UK could support Palestinian UN bid; Ashrawi says US stance 'pathetic'
Elior Levy, Reuters
Published: 28.11.12, 16:50
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1. Notice only the Vatican has such rights now?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.28.12)
Two entities that have been anti semitic for longer than any Jew can remember. I hope that the threats to end all pal funding by the US will be kept and that the pals will move from Israel. It is not the pals land, all of Israel belongs to the Jews. BUILD BABY BUILD !!!!
2. Where is it?
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.28.12)
How can the UN confer statehood on an entity with no borders and a non-existent people? Borders, language and culture define statehood. The so-called Palestinian territory? No border, no shared language and no indigenous culture. Judea/Samaria is no state!
3. Palestine's independence is not negotiable
Lynx ,   Palestine   (11.28.12)
4. The "technique"
Keren ,   IL-BR   (11.28.12)
They allow a step forward to Israel´s enemies by promissing smokes to Israel instead ,and in that way Israel gets more and more opressed in the long term(not so long). That´s an evil "technique"and Israel must stop believing these anti-semits and do what must be done to protect and to guarantee the whole land of Israel(from the river to the sea)to its people-The People of Israel.
5. "Road to hell " paved with good intentions
European guilt pushing jumpy governments to use emotion over intelligence. Peace process will be put back as it is a unilateral move and not based on mutual agreement. Violence will probably escalate as extremist Islamic elements call the tune.
Salma ,   Palestine   (11.28.12)
7. As a Muslim country, of course we expect the UK to vote pro
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.28.12)
8. Naive as usual....
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.28.12)
9. Shame on the European appeasers.
Zvi ,   LA. USA   (11.28.12)
The ghosts of Chamberlain and Daladier at Munich. France and UK have learned nothing. But let the Jewish People never forget.
10. basis for support
real vision ,   usa   (11.28.12)
Stop kissing the palestinian ass and tell them that your support depends on the palestinian people accepting Israel as the Jewish homeland and its right to live in PEACE
11. Making my list
golani ,   Vineland, USA\Israel   (11.28.12)
I almost bought a shirt that is made in the UK. I am now making a list of countries that choose to support terrorism and will vote in favor. I will avoid buying any product or visit any nation that will choose the side of terrorism and will support the nations that do not.
12. British Mandate in Palestine
The biggest problem the British done to Israel by giving big slice of Israel which is called Jordan to the Kingdom of Hashmite of Hejaz in 24 carat gold. The British sold Israel for their own interest OIL !!!, OIL !!!!, OIL.!!!
13. (2) Robert
How? If it's against Jews, lies become truth & fiction becomes reality. No shame and no holding back. Things that are illegal for every one else is allowed against Jews. No other group of people on the planet with the same credentials, would get away with what the so called Palestinians are getting. The world has completely lost it with the Palestinian obsession, but in the end will pay for it.
14. to salma # 6
REAL vision ,   usa   (11.28.12)
The future...Hmmmm....The present shows that your leaders still have you live in a cesspool and all they care about is killing the jews and destroying Israel. Your leaders say nothing about peacefully co existing with Israel and the jewish people. When you accept their right to live in their “Holy Land” then you may have a future without misery. Get some new leaders with a different vision...And then get them some good bodyguards
15. Brittain is not fooling anyone, they will!
tiki ,   belgium   (11.28.12)
They just can't help themselves, they just love Arabs/Muslims and hate Jews.
16. Fight Back Do Something
Bill Klien ,   USA   (11.28.12)
Time for Israel to annex area C and low populated areas of Area B. The French British consulate in Jerusalem and any other country's consulate that votes for this resolution should be closed. Israel showing weakness is the cause of all of this they don't fear Israel will do anything. Quit worrying about the ICC And your personal butts. International Law is on Israel's side AG Weinstien is nothing more in my opinion than a agent for Obama who pushes legal opinions and rewrites international law to motivate his own agenda.
17. But there will be a piece of paper
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon   (11.28.12)
Seriously people, the British will get a piece of paper with promises on it, and that is worth something, after all the Palestinians did sign the Oslo accords in which they promised to stop terrorism, and that they would seek statehood through negotiation - so surely this promise will be worth something - after all he's a nice man and he even wears a tie - that should prove that he means it, doesn't it. I mean Hitler also signed a piece of paper and that was worth something, wasn't it.
18. #6 Yes, the future is yours, if you like occupation that is
19. No6
motti ben Baruch ,   manchester uk   (11.28.12)
Salma> Thats all you arabs want....your way or no way. the day you value life and love is the day you will share the beautiful land which our almighty G-d swore to give the descendents of avraham. Not Ishmael
20. UK Abstained When Israel's Admission Came to a Vote
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (11.28.12)
21. Peace in our time!!!
Jonathan C ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.28.12)
22. no. 14 you left out the corruption
Shaul R   (11.28.12)
In fact, the 'Palestinian' Arab leadership is primarily interested in one thing - making money off their people's suffering. Their antisemitism is just a means of covering up their theft and blaming their people's misery on Israel. In fact, this 'Salma' creature is very familiar to all the long-time readers of this site, and her upscale lifestyle is very much out of tune with the people she claims to speak for, indicating that she herself is a direct beneficiary of that corruption. Now, what else would you expect 'her' to say?
23. Response to unilateral actions
Arad ,   Arad   (11.28.12)
must be other unilateral actions, like formaly anex Judea ans Samaria towns and cities, expand thos,e build more infrastraucture for them etc
24. #2 and state definition
Allan ,   US   (11.28.12)
Israel is the only country without a defined border. Is it the 1967, the separation wall or is it the Jordan river east? In that case it's a one state for all inhabitants,,,which I personally prefere.
25. And Israel *still* won't cancel Oslo
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.28.12)
What does the situation have to get to? Where is the strong leadership? Are we just going to sleepwalk into oblivion? The sooner Likud-lite go, the better. Naftali Bennett / Jewish Home have my vote.
26. Finland also
Christian ,   Suomi Finland   (11.28.12)
And what have Palestinians done lately to deserve this status - is it a award for supporting terrorism towards Israeli civilians or being very corrupted and economically unindependent? Isn't Jordan already a Palestinian Arab state? Arabs have also many other countries. But I'm afraid, that this is just a beginning. We have just seen that leftists all over the world were grazy in love with Hamas. Finland will also support this bid, just read the news. That is no wonder when even our foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja is a well known Israel hater. A big disappointment still, of course.
27. this entire farce comes because of a handful of traitor jews
jack bauer   (11.28.12)
thye trumpetted for years they wanted to give away Yesha to these terrorist supporting scum. They let the fraud go on and on, when the correct approach would have been to simply say no, there never was a country called palestine and never will be. This facade has gone on for so many years with complicit jewish so called leaders that everyone on earth seems to think its the fakestinians right to have a country in the midst of ours. The arabs for sure see it as weakness and will always attempt to exploit it. Well sorry, they have 20+ countries already and they cant have ours and drive us into the sea. They rocket us one week and then use the UN against us the next? Are you all prepared when they come to kill us? Our govt. wont be able to protect us when we are attacked on all fronts and internally the 5th column rises up to help. This entire thing is going to result in massive amounts of jews dying... the only question is will we die united or die divided
28. #21 Jonathan
David ,   USA   (11.28.12)
How utterly prophetic of you! "When they say peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them."
29. #6 salma
David ,   USA   (11.28.12)
Yes, you have a future, however, I wouldl not be so anxious for it to arrive.
30. The ancient Tribe of Ephraim (Britain) is NOT in the list
Rivkah   (11.28.12)
of Tribes of Israel from which 12,000 virgins (true in faith) from each Tribe are witnesses in Revelation in the last days of Gentile world rule. The Tribe of Dan (Scandinavia, northern Germany, Denmark) is also NOT listed among the Tribes that provide 12,000 witnesses each for the Lord's glory. Dan and Ephraim are still names on gates in the Heavenly Jerusalem, but NO ONE from the Tribes of Dan or Ephraim will be in the personal entourage of the Messiah Yeshua forever. WHY? Why are the Tribes of Dan and Ephraim rejected in that way? From Dan came the persecutors of Germany against the Jews. From Britain (England) came persecutions of Jews when Jews were banished from England and more recently, the breaking of the Balfour Treaty. NOW BRITAIN WANTS TO BE A GOAT NATION TOWARD ISRAEL in the Middle East by supporting a Palestinian State which will lead to Armageddon. WAKE UP BRITAIN AND FRANCE AND OTHER NATIONS WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO BE GOAT NATIONS. There will be only SEVEN SHEEP NATIONS that help Israel in the latter days. THE SHEEP NATIONS enter the Millenial Kingdom. THE GOAT NATIONS DO NOT!!!!! WAKE UP BRITAIN AND FRANCE!!! WAKE UP! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!
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