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'Turkey wants Palestine to become full member of UN'
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Published: 01.12.12, 20:16
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1. First, the Kurds should have their own state.
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.01.12)
Then the turks should compensate the Armenians for the genocide. And last but not least; erdogan is on the verge of loosing it...jerk!!
2. So should Kurdistan
Marco ,   Spain   (12.01.12)
3. Palestine member of the UN
Harold ,   USA   (12.01.12)
It will take few more years for Palestine to become a full member of the United Nations and specially when the United States stop its one sided foreign policies which is a hurdle for the Middle East Peace.
4. 2 Marco
alsky ,   Toronto   (12.01.12)
so should ETA
5. I have a better idea....
alsky ,   toronto   (12.01.12)
put the star back in the flag that you stole from Jordan and go home.
6. It is not understable how foolish the Turks seem to be!
Jouko ,   Finland   (12.01.12)
7. FM Davutoglu
Anshel ,   Canada   (12.01.12)
Maybe, It is the time to wave to flag of the free Kurdistan at the UN and to stop the Turkish occupation of the land that belongs to the Kurds.
8. Return the favour
Anadelfos ,   Athens Greece   (12.01.12)
Israel has to return the favour by using equivalent statements.The Kurds would feel more than happy to hear from you.
9. Turkish occupiers must withraw
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.01.12)
1. From occupied armenian territories, included the Mount Ararat. 2. From kurdish territories, about the quarter of Anatolia.3. From ancient greek cities like Smirna and dozen others.4. All turkish settlers must leave occupied Cyprus territories. Remark : Constantinople, once spiritual center of the christian religion, has totally 3 or 4 churches. Next target is Germany where 5 million turk live now. But be patient, they will be more in the future. What a world, we live in !!!!!!!
10. #1
ezer   (12.01.12)
Forgot that Turkey is also an illegal occupier of Northern Cyprus. Time they leave
11. We love you too Turkey
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.01.12)
Please work on ending all trade ties with this belligerent occupying entity.
12. #11 Love the photo
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.01.12)
All the smiling vultures carving up Palestine. Each with an agenda. If the Palestinians took a break from firing missiles at Israel and worked as hard as the Israelis, they might have something to trade.
13. Let's Give Everyone Their Own State.
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (12.01.12)
14. #4
Tomek ,   Poland   (12.01.12)
So should Quebec. And Saskatchewan.
15. Turkey
Steven Kantor ,   United States   (12.01.12)
It's amazing that a country that finds itself in the company of Nazi Germany and Rawanda as a State that committed genocide in the 20th century, has the gall to give advise on statehood to anyone. Hopefully if the Palestinians ever do gain statehood, they will find a better example to emulate than that of Turkey.
16. Lynx #11
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.01.12)
Ever since The Mavi Marmara incident the trade between Turkey and Israel did not stop in fact it more than doubled in size. Additionally Turkey allowed NATO to install an advanced radar system in Kurecik Amasya basically to protect Israel from Iranian threats. Additionally Turkey is now getting NATO Patriot batteries again to protect Israel from Iran. As you see Lynx Turkish PM and his ultra religious AKP are opportunists that would use anything to gain power. They are not real Muslims, they just use Islam for their goals. They use the Palestinian Arab issues also when it is bringing them votes. 10 years ago they were best friends with Israel when it was useful. Today they are best friends with Arabs because it is useful. Once the usefulness expires you are out in the cold again. Enjoy it while it lasts.
17. Netanyahu anthem and flag
Zivron   (12.01.12)
Netanyahu agrees to a Palestians State Demilitirized with a Flag and anthem but the Jews need to control Islamic League in Israel get ready to join in Gaza.
18. Turks, the day that IDF, will give you a lesson is near.
Ari ,   Argentina   (12.01.12)
19. We would love to see Kurdish flag at UN.
Abu Yusuf al Dugri ,   ME   (12.02.12)
Turkey concentrate on Palestinian issue while in Syria hundreds killed every day and Thousands of Kurds slotered by Turkey. This is what I call a Turkish honesty.
20. We should close Turkish embassy in Ottawa
Mark ,   Canada   (12.02.12)
21. This two Turks are the clown of the Middle East!
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.02.12)
They are desperately looking for attention and just do not get it! Nobody of the participators did comment. The passionate hate they cherish about Israel is even to much for the Arabs!
22. Turkey
nigel ,   london   (12.02.12)
ah yes, that country with such wonderful human rights. The true birthplace of care for minorities. Shame about the Kurds and Armenians but whats a few hundred thousand deaths between friends. The same Turkey of course who have been refused entry to the EU- mostly because no countries in the EU want them there because of their abysmal hunman rights record The same Turkey which is desperate to throw its weight around and become a power broker to ususp those friendly people in Iranistan. Sort out your own house Turkey - the world has not forgotten your genocides.
23. Turkey
Lio ,   London UK   (12.01.12)
Your sudden concern for the Kurds and Armenians is heart-warming. Until a couple of years ago, I wonder how many of you even knew they existed. Besides, what has this got to do with the current topic?
24. While we are at it...
Jonathan ,   Berkeley, CA. USA   (12.02.12)
Since the Palestinuans have the same UN status as the Vatican, lets grant the Vatican statehood too (being ludicrous here). More seriously: If the Palis want to take Israelis to an International Court and consider themselves a state, then they better be prepared to be brought there as well. And they had better be prepared to be sued for their deliberate damages to Israeli civilians in an Internat'l court of law. If they want to be a state they better do you act like a state.
25. Does Hammas get to go with Observer Status at UN too?
Jonathan ,   Berkeley California USA   (12.02.12)
So Abbas' PLO or Hamas get to have the observer status? Or do they share? Or is Hamas considered a terrorist entity and not get to go to the UN? I certainly hope it doesn't. Yet, I can see Hamas lifting up its ugly head and saying now that it represents the "Palestinians".
26. Turkey
Sg ,   brooklyn ny   (12.02.12)
Kind of like your sudden concern for Israel.
27. turkey and erdogan
gandja   (12.02.12)
erdogan is just filled with hatred. He's not just a populist , he is filled with hatred for israelis, for greeks,for kurds,for french, for christian europe, and he tells lies 24/7 making a mockery of his management degree at marmora university. He pays total dedication to his religioon which says that if you convert from islam, it is punishable by death in some countries. Erdogan has taken a non arab moslem people, who would like to have some modern values and hooked them to the filth of the area, from the rotten corpse in tehran, sudan, syria who he is now against. Everyone is to blame for turkey's problem except the one person has has degraded the turks and that is erdogan.
28. #23
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.02.12)
Oh yeah, we have discussed the Armenians and the Kurds for many years. Soon we will put on the light for other folk-groups/nations which have been cruelty mistreathed by islamic followers. The current topics involves rules and regulations at UN which has started a rush for up-lifting an area with some islamic followers into a state, even when that area has: -No viable government, fatah? or hanass? -No functional policeforce. -No borders which are drawn in co-operation with neigboring country. -No freedom for females. -No human right s for non-islamic religions. -People are arrested and killed without justice. (see the pictures of dragged people??) -No jews are allowed to live in the country (apartheid). -Constant harassment or killings of other religions. -Very frequent terror-actions againt neighboring state... -(do you need more, Leo?). Then the Kurds, Cypriots and Armenians are better off in their run for their own state. The pals are out for reversed racism...dictated by arabic lobby, who created the problem in -48.
29. pretend countries for pretend people dont get in...
jack bauer   (12.02.12)
the kurds are a real people without a country, yet everyone remains silent. The Tibetans are a real people with a country that was violently taken over and repressed... no mention of them getting even observer status... hmm lets see.... eskimos, native americans, amazonians, all sorts of people dont have suicide bombers, rockets, and 20+ arab nations in the UN to blackmail the world with.... Armenians were almost completely wiped out by the invasive race called the turks, who are experts at displacing and exterminating native races. Look up who the jannisaries were and you will see the types of techniques the turks use to get their way. They should be thrown out of NATO
30. Izmir is really called Smyrna, and it was greek before the
murderous turks ,   moved in   (12.02.12)
The last of those greeks are dying and the turks think the world has forgotten
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