Dead Sea to get its first mall
Ariel Noy, Calcalist
Published: 01.12.12, 08:38
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1. Gross
Ran ,   Dimona   (12.01.12)
A country of "concept stores" and "designer brands" for tourism is a country with no confidence in the value of its own culture. What a shame. I hope it doesn't get built.
2. long overdue
alsky ,   Toronto   (12.01.12)
3. Will bring more tourists , add jobs
Felicity ,   USA   (12.01.12)
income and development to area providing more for tourists to do and eating variety I read also that a hotel will be built in the complex as stated in another publication
4. I'm with 1 above and will add there is already a shopping...
Jew with Cojones ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
area there as well as a small mall...why do we "need" another? How about we politely and firmly say "No thank you!"
5. might we guess far to close to
former expat   (12.02.12)
might we speculate it will be far too close to the shoreline? a shoreline that must in the future allow for the Dead Sea to rise to more historic levels...
6. Vulgarity reaches new highs
Haim ,   TA   (12.02.12)
Only Israel could turn something so beautiful and unique as the dead sea in to a shopping extraganza. As if its not discusting enough with all the fast food resturants in the hotel areas. What about the nature? Discusting totally discusting.
7. Dead sea development
Jason ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
We recently came back from the Dead Sea disappointed, amazed at how under developed the hotel area is, outside the hotels. For No. 4, the existing mall there is pretty shabby, and it seems this is a welcome upgrade to international standards. That said, I completely understand No. 1 if this project comes instead of something more valuable and unique to the local landscape. What I had in mind driving through the quiet strip at night, with nothing to do, was a cultural center offering music, performances, etc. inspired by the backdrop. For all the musicians in this country that seems to be only natural.
8. Dead Sea is a natural wonder of the world
Mark ,   London, UK   (12.02.12)
.... and there's a plan to put a shopping mall there. Are these guys crazy??? If I went to the Dead Sea as a tourist I certainly wouldn't think of buying any of the global branded items such as apparel and concept jewelry. Got plenty of that stuff here and I don't buy it. Might be nice to have some nice food but indoors????????
9. Mark have you ever been to the dead sea?
He ,   Tel aviv   (12.02.12)
By your post I am not do sure... 1) it is extremely hot there for large portions of the year. It forces people to seek air conditioning, so yes, indoor activities are in demand. 2). Economically depressed area, most workers are either downtrodden Israelis living in the south, or local village Arabs. More employment oppurtunities are in demand. 3) the area in question is tiny, and already developed. Upgrading services will not negatively impact the commercial zone already in place 4) sometimes tourists can stay upwards of a week. After 4 days of baking/soaking, other activities are in demand 5) being one of the most amazing places on the planet in natural beauty, any increase in attention the area gets should pressure the industrial activity on the dead sea to moderate. As part of peace with Jordan, Israeli companies work jointly with her neighbor to turn the waters and mud of the dead sea into valuable minerals set for export. That is the true shame of the for profit exploitation in the area
10. #6 - yes and no, Haim
William ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
Yes, it's a rude manifestation of consumerism and will only result in stealing the special-ness of the Dead Sea area. I am very much against this. Infact, I love the "ruggedness" of this area because I go to the Dead Sea to GET AWAY from every day hassles and consumerism. NO, it's not only Israel who could think this way. Many countries have entertained this idea and built their own malls and such next to tourist destinations. Poland already did this next to Aushwitz. Israeli developers are only following the precedent of others - developers and govt who make the money, and locals who receive very little. Claiming that this only happens in Israel only uncovers your personal bitterness.
11. #3 - they said the same thing about casinos
William ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
and except for a handful of locations, the rest of created nothing but greater despair for locals and increased criminal elements.
12. Dead Sea Mall
Sue ,   Netanya, Israel   (12.04.12)
We were recently at the Dead Sea for 5 days, enjoying the weather, the water, and the beautiful views and surroundings, but have to disagree with those who are verhmently against the Mall. As long as it is designed and built tastefully to blend in with the uniqueness of the surroundings then it can only be a good thing. After a day of resting and treatments and swimming, and too much eating - we found the entertainment in the hotel not very entertaining, so each evening we would walk to the "mall" (which, for those who have not been or for those with permanent blinkers is made up of several shops all selling the same Dead Sea Products, (as are the rest of the shops in the area - all the same)a few shops selling cheap and very tacky souvenirs and very little else). Then we walked back again to the Hotel. A movie theatre would be a good idea too - I welcome it and agree that it will give life to the area (no pun intended!) and attract more tourists.
13. Don't Build Malls
Tova ,   Canada   (12.07.12)
It will destroy the dead sea which the water levels have reduced the size. Keep the Dead Seas & don't build. This region needs to kept away from the usual tourist vacations. The dead sea bring much need rest & relaxation to heal the mind & body. It's Israel purest healing center. The Mall will destroy the region. Many tourists will not respect the landscape. It will overshadowed the histroy of Israel. This area must be a protected site. It will destroy the very existence of what of the dead sea is about.
14. #6 - Many people are upset
Tova ,   Canada   (12.07.12)
Shopping Malls replace famility unity. Shopping Malls are adults toys. Israel is doing what all others all over the world. Shopping Malls are the new social venues. The more shop the more people forget about their problems. In Canada people survive on Shopping Malls - Winter is long, cold & hard.
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