Between Livni and Bennett
Baruch Leshem
Published: 01.12.12, 15:06
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1. Bennett, Ben-Ari, Ketzele and Eldad are the only people who
Sad but true ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
can save Israel....... Bibi only cares about Bibi.
2. "Livni has credibility"!! Joking right?
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
Livni is an absolute disaster in everything she's ever done in her political life. From humiliating Israel at Annapolis to supporting Disengagement to...everything. This is a very bad joke.
3. Livni, who the heck is Livni?
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (12.01.12)
The irrelevant Livni trying to become relevant again, sorry it won't work.
4. Sad Indeed
Joel ,   Tel Aviv   (12.01.12)
Mr. leshem has illusions of grandeur if he thinks Livni is a factor in the January elections. Watch as she bombs out once again. Credibility? Have you been hibernating for the last 4 years Baruch? She lost all credibility when she left Kadima because she could not handle being #2. She is pathetic and desperate. January will be the end of Livni and her political career. Good bye to the rubbish. She is a disgrace to her parents upbringing on all levels.
5. would Livni join Bibi?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.01.12)
I seriously doubt if Livni would join with Bibi, she rejected him before and lost her leadership in Kadima giving it to Mofat who joined and then split from Bibi. Bennett will probably get a few seats and join Bibi. It is only logical.
6. Livni is a bad choice
Ilan   (12.01.12)
Besides wanting tobe PM what does Livni stand for
7. Bibi and Lieberman need add nothing. They won!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.02.12)
A waste of time article by a bleeding heart liberal who should know by now that it's over. Bibi and Lieberman will win and they will build between Maalei Adoomim and Jerusalem. Boo hoo )))
8. Government of national unity
Zivron   (12.02.12)
A government of national unity with a marked reduction in the social gap slowed settlement expansion better treatment of the Arabs and immense deterrent and defensive capacity.
9. What about Feiglin?
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (12.02.12)
Livni, Olmert, Meridor and who more? A long article without mentioning Feiglin that Netanyahu probably cannot eliminate by dirty tricks this time. He got 1/4 of the voters in Likud. Livni succeeded in getting UNIFIL to Lebanon so Hizbollah has someone to drink coffee with and ask to spy for them on Israel. Wonder what she would invent if she got power again.
10. #2, the author meant that Livni has credibility among...
Jake ,   USA   (12.02.12)
...the left - as a spineless traitor.
11. Bibi is experienced enough to walk the tightrope other can't
zionist forever   (12.02.12)
He won't play the pacifist probably more like I wang peace but not at any price, it sounds strong not selling out either side. The left have just tell us how they want to get the peace process going again they are not adding the AT ANY PRICE bit which makes it sound like peace must go hand in hand with security. He will talk about plans to buy lots more Iron Dome batteries which sounds security conscious but in a non aggressive way and the left can't criticise him for that or say he is spending to much on defense at the expense of social welfare if he can make ID into the main defense issue. With social welfare he can say I am committed to improve this BUT I wont let our debt get out of control and point to Greece. Shelly is making spending promises not saying how its paid for, will go down very well with the young vote but older people who want responsible government will like it. Livni doesn't have any election hopes what she is trying to do now if get her foot in the door so she can spend the next couple of years building up an image for next time. Other than her supporters from Kadima she hopes to attract people who want a left wing government but don't have confidence in Shelly and people who are over the Lapid craze of a couple of months ago. Unless something totally unexpected happens Bibi should win this and Livni won't be any threat to him, all he needs is a divided left to split the vote which Livni, Labor & Lapid & Meretz are doing
12. back to 1990s
charles   (12.02.12)
baruch leshem must come out of the dak ages & enter reality of 2012. plz get with the times. the left block including the arabs wil be lucky to receive 50 vseats in the next government. wake up & smell the coffee.
13. You can lead a woman to the Knesset
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.02.12)
but you can t make her think.Lol.
14. #1 save us
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.03.12)
It is precisely, Bennet, Ben Ari Eldad and Bibi that the country needs saving from!
TONY ,   NIGERIAN   (12.05.12)
Israelis should not, and should never vote for Livni if they want peace. A vote for Livni would turn Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem into another Gaza, and then Israel, will be in serious trouble. Livni and her pals, ceded Gaza, and I hope Israel must have learnt its lesson. PA is not friendly, and they will not be friendly tomorrow, neither would Hamas. Livni will cede Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem, like Gaza, to PA to please Obama and the EU, her sponsors in the guise for peace, putting Israel in serious danger. Well, and of course, Iran, Hezbola, Hamas will have a field day against Israel. Israel be warned.
16. david
david ,   david   (12.12.12)
17. to 15
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (12.29.12)
Thank You, Tony, for your input and for a very good argument... Agree with every word 100% ! G-d Bless you and Yours !
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