UN recognition – no big deal
Noah Klieger
Published: 30.11.12, 14:13
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1. The Writing on the Wall
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.30.12)
The token recognition of Palestine is less important than the message that the world is giving us that they are getting fed up with our stealing land for illegal settlements
2. Yeah Do not panic! Now Pope claimed Jarusalem
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.30.12)
Wrap up your luggages without panic and run away for your life from occupied land. Next step appeared immediately, Pope claimed Jerusalem and demanded independence of Jerusalem from Israel in a special status.
3. Are you stupid?
guest ,   israel   (11.30.12)
Palestinians do not need the recognition of Israel in order to create a state.. they need recognition of the international community.. Israel does not decide who gets to be a state in this world. If you would know just a little bit of international law, you would understand that although they are not yet a state, they have the power to become one without any negotiations with Israel. All they need is recognition.
4. Re #1
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (11.30.12)
The world is always getting fed up with everything we do. That's not news. And some people will always find different words for our actions then they use for the same actions by other people. It's not like the UN ever got "fed up" with Poland annexing German lands, or North-Vietnam annexing all of South-Vietnam (or the US Hawaii for that matter). It's only stealing when Jews do it.
5. Re #3
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (11.30.12)
The definition of a state is not "recognised as such by somebody" but "has one government and controls some land". "Palestine" has neither one government nor does it control any land. Don't refer to international law. You have clearly no idea what international law even is.
6. Small Step but Big Hope
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jeusalem   (11.30.12)
While it seems a symbolic gain it is a big achievement for the Palestinians to get accepted by the world as a new part of the international community . They are no longer frowned upon as terrorists . They have succeeded in gaining world sympathy and support and acceptance , and this makes it easier and more practical for them to create their state with full independence . It worked for Jews in the post-Hitler period , and it is working for Palestinians nowadays .
7. To #3
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.30.12)
You are quite correct. Palestine will be recognized as a sovereign state, and inevitably will encompass the entire former British Mandate territory. Soon, certainly by 2020.
8. Has the writer forgotten something?
Dan Calic   (11.30.12)
I would remind the writer it was the United Nations which passed resolution 181 which partioned the original two state soluton, creating the modern state of Israel.
9. Finally, after thousands of years
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.30.12)
the jewish nation has a true friend, the czechs. Other peoples will follow their example.
10. UNGA: The world's sandbox
shreff ,   Vienna VA USA   (11.30.12)
Can you imagine what the world would be like if every state had equal power? Sudan: "....ummm... I sort of like Texas, nice big cities. I claim Texas." UNGA: "Right on, brother, it's yours". That is the reason for the UNSC. There has to be some adults in the room at all times.
11. #1, Michael
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.12)
" the message that the world is giving us that they are getting fed up with our stealing land for illegal settlements" If you, Michael, stole a piece of land- give it back to the righteous owners. And, please, talk only about yourself. In democracy any ownership dispute can be resolved in a court room. There is no reason to politicize every case. Knowing the counterpart position on this issue to blame Israel know matter what, the decision can't be given to the unfamiliar with the facts but opinionated public. Media must take responsibility for spreading the false unchecked information.
12.  Thank you, Tayfun_Turkey , Istanbul
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.12)
I like your sense of humor.
13. #2
Can   (11.30.12)
Roman Vatican claimed Golgotha to be their capital and so what?
14. #3, guest, #7, graczek
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.30.12)
to #3 Sorry to tell, but it's impolite to anyone including a guest to start a dialog from calling people "stupid". Then again, Israel never was against another Arab state. Israel accepted UN decision on this matter in 1947. to # 7 Are you a new Nostradamus? Meanwhile Mr. Abbas annulled the Oslo aggrievements and can say "Bye-bye" to the many good things he used to have. Be patient. because the results of this unfortunate decision will seen much sooner then 2020.
15. Be realistic
Sad ,   Nablus   (11.30.12)
Law of the jungle is still reigning in this World. You have to be strong or rely on strong friends to reach you goals.Jews are few in numbers, but very influential in all countries where they live and they don't betray their national project.On the other side the leaderships are the main collaborators of the "enemy"and our history is full of facts. Read Sulaiman Bashir book" جذور الوصاية الاردنية "roots of the Jordanian mandate"tutelage".
16. If It Means So Little Then Why Did Israel and USA Fight It?
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.30.12)
Because it is the crack in the dam. Do you think that this will be the end of it? No, this is just the beginning. Israel will bend to the will of the civilised world or it will be broken. Sanctions are not just for Iran you know.
17. Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.30.12)
Israelis & our supporters are smart. We appropriately are uncomfortably embarassed by how we are now publicly viewed by almost everyone, including most of the USA. Peoples with whom we identify. Of course, we reinforce our fantasy by repeatedly claiming "useless and meaningless" 139-9 vote. Listen to what our people say, and always watch what they do. This is a HUGE deal, and we need to quickly repair what we can that we have destroyed, and again follow Judaic values ...
18. The Czechs
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (11.30.12)
The Czech vote was interesting. Why do many Czechs empathise with Israel ? The Czech capital Prague is very beautiful. It is proof that the Czech people throughout the ages have been motivated to defend, improve and preserve their little corner of Planet Earth. They have retained their language, art, culture, holidays and traditions yet have evolved into a modern, independent state. They have a commitment and loyalty to the territory that G-d led them to live in. But even the most secular of Czechs of today, and the nation is consistently voted the least "religious" in Europe, must understand that if they do not do good deeds and act well they and their land will suffer. (Quite a spiritual concept, yes ?) The 195 nations and the other zones/regions of the world are like pieces of a vast, interesting, complex jigsaw puzzle. The word "nation” is mentioned over 300 times in the Tanach, so the concept of a nation state seems divinely mandated. For the Holy Land and environs people should think of the following co-operative configuration/paradigm... The Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary The Old City Judea and Samaria/The West Bank The State of Israel Gaza Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. Like a constitutional monarchy with provinces/nations... Shabbat Shalom !
19. #1, Michael, Just worry about Israeli opinion
Jake   (11.30.12)
People like you are becoming increasingly "persona non-grata", who really don't belong in Israel. Like I said to your friend Gregg yesterday, I'll give you one million Palestinian Pounds for your house in Haifa. Take it, and go buy yourself a villa and a yacht in Khan Younis.
20. #16 Israel & the Jewish people have weathered bigger storms
Jake   (11.30.12)
and did not bend or break, under much greater pressure than "the world" is trying to create now. All these "players" will be gone, like othes before them, but we will still be here.
21. #11 Anna
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.30.12)
Are you recommending that the legality of the settlement policy be settled by the International Court at The Hague ? This may happen anyway, whether you recommend it or not.
22. Noah Klieger
Human Being ,   Berkeley, CA   (11.30.12)
How ironic that a European with a name like Klieger, living in the Middle East, has the audacity to tell the indigenous people of the land he occupies that they are not entitled to basic human rights and, add to that, he mocks their efforts to achieve them. This is, sadly, the simple story of Israel that no one is allowed to utter. Since most Israelis already hold two passports, I hope that Israel meets the same fate as French Algeria. After all, why live where you're not wanted?
23. israeli/jewish hasbara, can't accept Palestine sucess. If i
it such a small thing, then why did israel/jews spend all that effort to stop it.
24. the UN Is a joke!
oded ,   usa   (11.30.12)
giving the palis a non- member state status?! pppplease, what's next giving the eskimos the right to collect ice? or the native indians in n.america the right to smoke thie rpipe? theUN just continued its credibilty -loss campaign.
25. Arafat ' annulled' Oslo before Abbas many times
AK   (11.30.12)
Without any ill consequences. Yes, the vote was a big deal, another major moment in the Oslo plan -- the lamb is about ready for slaughter, unless it finally get the guts to fight. Sorry, Israelis never had a chance once they entered the Oslo agreement and imported Arafat to Ramallah. Well, perhaps, if they killed him the first time he send his terrorists to kill Jews and expelled his buddies, Israel would have a fighting chance. Now, it looks like Israel is caving in one little step at the time. Vatican wants Jerusalem? Catholic Church truly has no redeeming qualities. Their unending war against the Jews is no different from the one of Muslims. No wonder all Popes embrace Jew killers - like Isabella, Hitler and his Catholic henchmen and Arafat -- the controlling ideology is destruction of Jews.
26. Jersey Jew, you want to repair values?
AK   (11.30.12)
Support Israel and expose lies. Do you really think you will be safe in New Jersey as long as you throw Israeli Jews under the bus? Sorry to disappoint you, but the vote for the so called Palestinians is really a vote against the Jews, by many and total and complete indifference by the most of the UN members if every last Jew in Israel and elsewhere is killed. There is no longer reason, or justice or decency at play, just sharks' frenzy, attacking a wounded , well, Israel/ Jew. Ugly truth, but here you have it. And Jews themselves malign and disdain the voices of those who support them, like Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck, when there are so few voices of support. The World, like Melanie Phillips says, is upside down, and all moral values are inverted and all we can do is hold on to the truth, with courage. The majority can be wrong, and in fact often is.
27. No big deal
Floriane ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
Not to be so optimistic! Facing reality is more than urgent and Important. Losing the whole EU means that they go along asserting that Israel is the villain and give accreditation not only to Palestine but consequently to all Arab terrorist groups. Europe with a large population of Muslims act selfishly in order to preserve quietness in their own country Therefore Israel will have to defend itself at all means alone.
28. Yeah, right. Keep on burying your head in the sand
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (11.30.12)
If you think a situation in which several million people are, in effect, stateless and under occupation continue indefinitely, you're out of your mind. Eventually, even the U.S. support for Israel will wane, China will rule the roost, and Israel will find itself ostracized worse than South Africa under the darkest days of Apartheid. Israel MUST get the hell our of the territories and implement a two-state solution while we still have the upper hand and some level of support in the world. The long-term alternative to that is too horrific to consider.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.30.12)
The UN is a propaganda ploy for criminal regimes...
30. It showed that Israel is without many friends.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.30.12)
It showed Palestinians have more friends than Israel. While it is not surprising for a weaker party to have more supporters than a stronger one, it does spell trouble for Israel because supporters will help Palestinians gain strength. Really, in terms of military and economic strength, Israel is left with only one valuable supporter, the United States. It's a dangerous situation for Israel, in my opinion.
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