Please, some real issues
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 29.11.12, 11:35
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1. The evil that
John Prophet ,   Judah   (11.29.12)
is radical fascist Islam consumes the weak, but cowers from the strong and resolute. It is written! 
2. Where can I view the total count of the ballots?
David   (11.29.12)
Was Netanyahu also on the list to be voted for or is he immune?
3. Israeli elections
C. Givon ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.12)
Right to the point! One must be true to oneself and that means that Israel should choose leaders who understand her legal and historical rights. The desire to please others whose demands are not always in sync with Israel's reality has proven to be disastrous. It is hoped that the past Obama effort to influence Israeli leadership will be overcome. This is essential since the American President is likely to pressure Israel for more suicidal concessions. It is time to say 'ENOUGH!' and to mean it!!
4. The US view keeps Israel sane and rational.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.29.12)
Many examples can be given: the two-states solution, the pressure not to commit suicide through attacking Iran, support of Israel with veto votes in the Security Council, paying for the Iron Dome. And on, and on, and on. Israel and US have disagreements, of course, but friends cooperate while ironing out disagreements. The US is not dictating to Israel what to do, is not forcing issues. A broad range of agenda items make Israel and the US healthy partners on the international scene and it should remain so. Take the one agenda item you have, Yoel Melttzer, carve your apartheid tiny space somewhere else, like in the back room of your shul, and don't waste our time.
5. Leftists are permanently disqualified from governing Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
Israeli leftists have been absolutely, dangerously wrong on every single major issue since Israel was established. From Oslo, to calling Arafat a "peace partner", to Disengagement, to freeing terrorists, to arming terrorists to ...everything. Leftists are permanently disqualified from governing Israel. We can't allow any more of their lunacy, which poses a far greater danger to Israel than all our enemies combined.
6. how will different parties solve these issues
zionist forever   (11.29.12)
Financial crisis in Europe, thats certainly an issue for Israeli voters to be consider when they go to the polls, anybody want to join the Euro? Housing prices are se by the marketst not the government. No governments can solve the problem unless you want to end private ownership and only government can rent out or own property. Food is expensive because food gets imported from other countries and stores pass on the cost to customers. Agressive driving, has there ever been a good Israeli driver? What exactly is government supposed t do to stop this one? Agression in schools & society, again always been aggression. Israelis can be very aggressive when they want to, you have a political solution to that? Bedouin land grab, this government has been doing a lot to try stop it but we have left wing activists who come and help the Bedouin every time the courts say its ok to pull down an illegal village. Integrating haredi into the workforce, this government is trying to do that but your not going to find any party that can do it overnight. As for getting down to policy well once the primaries are out the way you can be sure we are going to start hearing lots of nonsense, name calling, buzz words and the egotists like Lapid & Livni telling us they are the messiah.
7. The major issue is who as PM will be best to handle Iran.
Asher ,   NY USA   (11.29.12)
8. Relationship with HASHEM should !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.30.12)
I Quote - Op-ed: Relationship with American president should not be a factor in determining next Israeli PM Arn.Sweden.
9. Chaim #5 wants anarchy
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.01.12)
Chaim, that great believer is a democratic state believes that "leftists" should be barred from governing Israel, after all apart from founding the state, wining 4 wars developing its agriculture and industry and settign up a tremendous number of "settlements" across Israel what have they done - unlike the right wing- which has stumbled militarily.and is a disaster financially and diplomatically. So since he wants to rule out the left wing and the right wing has proven itself unfit to govern, what does he want - a theocracy or anarchy?
10. Important matters????
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.01.12)
The writer is in full support of Bibi's attempt to pull wool over our eyes. the issue this election is not defense related - we all agree on Iran, we all agree on Hammas - so they are non issues. The real issues are, Education, Health, enabling our children to be able to afford to stay in the country, changing priorities from Kippah Shora to Kippa Barzel, pensions and the cost of living.
11. #9. Meaning nobody should vote for leftists.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
#9. The leftist record of being infallibly wrong on every major issue, since Israel was founded, is the reason no rational Israeli should vote for leftists. It does not mean leftists should be legally prevented from governing Israel. Leftists have disqualified themselves from being a rational choice due to their consistent and dangerous wrongness.
12. #9. Likud far better for Israel's ecoomy than Labor.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
#9. It was Labor which was disastrous for Israel economically. Labor was intent on turning Israel into a backward socialist country. Israel was rescued by Likud. Bibi is a great economic leader, who deserves considerable credit for Israel's economic growth in recent years. Nor is it fair to blame rightists for the diplomatic situation. The Arab nations, and their allies, demonized Israel whether Labor or Likud ran the government. We've go to do what is right for Israel and stop trying to win popularity contests with fictional "Palestinians">
13. look at Labor bickering with each other again
zionist forever   (12.03.12)
Its always news watching the clowns arguing over internal party issues like should we join a coalition with Bibi on morality grounds or not. Meretz it seems have started a kissing campaign ( check out Haaretz ). They are real issues, if nothing else they are the fun parts of elections.
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