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Hungary far-right MP slams Israeli presence in parliament
Published: 30.11.12, 15:01
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dovy ,   uk   (11.30.12)
2.  "Israel has more deputies in the Hungarian parliament than
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.30.12)
"Israel has more deputies in the Hungarian parliament than they have in the Israeli Knesset.". The guy is on the lunatic fridge and should be taken away in strait-jacket. His comment makes no sense at all.
3. Failure of Hungarian society
Logic ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
Reading about the Jobbik neo-Nazi phenomenon from Israel, one can only conclude that not only has post-communist Hungary failed to learn the lessons of the Shoah, but segments of their society are actively repeating the sins of xenophobic ultranationalism. When I see these Jobbik banner waving morons, it is obvious that they are no better than the middle eastern followers of Hamas, PLO and the Baathists; it is just that they do not have the power or means yet to implement their evil intentions. Good luck to the normal, well meaning Hungarians in marginalizing these sickos!
4. Sound like the jews in the Knesst attacking Arab MKs
5. #4--Sounds like your uneducated !!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (11.30.12)
The free racist muslim arabs are allowed to participate in the government , but like most racist muslims, they denounce Israel and preach their racist /terrorist rhetoric. These hungarian racist morons are looking to blame the Jews because they are failures and stupid !!! Take that to the bank morons !!!!!!!
6. That should be a wake up call for
AK   (11.30.12)
Jewish critics of Israel. Where will they run when the Jobbics parties of Europe cease power, and sooner or later they will. In Europe, now, Jews are being squeezed from all sides: the Left, Muslims and the neo-Nazis. For now, the Left tolerates self-hating Jews because they serve their interest, but later on, all will turn on Jews. Without Israel there will be no place to run to. Those Hungarian neo-Nazis and über - nationalists are the children of Hungarian Communists. In 1968, Jews were forced out of the Communist Poland. in the 1970s, Jews were escaping the communist Soviet Union, which trained, supplied and provided propaganda for Arafat and other Muslim and far-left terrorists. Today, the Communist and far right antisemitism are the result of the crossbreeding of the two. The vote in the UN is a testament that there are no ' good guys' in Europe, or anyplace else, with the exception of the Czechs, who still remember the 1938 Munich betrayal. Any Jew who supports the enemy should be tarred and feathered, or at the very least publicly contemned, especially those who support boycotting Israel.
7. Hungary or Huffington Post?
Steve from Raleigh   (11.30.12)
Because I could swear I was reading antisemitic screeds about nefarious Jewish control of the US Congress in the Huffington Post or any of the other leftist blogs.
8. 4 anyone who knows THE REAL truth...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (11.30.12)
...none of this is unexpected. Animosity between Christians and Jews goes back thousands of years. The man who betrayed Jesus wasn't actually bearing the name Judas; he was given that name afterwords. The Holocaust was justified by using a Christian discourse. The examples are just numerous. Of course, quite a few people don't want the world to know about this, because that would mean the end to "Judeo-Christian unity" myth. It however doesn't change the fact that it is the truth.
9. Pardon the pun
Jordan Ariel ,   usa   (11.30.12)
These anti semitic racists in Hungary should be out of a "Jobbik."
10. Israel should ACT now!
Gábor the Jew ,   JUDAPEST = Budapest   (11.30.12)
Being a Jew and a Hungarian, besides being a Zionist, I think there is only one weapon to defeat the extreme forces. Hungarian Jews must start set up self-defense units and defend themselves. Israel, being the homeland of the Jewish People, is welcome to help our struggle By the way, Hungary has introduced double citizenship for ethnic Hungarians living in Slovakia, Romania etc. How come that only Israeli-Hungarian double citizens represent a danger? Ethnic Hungarians with Slovak citizenship - parallel with their Hungarian one - do not constitutie a "potential danger" for Hungary? If somebody really believes in the stupid Hungaro-nazi ideology, should investigate ALL the double citizens. I really don't understand, WHY Israel doesn't call in the Hungarian embassador? The Hungaro-nazi and anti-Israel slogans are more than alarming. JOBBIK is paid by IRAN. Dear Israeli leadership... if you really care of Diaspora Jews, don't you think it's time to investigate the background and act accordingly?
11. As a matter of fact, I am not surprised at
Mark my words   (11.30.12)
all about this new/old Hungarian trend of anti-Semitism. When the Hungarian Nyilas took my aunt and her two infants to Ausshwitz, I thought it was all because of the Nazis, but I am utterly wrong. The Hungarians in their majority were willing collaborators of the Nazis and willing executioners of Horthy and Nyilassy's anti-Jewish policies and hence their joy and willingness to exterminate all their Jews both in Hungary and northern Transylvania. Now, after so many years, the wheel of criminal history, blood thirst and raw hatred is here again. A very sizable extreme right Hungarian group, Jobbik, are doing as they please and what they please. At the same time, Western European politicians and journalists try to minimize this very alarming new ugly phenomenon. The only difference today is the existence of a strong Israel. Thank God Israel is intransigent towards such hate-filled Jobbik scum and they will never be able to try a thing against any of their Jews or against the Israelis still doing business there. Leave now ! Israel is always open for you.
12. factual errors by AK
y-man ,   Budapest   (11.30.12)
As opposed to Poland and Soviet Union, Hungary did not experience waves of antisemitism during the Communist era, after 1956. There are hardly any Muslims here. So the antisemitism here is just the old Nazi type.
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