IDF social media director blasted for 'blackface' photo
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.11.12, 00:32
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1. Typical New York Times...
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.28.12)
This rag is on the way out,if not,it should be..if any one is racist is them...I've been to the Dead Sea and have seen lots of tourists with mud on their face ...thinking it's healing and will restore youth,lol..basically these days..if you're not're a racist,a card too often used.
2. Israel and Racism...
Marco ,   Spain   (11.28.12)
Ethiopian Jews should take note of the effing racist p!g in the next elections...
3. Yeah...Lets let a Lebanese blogger with a suicide
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.28.12)
vest strapped to his chest.....judge Jews as racists??? I didn't know that if the wind blows in your direction out of the White House.....then you are a racist.
4. clearly he racist
sammy   (11.28.12)
5. potz
6. Many Israelis are very racist.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.28.12)
People who write on this board, for instance, are often expressing racist views that are extreme, prejudiced way beyond what is tolerable in the U.S.. And many of them are people who have come to Israel from the U.S.. Maybe they ran away and are in hiding? I suspect many of them think they were "chosen" to be prejudiced, like this "director."
7. Not Obama style unless there's a halo over his head
BH ,   Iowa   (11.28.12)
or at least a crown and some greek columns.
8. Racism accusation
BH ,   Iowa   (11.28.12)
from those bent on exterminating the world's Jews, who have conquered and murdered nation after nation is nothing but meaningless grunts and shreiks.
9. how shocking
Nina ,   NYC   (11.28.12)
Not! Your entire country is racist.
10. Yawn!
Alex ,   Houston, USA   (11.28.12)
This is stupid.
11. maybe he should have said "gangnam" style?!
shloime ,   toronto, canada   (11.28.12)
12. Way to thank Obama who has funded the Iron Dome for Israel
k ,   US   (11.28.12)
what idiots are there in Israel Don't you know these things go back to Obama? Do you really think Obama is going to be pro-Israel, after he sees racists pieces of crap like this are in leadership positions This idiot needs to be fired, or he needs to resign, what an IDIOT
13. what else?
CB   (11.28.12)
IDF social media director blasted for farted too smelly?????
14. I support Sacha Dratwa!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.28.12)
So sorry if the Leftists’ and Jew-hating clowns’ don't have a sense of humor; their double-standards are laughable and just plain ignorant, as are all their racist ideologies that are void of any common sense. That’s what happens when your IQ is below 30! Liberals are idiots…so is their black messiah, Obama, who if you haven’t noticed is a half-breed; a matter-of-fact, he probably has more Arabic blood in him than African blood (thus, his love for the Muslim faith)—that has been proven! So, get over yourselves; your black messiah is a mere-man that has failed miserably, because he’s dumb as rocks, and no matter his color, that won’t change that truth. The illiterate bought into his lies!!!
15. I've been to the Dead Sea aswell...
Alex   (11.28.12)
I've got the same kind of photo of myself at the Dead Sea with the caption "Mud monster". Am I racist now? Maybe I offended the creator of a Scooby Doo monster?
16. tweet "racist"?
linda ,   Paris, France   (11.28.12)
Dear Dratwa, it's easy: tell them your admiration for Obama and how proud you would be if you were black. The racism is in their own dirty heads.
17. NYT is shocked!
Ron M ,   Tel Aviv / Zion.   (11.28.12)
It shouldn'r shock them to know that most Israelis are not big fans of Obama and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is half black, it has to do with his policies and the way he personally views the complex issues of the Middle East. We all saw the Cairo speech, we all saw the manner in which he related to our country on numerous occasions, the manner in which he disparaged our PM and by extension every single one of us. The manner in which he has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, the manner in which the Palestinians whom he apparently views as children can literally do no wrong. This guy may have put some mineral rich dead sea mud on and called it Obama style, but Obama threw mud all over US every chance he could.. That's the real 'Obama Style.'
18. Fire his sorry arse
Gil Franco   (11.28.12)
19. Talk about ungrateful p!gs...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A   (11.28.12)
If not for the generosity and support of the U.S,including that of President Obama, where would the IDF be?
20. get a grip
Trish ,   Bundaberg, Australia   (11.28.12)
I bet you are one who condemned an Australian black-face skit on TV. Ok to call Aussies racist, but no-one can criticise an Israeli! You can do no wrong, you're God's chosen people, right?
21. A poignant photo
Nu'man ,   Exeter, UK   (11.28.12)
Alot of people would agree with what he's trying to say. The IDF social media team is indeed full of - . No better way to express this other than for their leading warrior to smear faeces all over his face. Well done, Sir.
22. Same as any demeaning charicature
jj   (11.28.12)
Would everyone calling foul here be saying the same if he had put something on his face to characterise a jew? nope. and you better believe that the ADL would be all over it. just because this is about someone you don't like doesn't mean it isn't racist.
23. "Sacha"? Sounds Russian to me
Racism'sManyFaces ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.28.12)
It is no secret that many Russian immigrants came here with racist views which is rampant in Russia and Eastern Europe and will take time to stamp out, lets no forget however that racism has many faces and it is finallly being recognized that Black Racism also exists , i.e. the Black Panthers Black Moslems and anti white racism rampant in parts of the Carribean such as Jamaica.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.28.12)
25. #9 who is a racist?
Snoop Dogg, a prominent Obama supporter used the N-word to curse Governor Romney. Instead of being outed as a racist, Dogg was hailed as being hilarious and funny. And you know what, the fact that Obama did not condemn Dogg proves that Obama is no less a racist.
26. next !
jew ,   europe   (11.28.12)
27. #22
jj   (11.28.12)
that should read "if a black guy had" instead of "if he had"
28. #1 Malone
Big Black Bubba ,   Sing sing prison   (11.28.12)
I asume yu are no racist man. Yu dont mind Big Black Bubba taking yur daughter out to give her good time?
29. #1 Malone, Hfx
Marco ,   Spain   (11.28.12)
"basically these days..if you're not're a racist,a card too often used. " Why does that remind me of the Anti Semitic card!!!
30. OMG it was a JOKE.... do people have to go crazy and get
Get over it ,   Israel   (11.28.12)
pissed off everytime somebody does something funny? Grow up!!! And NO it wasn't racist. It was done in jest. Nothing hateful about it.
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