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Herzog wins Labor primaries; Merav Michaeli 5th on party list
Moran Azulay
Published: 30.11.12, 12:39
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1. Who on eart is AmiT Peretz?
sasha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (11.30.12)
2. In primaries in "democratic" Israel are party leaders
David   (11.30.12)
ever elected by the citizens or are they immune? Was Netanyahu or Yachimovich actually elected at the primaries or are they automatically heads of the parties?
3. Those poor activists are in for an unpleasent surprise
zionist forever   (11.30.12)
WE ARE REPLACING THE GOVERNMENT With Shelly leading Labor and Bibi leading Likud unless something totally unexpected haappens then day after the eleection the activists are going to find they didn't replace the government. If Shelly wants Labor to get elected then instead of every opportunity she gets telling us all Labor is a centerist party, she will step down and encourage the party to replace her with somebody who isn't an idealist but knows how to run a country.
4. Help..Whats the best way to garnish Hummus to eat with Pita
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.30.12)
From Mr Confused To all Hummus afficionados Ive been recommended Drizzle with Olive OIl Add Chopped Mint Squeeze of Lemon Paprika Is that the super duper way to garnish And if so what order? And do I also drizzle more Tahini on top
5. labour
jack ,   NETANYA ISRAEL   (11.30.12)
I certainly wil vote for this party, the only one NOW against Fascists like Feiglin and Co,
6. you understand why medias are against Zionism !
they are all Leftists
7. The showbiz won !
8. why they have israeli flags ? Leftists are against Israel
9. Children of Paradise
Glassmaker ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
There are no mirrors in the Likud, therefore Faiglin, Danon, Regev, Levin, the Katzs, etc. couldn't see the angelical faces of themselves.
10. Labour
simon ,   UK   (11.30.12)
If the arithmetic allows after the next election a broad centerist coalition should be formed. Then a new Israeli administration needs to respond to the ever increasing pressure thats coming down the line from World opinion to move forward on some kind of peace negotiation. This pressue is not going away its just increasing. A settlement would allow the real issue in the Arab world of Sunni vs Shia to come to the forefront and Israel needs to focus on securing its self from the crossfire of this real Arab conflict.
11. Roots
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.30.12)
Michaeli is the granddaughter of Kastner. Kastner a leader in Hungary knew the Germans were sending the Jews to Auschwitz. Kastner saved his friends, did not warn the other jews where they were going.
12. answers
Yisraeli   (11.30.12)
1. Amit Peretz is a long time Laborite. He once headed the major union Histadrut. He was also a Defense Minister for a short while, bit of a joke that was. 2. Party leaders were elected when there is a primary for them or a leadership challenge. So theyre elected by the membership of their parties. 3. Agree their not going to replace anyone, perhaps wipe out Meretz as they are mostly far leftists like Meretz so why the need for 2 parties. 5. You plainly are an ignoramus with that statement, Feiglin is no fascist unlike many radical leftist black shirts of your ilk. This new Labor party look like a rookie still at school party. I dont think they will encourage many voters which spells good for Lapid and Livni. I predict Labor for around 14 seats. Their current lineup cost them about 6 seats which will go to the other 2 aforementioned. Still only Likud who represent the great majority of Israelis. Leftists are dwindling and still wishy washy wannabes. Imagine Oppenheimer of radical Peace Now was eligible. And Noam Shalit riding on his sons sympathy, he has no shame and rightly showed little support for him.
13. Labor party results
Josh ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (11.30.12)
Mazeltov Isaak long last a position you deserve.
14. Merav Michaeli
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.30.12)
Labor certainly has better lookers than Likud, unfortunately it does not help them having good lookers and TV personalities. Israeli needs leaders, not media personalities. Likud has politicians; Labor has personalities. Good luck.
15. is my dad hadn't hebrewsized his name ...
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.30.12)
.. in accordance with bengurion's demand, IIII would have been ofer kornfeld too!!
16. merav & shelly
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.30.12)
kat fite in the offing??
17. Hopefully, Labor will soon go the way of Kadima.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
18. Merav M ichaeli
Ruth rasnic ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
Ms. Michaelis an outstanding feminist. As one of the founders of Israel's Feminist Movement and founder and chair of L.O. - combat violence against women I can vouch for her activism and dedication to the cause of justice and women for many years. P.S. I am not a member of the Labor Party.
19. # 14
Ehud ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.30.12)
Merav Michaeli is a very smart woman and a lawyer. Secondly she is is very attractive. Dont underestimate her.
20. Kaster's granddaughter
Paul Uri Russak ,   Zichron Yaakov,   (11.30.12)
This comment is extremely dirty and smells of faschism. Kastner saved 1650 of Jews. That is more, than most others succeeded to do Kastner was murdered and his case is still discussed. But to point Meirav Michaeli our as the granddaughter of a "war criminal" and friend of Nazis, is beyond decency. She does not deserve to have lies and hysteria heaped on herself. shame on the writer of this.
21. at least shalit is OUT!
sue ,   jerusalem   (11.30.12)
22. Stav Shaffir
sad ,   jerusalem   (11.30.12)
from cottage cheese to the Knesset. Not bad..........
23. I thought Likod list is useless
JJJ   (11.30.12)
I thought Likod list is useless, Labor list is as qualified as an apartment building committee or less. Israel is in a serious difficult junction with no body qualified to handle it
24. 22
zionist forever   (11.30.12)
Lucky old Stav will be getting a nice healthy MK sallery and so she can afford to get rid of her tent and buy a nice apartment. Leef is now a full time paid activist so looks like the women at the top have done alright for themselves.
25. The truth hurts
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.30.12)
#20, Paul, the truth hurts. Rudi Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escaped from Auschwitz in the spring of 1944. They knew that the Germans were planning to bring the Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz to be murdered. Vrba and Wetzler after they escaped wrote a report, communicated to Kastner and others what the Eichmann and the Germans planned. Kastner never communicated the report to the Jews communities of Hungary. Kastner knew they were going to be sent to Aushwitz. to be murdered. However, Kastner saved his family and friends. Read Rudi Vrba's book, "I escaped from Auschwitz,'" and Tidvar Soros's book "Masquerade" ' confirming that Kastner knew the fate of the deported Jews.
26. A respectful list unifying Left, the young and good looking
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.30.12)
Center take notice, please. Right and Left are well represented now for the next elections. The Center needs to put in place a respectful representation also, as soon as possible. I think it's the mission for Yair Lapid and Olmert, with Tzippi Livni's moral support. Especially important is to accomplish it in the current atmosphere of defeat at the UN in order to diffuse sadness and restore confidence to young Israelis.
27. Reply to Paul Uri Russak
Mitzi   (11.30.12)
Spare us the massive and breathtaking hypocrisy Sir. Your granddaughter is a fierce denigarator, defamer and quasi-enemy of Israel as all evidence of her vicious disgusting attacks against anyone not to her liking, yes even the country itself (Haaretz articles) is a testament to this fact. I read everything about her widely, all I nneed to know, on A7 and elsewhere. she is basically an antisemite in many people's view and she has absolutely nothing to look for in the state of Israel.
28. Lose Israeli Citizenship?
joseph ,   Australia   (12.01.12)
To No. 27, maybe people that use the press as their own personal pulpit to viciously degrade the Jews and Israel should be made to forfeit their citizenship and get deported. Loyalty to the State must be a right to ensure Israel cannot afford to lose its fight for its life in this point in history.
29. #8 Labor Zionism MADE Israel!!
Isaac G ,   Israel   (12.01.12)
"The Left" is not homogenous. Most left-of-center Israelis, including me, are proud patriotic Israelis and Zionists. Labor Zionists built and founded this country and defended it with our lives. How dare you question my love of my country the State of Israel!
30. The dumb leftists want to give Israel to Arabs
Russki anti-commie ,   Los Angeles USA   (12.01.12)
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