $ 1 million each. During the Gaza operation we fired 500-600 interceptors which cost $50,000 each. Using the same figures we would have spent $500 - $600 million on interceptors alone If Hezbollah have 40,000 rockets maybe not 40,000 but we still need to have in store thousands of interceptors and to buy those stores the IDF will have to do without lots of other essential equipment. Systems like this don't win wars they jut minimize casualties during the war. Best solution is in a future war with Hezbollah I go to shelters, stay there and let Hezbollah do their worst to property and place the magic wand at strategic sites only and invest in the army. Only the army can stop the war and I you don't stop Ipi the rockets will keep coming, we just can't afford this.
9. 1,2 and a bit 3 as well:
Ilana   (11.27.12)
small minds think alike
10. American developed and paid for.
USA   (11.28.12)
11. 10
Zionist forever   (11.28.12)
According to Rayathon Rafael is funding its development with $30.2 million which will finance the fabrication of the sub system components including guidance, electronics and various safety systems. This was basically Rafael's baby but they are working wih Rayathon who are engineering and I imagine funding part of the development but the bulk is coming fom Rafael. Israeli companies often work with Rayathon usually using them as contractors to market their products to the US military. This also allows Israel to buy the thing using military aid because it's made in America. There is talk about Rayathon manufacturing Iron Dome so Israel ca n buy it with military aid and to market it to the US military who would want to be locally produced I they bought it and that wasn't funded or developed in the US but Rafael will still be working with Rayathon.
12. pricey...
Jeff ,   USA   (11.28.12)
seems like for a million dollars it would be cheaper to just stay in a shelter, let the damn thing hit something, and then repair whatever it hits...
13. Sue Iran & make them pay!
Benny ,   Iran   (11.28.12)
For every damage to Israel. Israel must sue Iran & court martial its officials and al-Thani & the Mideast cohorts who seek to enflame & endanger Israel.
14. the best defense is good offense
Barney ,   USA   (11.28.12)
smash the enemy to smithereens on good intelligence before they have a chance to launch anything. much more economical
15. #10, Uh, no
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (11.28.12)
Perhaps you should read the article and slow down when you get to the 'who developed it' section?
16. Mainly Israeli developed and 50% paid for
David ,   uk   (11.28.12)
17. Come on, Israel is stronger with this missile than without..
Jonathan   (11.28.12)
It is very good that Israel is 'completing' its air 'superiority' in the region. Rest assured: I don't think that the Hizbulla will be shooting 40,000 missiles. Even if they pile up 500,000 missiles. It is going to be pretty messy for them. If this happens, Israelis should simply be ready to get into a shelter for 7 days... afterwhich, life in the north will be different. Even nasserallah knows it. I too, believe that against the North and against Gaza, we don't need such advance ammunition, as I believe that with very basic bombardment of each house which shot a missile towards Israel, in a few days, no missile will be shot against Israel... and this does not cost much at all... it's a matter of policy. However, let's put it this way, cost aside, Israel is stronger with these missiles too, than without. I leave the policy and the strategic decision makers to those who know more than me, and have more information in front of them.
18. Solution to high cost is already known
Boris ,   Newark   (11.28.12)
Recently Iron Dome developers said that they will modify system that in few years Iron Dome will take out any none-ballistic rocket at any point of Israel territory. They would need more Iron Dome systems though. Magic Wand will take exclusively on Patriot's job. They will cover Small/Medium ballistic rockets from Lebanon/Sysria and last line of defense for Long term Ballistic Iranian missiles. Next generation of magic Wand will cover Cruse missiles and anti-aircraft. I would say it is much more cost effective to use $1M Magic Wand missile than $5M Patriot Missile?
19. Can you people stop and think?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
What part of the words "joint venture" do you not understand? Ever hear of a company called Raytheon? It is either the fourth or fifth largest American defense contractor. They underwrote most of the research and development costs, they underwrote the computer simulations and they underwrote the testing protocols. Israel keeps the patents, and licenses the technology to Raytheon -- for a hefty fee, I might add -- and collects equally hefty royalties on Raytheon's future sales of the system. Israel also retains the right to issue end-user certificates -- which effectively gives Israel veto power over sales to a questionable country. Why, I hear you cry? Because Raytheon, Teledyne, General Dynamics, CACI, BAE, DRS, KBR and the rest of the alphabet soup have been working feverishly to develop a system like David's Sling, and when Rafael came along and shopped its technology, Raytheon's bid was the highest. You people need to learn to think outside the box. David's Sling is a system that has the potential to create billions in revenue for the State of Israel, and all you can think about is $1 million per missile (never mind the fact that the cost will come down drastically and that countries are lining up, itching to buy the system). The same people who are bitching and moaning about David's Sling are the same people who bitched and moaned about Iron Dome. Short-sighted and ignorant they are; all of them. Care to venture a guess at how much revenue Israel will realize from sales of Iron Dome? Multiply that 100-fold, and you will have an idea of what -- conservatively -- Israel stands to realize from licensing and royalty streams from David's Sling.
20. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
Well, what do YOU think will happen to any country that allows ballistic missiles to be launched at Israel from within its borders? Hint, hint: Israel has a VAST nuclear arsenal. And the will to use it. It's not what we really want to do, but make no mistake -- push us one click too far, and we will.
21. to 3
Eitan ,   Chicago   (11.28.12)
The economic damage of the rockets usually far exceeds that of the cost of a single interceptor, at least in the case of Iron Dome. Any method that would bankrupt the state by forcing them to spend a lot of money intercepting rockets would bankrupt it way faster if there were no interceptions.
22. Alot of Nuclear Shelters
Zechariah   (11.28.12)
Personally looking forward a century I think one million dollar nuclear shelters ought be provided for every thousand Israelis seven billion dollars well worth the cost plus nuclear submarines massive in size rather than 5 star hotels Mogul Mansions and First class tickets to USA with Extras.
23. more variables in perspective
Arad ,   Arad   (11.28.12)
1) The cost per missile will probably plummet though the life cycle, it´s still in early stage. 2)just like Iron Dome, it intercept missles and rockets that are in trajectory towards populated and buildt areas, the cost in rebulding homes, streets, electrical and plumbings instalations, insurance cost are greater than 1million, not counting the loss of life, the cost to of hospital care (drugs, use of facilities, the work of doctors, nurses, rehabilitation terapy) and the loss for the economy of the wounded. 3) In Israel, we protect our people! (and the enemy civilians in spite of hamas tactics). 4) Qasam may be cheap, but grad, fajr and those kind of weapond are not cheap at all. So I think these kind of missile defense system its also cost efective in economics terms in a global perspective, also gives Israel more options and it´s a morale boost for the home fort. By the way, a bullet proof jacket cost hundres of u$s, a bullet less than a cent, so soldiers and law enforcement agents should not wear them because of the cost compare with a single bullet?
24. #20 Sarah B
Marco ,   Spain   (11.28.12)
Your post is the best argument for a nuclear Iran...
25. #21 Eitan:Either way Israel is doomed to be bankrupt...
26. Magic Wand-Iron Dome
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (11.28.12)
These systems must be mass produced to reduce cost to close to kassams
27. It's cheap!!!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.28.12)
It's designed to knock down incoming BIG missiles know, like the type that carry nuclear warheads. You don't use this defensive weapon against katyushas from Gaza or Fajr-5s from Lebanon. We have Iron Dome for those. We have Patriots and now this much better system to knock down the nuclear warheads Iran says it will send to destroy us. And for you ignorant Ahmadinajad-butt kissers out there, yes, Iran most certainly is working on the bomb, and yes, we believe them when their top commander says his mission is to destroy Israel.
28. TO NO 20 SARAH B
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.28.12)
Majority Israel's neighbors non- support the proliferation of nuclear weapons, because this leads to destruction and this against humanity although Israel has a large arsenal, If you are speaking on behalf of the government This will give the right to all that owns weapons of mass destruction And say that Israel is threatening international peace and security If Iran so far has not produced any nuclear weapon Nevertheless say that Iran is the greatest threat to Israel owns this deadly weapon No right to prevent him from others
29. Actually cheap at the price
Josh ,   Rishon Le Zion   (11.28.12)
So each missile costs 1 million dollars. If 10 get used and stop only 5 incoming devices carrying something that will kill many then remember 10 million is the price of 1 apartment in these new Tel Aviv towers that are springing up. Out of this 1 million per missile, most is recirculated back into the Israeli economy, with the tax system re-sucking money back at every step. If the system works and is proved in real conditions, the export orders will benefit everyone in Israel. Then there are the implications of the technology. Future products ... more exports ... the list goes on. Cheap at the price I would say
30. To idiots 1, 2 and 3 and the rest of you.....
Brett Levitas ,   JHB South Africa   (11.28.12)
YOure about as daft as the people these missiles were designed against. Listen nicely so you understand. These are for the long range missiles from the cest pool called iran. See, long range, not short range. UNDERSTAND?? The short range missile defense are much cheaper. Thank G-D you and our enemies are so stupid, thats why we always win!!
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