TA bombing suspect related to 1978 terrorist
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 28.11.12, 09:10
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1. The new israeli goverment's
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.28.12)
first and most important task is to create a new citizenship's loyality law. Those who are not loyals for the state- no matter arabs or jews- citizenship must be revoked and sent to an anti jewish state. A lot of such state exist all over the world, no problem to find one for these traitors.
2. De4vious that even a mother wouldn't know?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.28.12)
She further added, "The State of Israel has killed some of our own too and it's hard to stay silent. What they do is right and what we do is wrong? Every person wants to defend themselves. If my boys have anything to do with the attack then I am proud of them and their actions, and I thank God." Deaths to Arabs are either caused by accident or defense. The deaths these Arabs caused was premeditated murder: revenge or jihad. There's the difference.
3. Runs in the family I guess.
Jim Tel-Aviv   (11.28.12)
4. When You Corner a Terrorist With Blood Dripping From His
Umm El Kul Naqba   (11.28.12)
Hands, proud of all of the people he has killed and maimed, continuing to threaten you, your family, and people with genocide, cursing you, and on and on, you must finish the job. HAMAS was cornered, their last weapon of missile all be neutralized by Iron Dome, and they begged for a Hudna to re-arm, regroup, and prepare for the next round of our destruction. We have already experience their murderous attempt against us for 92 years - nearly a century since they began the terror attacks. Our spineless government caved in to pressure of countries who also have a history of anti-Semitism and squandered the best opportunity ever to finish the job and remove the epicenter of world Radical Islamic Terror. In Dimona the policeman put 4 bullets in the head of the terrorist. They put 11 bullets in the head of the second Tractor Terrorist. The Terrorist Infiltrator that attacked the woman and her children in their home at 3:30 am was killed. FINISH THE JOB!
5. Suspect's Future Plans
Talyah   (11.28.12)
"He was working to build his future and was planning to study engineering or chemistry at the Hebrew University." Oh, I bet he was! Think of all the bombs he could learn to build while studying chemistry and engineering!
6. Pray for Israel to get a courageous leader
Rachel ,   US   (11.28.12)
Because timid PM Netanyahu is not the one.
7. To no 6 Being corageous doesnt mean to get crazy
In some cases BIBI has had to act with restrain, this is a job of a PM. He made the move of a cease fire in an intelligent way after completing mostof the tasks of the war. He also stated we wil have our hand in the trigger and if needed we will resume our atacks. As for you siting in the USA and judging things that happen here is not fair nor easy
8. Time for a friendly goodbye -Separate now
DelusionalCoexistnce ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.28.12)
It is well past the time that Israelis separate from their Arab "citizens" The denial must stop we cannot live in the same political/cultural system Let them join their Palestinian bretheren have their flag national anthem and we ours we can be "commercial friends" but you cannot ever live with a people who eternally educate to hate you and this goes as well for Israeli " Arabs" How can you live with a people who deliberately go out of their way to offend you on Holocaust Remembrance Day?!!! Time to say a friendly goodbye and the sooner the better for both sides.
9. Mossad blew up the bus . I know it.
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.28.12)
10. Goodbye
Imraky ,   Netanya, Israel   (11.28.12)
If proven guilty, these suspects and their immediate families should be expelled from Israel. And not sent to the West Bank. Put them on a plane to DR Congo or somewhere like that.
11. "Respectable family?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
"We're a respectable family and we don't look for trouble," 1. The Tayibe resident arrested on suspicion of placing a bomb on a bus in Tel Aviv last week is a member of the extended family of Palestinian female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi." 2. "Mughrabi led a terrorist cell that carried out the Coastal Road massacre which killed 35 Israelis." 3. "Sources in the village said that the Tayibe suspect has another relative who planned two terrorist attacks during the al-Aqsa intifada." If you're an ersatz "Palestinian," I suppose that's what makes your family "respectable." Sick, isn't it?
12. suspect related to Mughrabi
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (11.28.12)
Shin Beth - I think so - normally screens somebody, who wants to become an Israeli citizen and/or wants to be reunited with his family in Israel, very carefully. Even if he is a very far relative of that well known terrorist, then the ISA should have discovered that fact. Of course the Taybe-suspect was before living in the West Bank. The Shin Beth has normally a good intelligence network inside the Palestinian area, but they cannot always know everything. It also depends of the willingness of the Palestinian Authority - sometimes they do it - to give information about that person, but Dalal Mughrabi is a Palestinian hero, so forget that intelligence cooperation. Maybe - like in a lot of democratic states - if the suspect is not known in the files and there is no very close family ties with D. Mughrabi then the ISA agrees to let the guy living here, normally following strict government instructions. Listen, these are just assumptions. Let us await the investigation. If I had to decide about it and if the files would learn me about the family ties with Dalal, then I was opposing a permanent residence permit or a naturalization. Such people are potentially dangerous and you can never entirely rule out terrorism.
13. Crazy Salma is at it again #9 LOL LOL
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.28.12)
And she still names her location as 'Palestine' LOL LOL LOL Hey, Salma, do you even know where that name came from??
14. give them free ticket to gaza, one way
ma nishma ,   modiin   (11.28.12)
15. Sarah B.USA/israel
Ben ,   Yerushalaim   (11.28.12)
Is your last name Roth by any chance ??
16. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
No, dear, it isn't. The letters "B" and "R" may look similar, but they are very different letters, I assure you. Even in Hebrew. Perhaps you should invest in a pair of prescription eyeglasses, "Ren" -- oh, sorry, I mean "Ken" -- oops, no, I mean "Ben." Did you really think you were being clever, dear? Guess again.
17. #16
Ren, Ken, sorry Ben   (11.28.12)
Well I tried, we both know, don't we ???
18. #9 Salma, your're an Idiot -I KNOW IT
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.28.12)
You saw nothing & know even less
19. I wonder....
Sarah ,   Holland   (11.28.12)
who will be arrested for the killing of the many children in Gaza in the latest operation? 174 deaths, homes all in ruins. 1 bus damaged and all hell breaks loose at your site. Unbelievable! NO it is NOT right to attack a bus with people in it. But... is it right to kill women, children and old people?
20. Israel has killed some of our own
Sarah ,   Holland   (11.28.12)
On my list there are 14 killed Mughrabi's. From age 11 and up.Thats not "some" of our own, that's a lot!! I wonder... what would an Israeli do if Pals killed 11 of their family?
21. #20 Sarah - Holland
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.28.12)
Frist of all I would like to see your alleged list, dates time & places Next, were the Mughrabi's killed after or before Dalal killed all of the Israeli's, that makes for a whopping difference ?
22. 19 and 20
Eli s ,   Detroit   (11.28.12)
You are delusional. You failed to mention that the hostilities resulted from hamas sending rockets into Israel! If women and children were killed, it wholly rests on hamas' shoulders. Why?Firstly, before Israel bombed a location it would send leaflets informing the residents of the imminent mission. Moreover, Israel bombed sites which were used for rocket storage and launching. Hamas chose to locate its arsenal in hospitals and residential area. Hamas chose to use human shields. When will people like you learn? Did you know that while the world says poor Palestinians and does nothing to help besides give them arms, Israel, during he Conflict, send food and medical supplies to Gaza? Where have you ever heard of a more moral and just army that warns people before they will attack a location and even gives them food? Open your eyes
23. #19 Why do Hamas terrorists hide among civilians?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.28.12)
They claim they love death more than we love life, yet are the first to scurry like rats for cover when the bombs hit, leaving their wives and children exposed to die like vermin....that's the legacy of the 'brave' Hamas fighters.
24. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
Try harder next time. Your efforts are pathetic.
25. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.28.12)
If you're looking for who is criminally responsible, you need look no further than the terrorist denizens of Gaza. Israel has an affirmative duty to protect its citizens. Over one thousand missiles in the span of a week were fired into Israel from Gaza. Please do not forget that.
26. Typical "Palestinian" change of story
William ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
First, they whine that the suspect was a loner or mentally ill. Then, they claim its the wrong suspects and they were at home all day with the family, and that the Israelis are just terrorizing them. And finally, as the truth comes out, they claim Israelis (all of them) deserve the attacks and if their family members were involved they are to be praised and Allah thanked. You can get your answer right at the entrance of the village.
27. #19 - love how you lump numbers together to cloud facts
William ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
Your numbers are wrong and they aren't "many" children in comparison. 161 was final number dead in Gaza. 85 were terrorists targeted by the IDF. the rest were civilians, none of which were targeted by the IDF and some even died because of the 72 rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad which fell on Gazan neighborhoods. Of the 76 civilians, about 35 were children. Again - many were hurt because of the proximity of Hamas weapons to their residence and rockets which fell short on them. Homes destroyed - again, a result of illicit weapons and rockets placed next to them, which is a WAR CRIME! So to recap even for the slow members of the globe, Gazan civilians were not targeted at all while this bus, full of civilians, was specifically targeted by "Palestinian" terrorist. See the difference now?
28. #20 - let's talk about the Fogel family
William ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
killed in the middle of the night, in cold blood, the entire family by two "Palestinians" with knives. It wasn't during any fire fight nor robbery, but in the middle of the night with the 100% intent to murder an entire civilian family. Let's take the 2002 Netanya Passover dinner bombing which killed many of the same family....again, in one action. Besides the large number of people in the Mughrabi family (which is a common name), over what period of time is your list of killed "mughrabis"? I suspect that its since 1950s, and if they're all involved in terror at one point then their death wouldn't be a surprise. Neither is a European apologist trying to scrub context in order to paint a family of terrorists as innocent bystanders.
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