3,000 homes beyond Green Line okayed
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.11.12, 23:10
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1. God bless Israel
saraina   (11.30.12)
THIS IS THE BIGINING OF THE back,this is what they whant.
2. We know that Harper is not popular among Canadians
Lynx ,   Palestine   (11.30.12)
Besides, the Government of Palestine has plans in the works to expel the Canadian govt representative since Canada does not recognize Palestine. Why should Palestine recognize a country founded on the ruins of the native American Nations? Freedom for the Inuit, Iroquois, and Apache!!
3. Settlements
Luis Alberto ,   são paulo   (11.30.12)
I t is a great error, the peace way is not that way, the government is autorizing the palestianians future houses, it will be not easy to handle with the internacional presure.
4. You disgust me
Gabe ,   Tel Aviv   (11.30.12)
Bibi - you are a poor excuse for a human being who makes me feel ashamed to be an Israeli. May you and your childish tit for tat games end in January.
5. South Africa here we come-international boycott worked there
miki ,   tampa   (11.30.12)
6. #2 learn your historical facts
Tzal ,   USA   (11.30.12)
The Apache were in the SOUTHERN United States and Mexico. That is quite far from Canada. The Iroquois were only in areas around Quebec, and that section was their northern most extent. That is like saying western Europe should not acknowledge Turkey as a state because they are built upon the ruins of the Roman Empire and Constantinopal, which for a long time was head of one of the popes during the split in the Catholic church. Honestly, Palestine is a joke. There has never been a "Palastine." It was an area named by the British, you are a people who are hated by your own Islamic bretheren. Jordan and Syria keep you caged in reservations in their country, but I do not see you yelling at those human right issues. Canada does not have to recognize a non existant state. There should be no reason the Palestinians were given the right to be an observer state. Under those ideas, the American Indians, small south american tribes, the aborigini, the morai and other groups should all be called Observer States by the UN. The General Assemby is a joke and the only reason this vote passed was because of the large block votes. Russia and China voted for it to vote agains the West. Germany lucky abstained instead of voting against as they said they would. Palestine became an oversver state more because of other countries politicing against each other than because they want the Palestinians to have any state.
7. Provocative and aggressive
sonia ,   london england   (11.30.12)
Yet again, Israel shows its ass to the world. It is not interested in peace at all, just land, power and control. The irony is that this action does not create more security for israel but in fact the opposite...insecurity and conflict. It is suicidal. Actually, at the heart of the Zionist project is a death wish.
8. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.12)
Au contraire. By all accounts, Mr. Harper is extraordinarily popular among Canadians. But your stupid leadership can go ahead and expel whomever you want. The only countries that contribute cash to the ersatz "Palestine" Authority are Israel, the United States and Canada. The rest of the world pays you a great deal of lip service, but they don't give you any money. Congratulations! The ersatz "Palestinians" have managed, in one fell swoop, to alienate the only three countries that actually does something for them. The United States Congress will now cut off all funding, as will Israel and Canada. And Israel will revoke the work permits for thousands of West Bank Arabs who work in Israel. Unemployment in the ersatz "Palestine" Authority is already a staggering 40%. Whatever will you do now? Three thousand new homes for Jews beyond the Green Line. And that is just the beginning. Stay tuned. Your life is about to get very miserable indeed. And yesterday's events have put the final nail in the coffin of ersatz "Palestinian" aspirations for statehood. No more negotiations. You had your chance, and as the ersatz "Palestinians" have ALWAYS done -- you blew it. What do you think will happen to you when Israel annexes Judea and Samaria and repatriates all the illegal Arab squatters to Jordan? Do you plan to make the same mistakes forever? Why don't you people ever learn from your experiences?
9. "Territorial continuity" is a bad joke to bash Israel
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (11.30.12)
Lets be real for a second, the concept of "territorial continuity" of any Palestinian entity is not possible - Gaza is separated by the whole length of Israel. A wondering boarder is the least of their problems, using the "territorial continuity' card is as likely to help the process as a Palestinian "right of return" to a place that was never Palestine.
10. There is truly no reason any more to respect those parts of
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.30.12)
the Sept. 1995 Interim Agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) if the PLO continues, as it just did, to spit at the agreement that it reached with Israel and signed on it. Legally, the region of the country located between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea has been designated, several times, as "the national home for the Jewish people", and there is no more reason to avoid turning this whole part of the country into the an integral part of our national home, including its bed rooms.
11. Samaria and Judea is Israel's own since always
Jouni Suonsivu ,   Finland   (11.30.12)
As a Finnish citizen I'm pleased to read this decision. Build soon and expand. It's all yours though internationally now disputed. Three thousand apartments don't meet the needs except for a short while. Another three thousand every after and so on. Make Samaria and Judea inseparable from the rest of Israel and prosper. Millions are still waiting to make aliyah. You need all of your lands.
12. #3
Jorge ,   Argentina/USA/Israel   (11.30.12)
There is not any international pressure anymore. The PLO acted unilaterally, so did Israel
13. No2
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (11.30.12)
"Why should Palestine recognize a country founded on the ruins of the native American Nations? " Why should the world recognize the fantasies of "Palestinian national identity" that has only existed for 60 years. Now you are trying to belittle Canadas legitimicy!!,, hahahah, oh please, Palestine never existed as a sovereign country for Arabs. Migrant workers moving to a region doesnt classify as the right to a country.
14. #2 Harper is in FACT very Popular in Canada!
Michael ,   Canada   (11.30.12)
What does a Palestinian know about Canadians and Canadian politics? Everyone knows and respects Stephen Harper - Canada's Prime Minister. He stands by what is RIGHT while other countries follow the herd! Making statements such as why should re recognize Canada - only makes you look more ignorant! When will you Pal's ever learn?
15. 3,000 homes
Sam Tayar ,   CANADA   (11.30.12)
To #3: Huh? Please translate to English or Arabic.
16. Build Israel, build ! This land is yours.
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.30.12)
17. The correct response.Nothing bothers Pals more than building
Sam ,   Canada   (11.30.12)
Palestinians do everything they can to irritate Jews in Israel so Jews don't have to respond as apologetic wimps. Palestinians hate settlement building more than anything else. That's exactly how Jews should respond to Palestinian shtick. It will make them think twice.
18. The UN means nothing..they can piss up a row
Al   (11.30.12)
What is important is what we Jews do. I couldn't care less what the UN or any other BS institue out there thinks or feels. What is important is what we Jews do. Thank god we have a generation that survived Hitler and didnt wait for the world to give them a place to be. They fought for the land and today we have a country to call our own. Thank god there was a generation of Jews who didnt give a damn what the world thought or felt. Today In Israel there is a group of Jews who aren't pushovers and won't take shit from anyone. God Guns and Guts made Israel free. We will always be free, only if we will it.
19. US and Canada
US and Canada didn't occupy any STATE there unlike Ottomans and joined them Palestinians. Those European that came there were dealing with many different not organized together tribes. That's THE difference.
20. # 2
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (11.30.12)
at least they are real people, who still lives in the land with other real Canadians since forever. Where exactly did your people come from? You know where and it's not Israel or Palestine. We live in a funny world, where fake people are actually recognized as a non-member states. Soon, we will have Loony Tunes representatives from Disney World asking for the same thing in Orlando, Florida. Fake people do not deserve a state, especially in the land GOD promised the Jews.
21. Big mistake!!!
avner ,   tel aviv   (11.30.12)
I support this government in almost every decision they made, this is NOT one of them. im zionist and i love israel, but i believe this is just plain wrong; doesnt help peace, doesnt help with the FEW countries that supports us. dont understand who benefit from these moves???? you lost my vote bibi
22. Israel prefers the hard way to learn
Ahmet ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (11.30.12)
And will lose more this way in the International Court. They never learn.
23. Thanks for homes
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (11.30.12)
Palestinians will use them
24. canada
canadian   (11.30.12)
In a cbc radio poll 65% of canadians support palestine, way more than support the canadian government.
25. Cool! Israel building houses for Palestinians
So generous of you Israel !
26. Lynx, Israel
Don ,   EU   (11.30.12)
"Freedom for the Inuit, Iroquois, and Apache!!" Definitely yes, for all real, genuine aborigines. And especially for Berbers in all North Africa and for Kurds in all Kurdistan, for all Arameans and Assyrians. Freedon for Arabs - in Arabia but not elsewhere, since other lands belong to other peoples. As simple as that.
27. sooner than later it will be ours
sonofyaffa ,   Palestine   (11.30.12)
28. Good about time
Bill Klien ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Labor in the past and present is partially in my opinion is responsible for the mess Israel is in the world. The reason that the Palestians won this vote was not because of a lack of a diplomatic process but because of the lefts massive illusion of giving the Palestians one way concessions and appeasement. You can thank Meretz Labour livni Olmert Peres Rabin Ehud Barak Obama Clinton and other politions of the left that refuse to back strong Israeli actions to defend her existence. Now resolution 242 has been destroyed by this action. Peace is Dead. Now the only thing that Israel can do now is a strong action to defend our territorial religous and security rights and that is to annex Area C and low poulated areas of Area B start changeing the Palestians for resources and materials provided force them to deal with Jordan cut off payments to Palestian prisoners , close foreign consulates in Jerusalem that supported the resolution, and Israel are just a few things that need to be done. Strong action needs to be done. Iran is not the danger the world is anti semitism and deligitimazation and demonization of Israel and the Jewish people is.
29. #2 lynx HA Ha ha
You Foolish arabs NEVER LEARN!!!!! Israel Has Possesion Of Land and Possesion is 9/10ths of the Law, So BUILD, Build, build Baby and then build some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bibi Should Annex Judea and Samaria Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shabbat Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
30. So Now The arab/bedouins aka pali's
Will Have To Stand On Their Own Two Feet NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully U.S. Congress Will CEASE ALL FUNDING to Terrorists in gaza and Judea/Samaria (west bank), hopefully Now Bibi Knows he can't Trust abbas and will REFUSE to collect tax's for arabs and Will Keep This Gelt, use it for Israeli Victims of Terrorist's Actions from hamas,isslimic jihad and the rest of those blood thristy arabs, and while you are at it Bibi Turn Out The Lights, Stop the Water from Flowing and Weld The Gates Shut at gaza crossing with Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shabbat Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
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