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PM: UN bid will delay Palestinian statehood
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 29.11.12, 14:04
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1. Cut aid!
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
About time too - the perpetual victims get more aid per capita than anybody else on the face of the planet!
2. Palestinian UN bid
Chaim L ,   Modiin-Israel   (11.29.12)
I think the Palestinians can't have it both ways. If they declare statehood I propose cutting all services to them the same day. If they want to be independant fine with me. I am tired of paying thier electric bill.
3. I hope for peace for sometimess
Palestinian   (11.29.12)
and I hope that some israelis would get out and go Germany ( Sarah B. would be the best on the top of list)
4. Egg in Nethanyahu's face
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (11.29.12)
Whatever the outcome of this vote today in the UN and how this translates in to reality in the West Bank, this is much deserved egg in Nethanyahu's face and an embarrassment to all us Israelis. Nethanyahu as leader of the State of Israel has been a disaster for us, with another term highly likely. So if we as a nation are embracing his stagnant stance, or worse still, greater intransegent ideologies of the right, we deserve to be ignored and only have ourselves to blame.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.29.12)
6. Cut Aid??
bob ,   isreal   (11.29.12)
Cut Aid to whom? I think you will find it is us who Israeli's get more aid and wasn't the state Israel formed by a UN vote
7. Modiim, Palestine
George ,   Chicago   (11.29.12)
Modiim, in the West Bank, will have a Palestine address tonight.
8. Rottenloser a question
horst ,   ge   (11.29.12)
Is that Bullshit kosher?
9. Why are you still trying to give the terrorists a state?
Bye Bye Bibi ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
Just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you don't deserve to be Prime Minister. It is not their land. It will NEVER be their land. Stop spitting in G-d's face and annex Judea & Samaria.
10. #7 Modiin is in Israel
Menachem ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
Don't make a fool of yourself an open an atlas. Modiin is an Israeli town inside the green line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It should not be confused with Modiin Ilit which is a smaller town located across the green line in Samaria.
11. #3 I have a better suggestion
Eyal ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
Jews belong in Judea and Arabs belong in Arabia. So pack your things, end your colonial Arab-Moslem project and go back to Arabia.
12. Thank you for Palestine Mr Bibi & Liberman!
Sharma ,   Jerico, Palestine   (11.29.12)
Thank you for all your hard work Mr Bibi, all your angry retoric and refusal to make peace with the moderate Pre Abbas, and a big thank you to Mr Liberman, all his hard work groing around the world and insulting other nations, without these two men's hard work we would not be getting our state today!
13. What's the problem?
Confused ,   Israel   (11.29.12)
I don't want to get into a debate about whether or not the two-state solution is a good idea. But, for those who DO support the two-state solution, why is it such a problem for the Palestinians to get support in principle from the UN?
14. #3 palestinian
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.29.12)
We will go to germany but only as a vacation while you palis will stay in your filthy sty called the west bank like the decendents of pigs that you are with no future.
15.  for ever
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.29.12)
Peace is the only way to protect Israel and not the viable security arrangements that will protect the State of Israel and its citizens." for ever.
16. #2
jj   (11.29.12)
yes, and remove all of your military and colonialist settlers from their land, allow them to conduct their own imports and exports without taxation from Israel first, thereby allowing them to function as an independent society with their own civil structure (including, yes, their own power plants). Now you're getting it! im happy for you.
17. Prediction
J. Levitt ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.29.12)
It is with great sadness that I make this prediction: Within the next 10 years, Israel will lose control of East Jerusalem (with the exception of the Jewish Quarter). The world will force us to do so. I pray this will not be the case.
18. the Vatican having non-state status is just as ridiculous
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (11.29.12)
as the Palestinians.
19. Dear Chaim, occupation power has by law to pay all the bills
Ruth ,   France   (11.29.12)
If you don't want to pay for Palestinian bills, it is easy, finish the Occupation. Actually, you should kiss EU feet because actually they are paying for all expenses that Israel should: Education, Health, Security...
20. egg in the face
tiki ,   belgium   (11.29.12)
The only egg in the face is for the *overwhelming majority who decided to support an *entity without borders, inhabited by a *people who's history goes back to the mid-eighties and who's founding fathers were the forefather of terrorism Arafat & officially proud anti Semite Jimmy Carter, where *half of their population is currently living under the Government of Terror, recognized as such by the same supporters of today's bid and where this new to be founded *State can't survive without 100% funding from the outside world. This farce is a unique precedent in history and will in the end bring the abolition of the UN in it's current form & shape, for this institution has completely lost it's principles & raison d'etre and has turned itself into a corrupt market place with merchants in Valentino suits.
21. call fatah bluff!
An alternative strategy would be for Israel and its friends to now switch and vote in favor and call Palestinian bluff on their real desire to negotiate peace! If they prevaricate and stall talks then the ruse will be revealed.
22. #7 Well George, since you consider yourself
A ,   Belgium   (11.29.12)
such an expert, please be informed that 1. The place is called MODI'IN and not Modi'im as you call it and 2. It is inside the non-existant "green line" which makes it an integral part of Israel, as is all of the west bank of the Jordan River. Now pop another beer, watch "Family Guy", and stop trying to impress us with how little you know.
23. Israel Belongs Only to G-D and Jews! NOT Islam!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (11.29.12)
Anyone who attempts to give away, take or steal the Holy Land makes WAR on G-D! Not one inch of G-D given Jewish Holy Land to totalitarian, expansionist, colonizing Islam! Not now! Not ever! Re-take Gaza! Declare sovereignty over BIBLICAL Judea and Samaria. OBEY G-D! Kick the Muslim Waqf off the JEWISH Temple Mount! Rebuild the Third Temple! When we disobey G-D we have to face unpleasant consequences. When we obey G-D, G-D takes care of the results. THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM! Not one more dollar, shekel, euro or pound to Gaza/Hamas-PLO-Palestinian Authority Muslim terrorist OCCUPATION Forces! Stop FORCING the Free World's people to finance EVIL!
24. Ownership
David Asleson ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.29.12)
25. #3 I dont understand
hippocrates ,   World   (11.29.12)
why would a people from the land of Israel, the Jewish nation...why would they go to place that they were living while in exile? do you know what exile is? I think you do since most arabs in Israel are from other arab countries and came to the land of Israel (Jacob) when the jobs were made 100 yrs ago. why lie to yourself? Jews brought jobs, many arabs came in. is that a hard concept 4 u?
26. Negotiations rules
Debbie   (11.29.12)
In order to have meaningful negotiations this has to happen between two parties with relatively equal powers .the Palestinians are very weak Israel is superpower Of course Israel will keep dragging it's feet until all the promised land is settled like what Shamir said in 1990 will keep negotiate for 20 years after Madrid conference Now after UN recognizes Palestine as occupied land and not. Disputed land then the ethnic cleansing Israel is doing with the Palestinians jerusalemites citizens who work outside Jerusalem Or live abroad to transfer money to their extended family . On the other hand if you are an Israeli citizen you. Are allowed to be anywhere work any where study anywhere and still you keep your identity
27. Catalonia, Scotland, Basque next...
nadav ,   tlv   (11.29.12)
The Europeans should be careful with this one, next they'll find Scotland, Corsica, Basque, Brittany, Wallonia, Flanders, Galicia, Friesland, Kurdistan, Ossetia, Tibet, and North Cyprus next. Why should the fakestinians get a state when there are REAL nations and peoples who deserve a state far more than they do!!!?
28. Israel/Palastine
mike fowler ,   peterborough england   (11.29.12)
Why cant all the world leaders see the futility of half doing a job. We all would love to see peace in tbe middle east but this can never be achieved without mutual recognition. It is time for these peoples to move meaningfully towards peace and respect and only then can the UN recognise all parties legitimacy. Failure to achieve this will only slightly delay the unacceptable inevitable. Hate inciting teachings by some people in history have to be re assessed, only then can we as a human beings move towards Civilisation.
29. Abbas
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (11.29.12)
Abbas says"If Israel wants to hurt me it can, because I live under an occupation like all Palestinians," Mr Abbas, please tell the world the country you had before that was occupied,?, its capital?, currency?,borders?. Jews who were exiled in their thousands from Arab lands did not have a country likewise Arabs who lived in the old "Palestine" west of the river Jordan are now Israeli Arabs. An aborigne living in Australia is an Australian. Mr deluded Abbas, Your obsession with the word "occupied" is probably due to the fact Arab history is based on conquering and occupation.Your true lands are the Arabian peninsula.
30. UN bid
Anshel ,   Canada   (11.29.12)
Watching another beggar state in making. I am glad that most of Europeans will have to "feed the beggars", while they will have to lower the standard of living to their own citizens. At least Canada won't have to worry about the Palestinians, they are unfortunately already calling shamefully our Prime Minister a dog. Statehood? Not with this kind of set of minds!
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