UN chief: Peace process is on life support
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.11.12, 20:22
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1. Too late for Abbas to climb down from the tree he went up.
Jake   (11.29.12)
He will be wondering where everybody suddenly disappeared when he needs them to break his fall.
2. Abbas as the PM of Israel will implement 2-states solution.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.29.12)
3. Abbas Lies
emanon ,   USA   (11.29.12)
It's that simple. Well, not really, but it amounts to the same thing: arabs have no desire for peace with Israel. There are at least three factions claiming to speak for the fakeastinians. Whatever one organization says, the others denounce. The only thing all arab factions agree on is Israel has no right to exist. Bottom line: no arab desire for peace with Israel.
I am delighted to hear it. May the dream of a Palestinian state die for ever.
5. Hey Ban! Are you really the head of the UN?
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (11.29.12)
It's a rejoice for the world and people of the world that Palestninans must have their country on the 67 borders. Israel cannot always be as it is with her impunity. It's high time that Palestinians should be recognized. It will be good both for the Palestinians and the Israelis. The only way to make Israel stops grabbing their lands is by boycott like the world boycott South Africa regime so go to work
6. Time to pull the plug
ik ,   USA   (11.29.12)
The original state division was met with One State called Israel and another called Jordan. End of pathos. The grand idea of all or nothing ended up with nothing more.
7. Life support?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.12)
If the ersatz "Palestinians" go ahead with this essentially meaningless vote, the "peace process" will straight-line, and Israel will pull the plug. Suits me down to the ground. And it also proves that which we have always known -- the ersatz "Palestinians" can always be counted upon to make the very worst decision possible. But it is their decision, and they will have to live with the consequences ....
8. Peace proces on life support?
tiki ,   belgium   (11.29.12)
What Mr. UN is unwilling to mention, is that his organisation was a big participant in this failed operation, because of not recognizing & admitting the reason of the disease and therefore trying to heal the infected wound with many UN blood drained bandages, which now have infected the whole patient and will kill him in the end! This little hypocrite should shut his little mouth and continue bowing to his Arab masters. This for sure will bring peace & tranquility to the world as we all can see after the 'much supported by the International community' Arab spring! As long as the UN is still standing and working in it's present form, it's a 100% guarantee for the next world disaster! Because of the UN, the whole world is in mortal danger!!
9. Two-State "Solution" RIP
HZ ,   USA   (11.29.12)
10. Gregg no 5
Hey draig, dont push your luck too much. Is there anything written in the quran about Palestine or Jerusalem or Hebron, Nazareth, ? Well in our bible it is Hebron, Jerusalem, Judea is mentioned as well as in the Christian bible.The Arabs came to Israel to find work the same thing like an Arab goes to Europe to find a job. In 25/50 years can the local muslims in Europe claim that Europe belong to them ? Sooner or later we will kick the Arabs OUT of Israel to Arabia to their original hole. They kicked the Jews out of their land, now it will be our turn to send them back to Arabia.
11. Ki Moon
How much the rich Arab countries paid you please tell me. I will keep it top secret
12. Partition proposals,1947 & 2012
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.29.12)
Never mind that they are 65 years apart,the fact remains that both proposals are simply proposals and don't constitute law.In 1947 the Jewish residents were at least given the courtesy of being asked if they agreed.Things have gone down hill at the General Assembly since then. The 1947 proposal was scuppered by the Arab League that thought it had the power to grab all.Israel should repay the Arab League today by using its power to scupper the new proposal. I notice that Ban is now playing the Arab's game of claiming that 'International' Law' is being infringed....without actually saying which law he's talking about. This whole thing stinks. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
13. #2 What controlled substance are you on?
Alex   (11.29.12)
14. #5 Lunatic self-hater aren't you in Italy yet?
Alex   (11.29.12)
All of Israel is eagerly waiting...
15. Far out #2. Whatever it is you're smoking
Jake   (11.29.12)
16. Gregg, #5, I will pay you 1 million Palestinian pounds
Jake   (11.29.12)
for your house in Haifa. Take it, and go buy yourself a villa and a yacht in Khan Younis.
17. #12 Ian, I like your post!
Jake   (11.29.12)
18. Impasse
Zivron   (11.29.12)
The Palestinians cannot have right of return and the Jews don't want to give up on their return to Judae and Samaria Biblical Israel and assassination threatens moderate leaders on both sides so humanitarian progress significant even quantum advances within the status quo is step one.
19. Reinventing the wheel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.12)
Everyone seems to have forgotten that Resolution 181 called for the creation of two states -- one tiny Jewish state and one much larger Arab state. Israel accepted the resolution. The Arabs did not; they chose to go to war instead. Everyone understands that the General Assembly has no enforcement powers. But the Arabs who declared war against the nascent State of Israel thought that they could get the whole loaf, and ended up with nothing. You cannot put toothpaste back into the tube. Today's meaningless vote at the United Nations is precisely that -- meaningless -- because the General Assembly has no enforcement powers. No one enforced Resolution 181 on behalf of Israel -- five Arab armies attacked the State of Israel and Resolution 181 was enforced de facto as a result of the foolish decision of the Arabs to go to war. Of course, the Arabs can always try to enforce whatever silly resolution the General Assembly may pass today -- but the results will be the same as they were in 1948. Israel will grow significantly larger and the ersatz "Palestinians" will still have exactly what they deserve -- which is to say, nothing. Except that having had to endure six wars and seven decades of unremitting ersatz "Palestinian" violence and terror, the State of Israel understands that the ersatz "Palestinians" are not in the least bit interested in peaceful co-existence, and the Government of Israel will base its decision-making on this understanding.
20. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.12)
You are an Italian who loathes the State of Israel, as is evident from your posts. Trust me -- no one is in the least bit interested in your preachy nonsense about what is "good" for the people of Israel and the State of Israel. Put simply, the Jewish people boycott you. Pack your trash and go home. You've probably already overstayed your visa and are in Israel illegally. It would be a shame if someone were to learn your IP address, find you and deport you. Wouldn't it? Well, no, it wouldn't be a shame at all. Besides, you were so enthusiastic on this Forum about visiting Iran. Go already!
21. To: Alex at No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.12)
I don't think LSD is a "controlled" substance -- it's illegal everywhere in the Untied States. But it certainly does explain Michael's hallucinations and wild flights of fancy.
22. "Peace process is on life support"
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.29.12)
Any volunteers to give Abbas mouth to mouth resuscitation? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
23. Hey Sarah B. here is my full name. Check yourself i
Gregorio Moscatelli ,   Haifa IL   (11.29.12)
You'll be quiet disappointed
24. @2, 15: W/o smoking we know peace is not supported by Israel
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.29.12)
Abbas at least says he wants peace in a two-states solution. All Netanyahu has been saying is "we'll talk" and is happy to do nothing for peace. Therefore, Abbas would do better than Netanyahu as the PM of Israel, or Palestine, or of something in-between. I wrote here many times that after 65 years of nothing but wars, only an imposed peace solution by the Great Powers will be implementable for the region. I hope UN can start it rolling.
25. To: No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.29.12)
Do you mean "quite?" Why, don't you think I realize that you sponge off your partner? Everything is bound to be in his name. You're in Israel illegally, so you cannot work. Mummy and Daddy probably cut you loose long ago. Quite the sleazy little bugger (no pun intended), aren't you?
26. #23, Pleased to meet you, Gregg Mosque.
Jake   (11.30.12)
27. Sarah B, #19, moreover
Jake   (11.30.12)
Due to the Arab rejection of the Partition Plan, and the British refusal to implement it over their objections, the UN Security Council refused to adopt the Partition Plan. Instead, the Security Council passed Res. 44, instructing the UN General Assembly to go back and "consider further the question of the future government of Palestine". The General Assembly decided to appoint a mediator, who came up with fresh proposals, which were rejected by both sides and came to nothing. Having lost their war of annihilation against the fledgling state of Israel, the Arabs then proceeded to demand during the 1949 ceasefire talks that the 1949 ceasefire lines NOT be recognized as international boundaries. Their wishes were honored, and the Arabs and Israelis signed it, and the UN accepted it, and to this day that remains the last word in international law regarding the so-called "pre-1967 borders". When Israel was accepted into the UN as a member state in 1949, no conditionality was placed upon it to accept the partition plan or a 2-state solution, and records of the proceedings indicate that Israel made no commitments to implement it.
28. #24, The Peace of the Grave doesn't look appealing to Israel
Jake   (11.30.12)
At least Netanyahu is consistent, and does not want to commit Israel to following a path which he knows is a deathtrap and ends in quicksand for Israel. Abbas, on the other hand, follows in the footsteps of his mentor Arafat, saying one thing to the Israeli media to soften up Israeli public opinion, and then the diameteric opposite to the Egyptian media to appeal to the Arab hardliners.
29. 23
What you doing in our Country Sig Gregorio Moscatelli ? Why dont you go to your bankrupt and failed country ? Probably you do not have anything to eat.
30. Moon finally shines some light, amazing.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.30.12)
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