Iron Dome believers enlist in IDF
Eti Abramov
Published: 28.11.12, 13:35
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1. iron dome= lol
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.28.12)
Zionists , It's an easy solution. Have the Zionists leave the Palestinians and arabs in peace, and there would be no fighting.simple as that.
2. salma hiding
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.28.12)
Salma we have iron dome to hide behind while you HIDE BEHIND YOUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.when will you LEARN TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH THE WORLD?
3. Salma...
Eli613 ,   Israel   (11.28.12)
Don't be stupid, if the Jews leave Israel, there will never be peace. Look in Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, etc... Poor girl, is lying a new way of life?
4. Salma is right
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.28.12)
Salma has summarized the Fatah game plan: no Jews, no attacks on Jews. If you accept the ZIonist narrative that the Jew is a human that deserves a homeland, you must struggle against Salma and Fatah. If you accept Fatah, then you should listen to Salma and move back to Poland. Can some Leftist explain why they support Salma and still stay in Israel?
DANNY TAWIL ,   ENGLAND   (11.28.12)
6. Salma look at the past 100 years
Zionist forever   (11.28.12)
BALFOUR DECLERATION - caked for a Jewish homeland not a Jewsh state, pretty much binational with an Arab majority. 1920s and 1930s - increase fighting between Jews and arab leads zionists to decide nothing short of a Jewish state will do so no longer support Balfour idea of a homeland 1947 - UN proposes partition 45% to the arabs + Jaffa with 55% to the Jews. Arabs on Israel side of the border be given Israeli citizenship and Jews on the arab side be give citizenship of tat state. To Jews, even the hardliners it was a dream come true and said we accept. Arabs rejected it were unwilling to let the Jews have even 1% and so in 1948 they decided war rather than peace. 1949 - ceasefire Jews have 72%+ west Jerusalem, 600,000 arabs displsaced never to be allowed to return. Everything else went to Jordan and Egypt. 1967 - Israel captures the remaining 22% and East Jerusalem. Arabs who since 1964 and founding of the PLO now call Palestinians have no desire for a state and all the PLO cares about is Israel destruction. 1993 - Oslo supposedly palestinans are willing to accept a state in just 22% of mandate Palestine. Over the next 20 years on and off we negotiate get things like the intifada and rockts when we give up Gaza. Israel is not perfect but the arabs who eep turning down offers.
7.  TO NO 1 TO6 Is not that better?
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.28.12)
I'm muddled about this name Salma man or woman why not a two-state solution living side by side in peace? Instead of all these grudges and lost of these all bloods. Is not that better?
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