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Abbas: We'll wave Palestinian flag in east Jerusalem
Elior Levy
Published: 30.11.12, 17:04
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1. Perfectly stated
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (11.30.12)
The Israeli FM perfectly stated it yesterday to the assembly - for the UN to accept this bid would be to turn its back on its previous declarations all the way back to San Remo. Israel must accept that the UN is defunct and if it won't honor its past obligations, it won't honor its future ones either. I say let Israel withdraw from the UN, invade "Palestine", and eject all the Arab squatters back to Jordan & Egypt - consequences be damned.
2. Pals rejoice too early-God has the last word anyway!
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.30.12)
3. Give Thanks!
Dr. Langhorne ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Let us all give thanks to Rabin, Peres, the Clintons & Rham Emanuel for resurrecting Arafat and bringing him to Israel. And a huge Kol Hakavod! to Livni & Olmert.
4. Mashaal full of it, PA had the GA votes a year ago
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (11.30.12)
Mashaal is just blowing smoke, the anti-Israel rubber stamp could have approved this last year when Abbas went to the Security Council. He did not go to the GA as he knew it meant nothing. For once Hilliary has it right - nothing changes on the ground because of this vote. The land is still disputed, the PA still is corrupt, the Palestinians still have no money or hope.
5. The UN General Assembly, in this case, doesn't have the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.30.12)
...authority to change the status of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), but within its own chamber and not elsewhere, of course. But, one questions to what extent, if any, does the UN General Assembly have the moral authority when it is ready to elevate an organization whose Charter calls for the demise of a fellow UN member state, and from the territory supposedly under the rule of this organization rockets are fired regularly from behind civilian human shields and aimed at the civilian population centers of a fellow UN member state? And this takes place while this very General Assembly has nothing to say about the more than 40,000 humans who have been slaughtered in Syria during the past year and a half, and additional 150 children, women, men and the elderly continue to be slaughtered daily by the authorities of that Muslim-Arab state and a fellow member of the UN.
6. Abbas just killed the non existent peace process
zionist forever   (11.30.12)
Like Arafat the biggest problem Abbas has had is he is unwilling to compromise he just says here is a list of my demands you either accept every singe one of them in full or I walk away. Now he had won this UN bid then he is going to be thinking to himself even the international community believes there is no room for compromise here and so I must contnue my all or no peace attitude. Result is whilst we will probably have some talks taking place with Obama being back we are unlikely to reach any deals because Abbas will just demand and offer nothing in return. This also plays into the hand of the nationalists and right wingers who say annex Judea & Samaria because oslo specifically forbid the PA from going to the UN for this ugrade and of course this will just complicate matters where they loose the Ameican handouts.
7. ok, wave it but...
freddie ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Careful of those long-range Iranian rockets Hamas used against Jerusalem not too long ago
8. Israel listened to "allies" not to launch ground offensive.
ab   (11.30.12)
then looked week and beaten to submision to Hamas terms on ceasefire,which is used by the very same "allies" to justify ther vote " Hamas is strenghtened,we must counter it by strenghtening Abbas"
9. peace?
steve ,   belfast uk   (11.30.12)
These "palestinians" want the demise of Israel. They have no desire or inclination for peace, and the world has just voted to sacrifice Israel to the islamic jihadi god.
10. Seems already some disagreement in the
Arlene ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
ranks of the long before they have their Arab Winter!!! They have to get with the program...they DO NOT yet have a state! Observer..what the hell, it seems like the UN are giving this to keep them quiet for some reason. Obviously Islamic states and Euroabria would give the OK, Europe will soon wake up and smell the coffee. Palies are trouble, thats why Jordan didnt put in a bid for them...and as for East Jerusalem...always the Jewish capital...Islam, late arrival, and they try and claim everything. they want the world, so better look out demacrat free world, have to toughen up and sadly be more like the Islamics!
11. Correction to Mr. Fayad's statement.
Jake ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Fayyad: The PA is in its final stages before becoming a state. Reality: The PA is in its final stages before being dismantled.
12. In the words of the late Yosef "Tommy" Lapid
Jake   (11.30.12)
who rebuffed the palestinian attempt to have Arafat buried in Jerusalem: "Jerusalem is the city where Jewish kings are buried and not Arab terrorists."
13. Does Israel have a right to the land of God?
Richard ,   Phoenix USA   (11.30.12)
Do you want proof? Objectively and honestly look at the arch that depicts Rome's victory in 70 AD over Israel and see the implements of the old Jewish temple being taken by Rome. Then with that factual information, realize that Israel factually existed in Jerusalem in 70 AD and that God’s Temple was real. They are not occupying Islamic land. They have been returned as a nation to their home land just as God in the Bible said he would in the latter days. Do we really think that ANCIENT ROME built the arch in Rome just to fool Muslim people in the future? Islam did not exist in 70 AD at the time of this battle ROME built that arch as bragging rights and to remember their victory. They then renamed the area from Israel to Palestine, in a vain effort to end the memory of Israel. It of course did not work and Israel has now been restored by God as he promised. Here is a link to see the actual arch in ROME that was made in 70 AD after the sacking of Jerusalem by Titus of Rome. Notice the Manora from the temple in Jerusalem. This is factual evidence left from Rome, the enemy of Israel, that still stands in Rome today and can be seen by anyone. This is older that the muslim religion.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.30.12)
Israel do what you must to keep the enemy outside. To allow any form of a 'proposed pal state' within any part of Israel is an affront to all Jews everywhere. Those dead and alive who all have said, "Next year Jerusalem."
15. Touche" Jake well said.
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.30.12)
16. Pali flag over E. Jerusalem?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.30.12)
only when the last Jew is dead. What G-d has given let no man divide.
17. palestinian statehood
justin grady ,   nc, u.s.a.   (11.30.12)
It is about time palestine was recognized, the people of that country have been oppressed enough by isreal and its western allies.
18. #12 Amen to that!
Arlene ,   Israel   (11.30.12)
Jerusalem is the Jewish capital and always will be....not these palie squatters!!!!
19. Why bring up God?
k ,   US   (11.30.12)
I am not a believer in God, I do know Jerusalem is the "Jewish" Capital for the last 3,000 years I will be god damned before some Muslims lay claim to it
20. Palestinian flag in Jerusalem : I think
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.30.12)
not so dream on .
21. Curious. Meshal can visit Gaza but "Pres." Abbas ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.30.12)
... can't. Hardly indicative of a real state.
22. Time has come to give Abbas his own medicine.
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.30.12)
23. #17
non-jew ,   England   (11.30.12)
It amuses me when I see comments like yours, where the writer says how 'oppressed' the poor little palies are, like they know all about the complex ME situation - because over the 30+ years I've been researching and learning about the subject, I've noticed that the proportion of such comments where the writer can't even spell the name 'I S R A E L' is quite remarkable - way too high for it to be just the odd typo - so I always wonder, exactly how much can they know about it, if they can't even spell the name of the nation they're maligning?
24. Zechariah 12
Eliyahu ,   US   (11.30.12)
It has begun. The so called UN which has proven to be a farce is now beginning to give the Palestinian land squatters recognition as a state. Next the UN will put pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem. What they refuse to acknowledge is that it has been foretold and also the consequences. They have ears but will not listen, and have eyes but do not want to see the truth. Being that the UN is hosted in NY makes NY the wrong place to be when the wrath of YAHUWAH is let loose upon the earth for the sake of Jerusalem. The Muslims insist on taking a heritage that was set apart for Israel and since the rest of the world is indifferent or even accomplice, then the world will also feel the wrath that is coming. Those that like to mock, have fun doing so while you still can. The laughter will turn to sorrow and pain.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.30.12)
You got the symbolic vote which means nothing in reality. Abbas is not even the elected president anymore. He reinstated his own term. He just separated himself form Gaza and now, he has to live up to the responsibility of a state. ... So there should be an election there right away. And he may to get elected again.
26. To All Commentator
Harold ,   USA   (11.30.12)
Yes it is just the beginning. It takes few more years for the Palestinians to be recognized as member of the United Nations. 138 + 41 countries are fed up of the Middle East problem and they will do more and more for the Palestinians.
27. Why Israel is angry!
Ziad-Palestine ,   Canada   (11.30.12)
Israel said this step means NOTHING, then what I see and what I read that Israelis boild inside... NEXT STEP ICC. ISRAEL be ready, world changed...
28. To 13
James McGowan ,   San Diego US   (11.30.12)
70 AD ? King David moved the capital of Israel from Hebron to Jerusalem 1,400 BC..Thats One thousand four hundred years before 70AD. Jews have been in Israel for thousands of years..THOUSANDS.
29. Final stage??
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.30.12)
..of becoming a state?? The pals state is Jordan. 60% of people living in Jordan are pals or decendents from pals. Then there is no need for a double state of islamic followers... By the way, in Jordan they suspect a new mysterious respiratory virus "vislam" to be behind 5 fatalities, it is even more deadly than ebola...It spreads through hostilities against peace-ful neighbors.
30. # 17
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.30.12)
You make Americans look stupid. The people who are oppressing the ersatz Palestinians are their own leaders and the leaders of any Muslim country they reside in. Nobody wants them except to use as a tool to get at Israel. You had to have voted for Obama.
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