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Poll: Livni strongest against Netanyahu
Published: 30.11.12, 11:31
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1. Netanyahu will lose the election Livni will win why?
Al   (11.30.12)
Can anyone spell the word O B A M A? Once Livni wins you can kiss your ass good bye. Israel will be history. Netanyahu was useless, Livni will be a disaster.
2. Livni is bad but look at Shelly
zionist forever   (11.30.12)
Shelly has never been a minister or even been in a ruling coalition in a non ministerial role. She has also only been party leader for 1 year. Livni was a bad foreign minister and as party leader Kadima couldn't wait to get rid of her because she refused numerous offer to join the coalition, never said anything left all the dirty work to others whilst she sat on the throne. She wanted to keep the whilter that white image she created during the election campaign and result is she destroyed Kadima. On the plus side as she been a senior minister and led a party so she is more experienced than Shelly. Bibi has been there done that, read all the books and been doing it for a very long time. We should though introduce a law sying that anybody who wants to be PM must first have been a minister in a sitting or previous government because its not good for the country if it were to be run by a rookie like Shelly.
3. When they ask questions for these polls,
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.30.12)
do they first ask if the person is sober or high? We need to take away the right to vote for those that never served in the I.D.F. That way we would see sh-ass and the other hara-dim parties as well as the arab parties shrink to practically nothing.
4. A victory for zionism.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.30.12)
Let us hope that the new, and better likud and the national, zionist coalition will win a overwelmiing victory in the election. The irrational, anti zionist, left will be marginalized.
5. give the ladies their own party
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.30.12)
I'll stick with likud
6. Anything better than Bibi...
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (11.30.12)
I hope centre and left unite together to remove Bibi so that our country can be saved. Bibi lives in a paralel universe and thought he could manipulate and swing things in his direction. Despite 'unwaivering' US support, signs are very clear that Bibi's leadership is all words and he is making the entire country swim against the natural tide of the ocean. I am ashamed to be represented by him!
7. The title of the article has nothing to do with the article
Nataniahu 55% against Tzipi 30% Why dont the editors and the correctors take a look of what they publish. These Anti Nataniahu campaig from YTNEWS and YEDIOT is a sham
8. #6. Leftists permanently disqualified from governing Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
#6. Do you love Israel or not? Leftist parties have done nothing but harm Israel. Oso, Disengagement, rescuing Arafat, freeing terrorists, arming terrorists...all these lunatic destructive policies are courtesy of the left. Leftist parties should be permanently disqualified from governing Israel.
9. definition of the opposition parties
zionist forever   (11.30.12)
LIVNI - bad YACHOMOVICH - disaster waiting to happen LAPID - to awful to think about MERETZ - I think I am going to be sick. HABAYIT HAYEHUDI - to radical SHAS - revolutionary ARAB PARTIES - will the last Jew to leave please turn out the lights KADIMA - rest in peace
10. To No. 8
Bertram ,   London, UK   (11.30.12)
"Leftist parties should be permanently disqualified from governing Israel". I assume that you would you propose to do this through encouraging the electorate to vote for non-leftist parties. Just for a fleeting moment I thought you might mean that 'leftist' parties should be outlawed but I know a good democrat such as yourself would not support such a move.
11. #6 What Left?
Jake   (11.30.12)
Notice how no sane party in Israel without a death wish dares to define itself as Left. Shelly is at pains to clarify that Labor is not Left, but Center, and she made a solidarity visit to the settlements, praising the settlers as the backbone of Israel. From the parties that define themselves as Zionist, only Meretz defines as Leftist. But after Meretz leader Zahwa Jaloun pulled her recent stunt condemning Operation Pillar of Defense, in defiance of the will of the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews, she risks taking her party out of the Knesset into the extra-parliamentary Left...unless she dances a jig with Dov Lenin and the Communist Hadash.
12. 51 percent
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (11.30.12)
What people need to know about upcoming elections is that 51 percent of Israelis think peace with Palestinians is unlikely. I don't think they're in a mood to risk much on it.
13. Who will be next in line...
Marco ,   Spain   (12.01.12)
to be humiliated by Hezbollah?
14. Why no news og the extreme left elected in Labor Primaries?
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (12.01.12)
The total absence of reporting on results of the Labor primaries, which has been criticized as extreme left proves the lack of unbiased reporting.
15. only in a wet dream
JJJ   (12.01.12)
16. #13 Yo' mama
Jake   (12.01.12)
17. Let's pray against
Moragh   (12.01.12)
Livni ever becoming PM to Israel. The first thing the clown will do is sell out Israel to the arabs. G-d forbid that that woman ever gets anywhere near to becoming PM.
18. BiBi, unfortunately
Moragh   (12.01.12)
has been nothing more than one helluva slap on the mouth.
19. LaborLikud Haredi Coalition
zivron   (12.06.12)
Labor Yesh Atid Livni and Likud ought have 38+37. seats enough to water down the Price Tag Sympathisers and encourage without Malice and virpituration some Haredim to do a national communal service like HTzlah and join the coalition allowing the Trucewith Islam.
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