Woman goes 'missing' over observing Shabbat
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 02.12.12, 00:45
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1. What a pinhead
Dave ,   Yukon   (12.02.12)
Waste of public money
2. cost
Joseph ,   Rishon Le Zion   (12.02.12)
And how much did this cost us? The Haredim keep costing us so much money !!!
3. How ridiculous make her pay all exspenses
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (12.02.12)
All she had to do is pick up a telephone instead because of her primitive beliefs the emergency services had to go and search for her. A waste of public funds and wasting the time of the emergency services. She should be made to cover all costs involved.
4. Thank God
hippocrates ,   earth   (12.02.12)
5. What a lucky groom!
Chaim   (12.02.12)
He got a beautiful bride with strong Jewish principals.
6. Where are all the comments?
Yehuda ,   Passaic, NJ   (12.02.12)
Where are all the hateful angry anti- religious comments that usually grace this website? I pray for the day that we will all realize that the Jewish nation, religious or not, is all one family, and that being the case we should all learn to respect and love each other, instead of mindless bashing on websites.
7. what an idiot
alex ,   Turkey   (12.02.12)
the stupidity of religious rules knows no bounds...
8. Not troubling her father would be mitzva.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.02.12)
It was a great sin to confuse her father, make him worry, and have tens of thousands of shekels spent looking for her with helicopters. She forced the helicopter pilot to fly on shabat and is forcing me on my shabat to use this keyboard. The only way for her to repent for the great sins is to become a secular.
9. It takes a minute to make a cellphone call.
jason white ,   afula, israel   (12.02.12)
I hope she has to pay for the cost of the search. Suppose one of the cops or volunteers was hurt or killed in an accident while searching for her? What would have happened if someone else was involved in a real case of missing or kidnapping? The forces would have been divided. Maybe next time there will be fewer volunteers, because they will think it is only some pinhead spending Shabat with others and not a real emergency.
10. Make her cover all costs the selfish women
Zionist forever   (12.02.12)
What a selfish women any thought about the police and rescue services who had to give up Shabbat to look for her instaed of being with her families. She should be made to cover the costs of the search operation.
11. I did something similar
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (12.02.12)
When I was 5 years old
12. Thank G-d
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (12.02.12)
She's shomer Shabbos and she didn't want to violate it. I guess you'd have to have a solid connection to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and keeping Shabbos to get what she did. Evidently, not many people who comment here are. Pity..
13. Woman goes 'missing'
Lyn Levinrad, Eilat ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.02.12)
Stupid little girl, but thank God she's safe.
14. cost
sam ,   belgium   (12.02.12)
real antisemitisem...are we among jews here ??
15. David from Haifa
David ,   Haifa   (12.02.12)
stop using my name and get out of my home you non jewish anti semite turd
16. not troubling
sam ,   berlgium   (12.02.12)
the last coupel of words that u write isnt too clever
17. Observance taken to ridiculous extreme..
Seth ,   Boston, USA   (12.02.12)
This is a perfect example of how rigid adherence to frumkeit trumps simple decency. Did she ever think that her family would be panicked by her absence? That they would call out police to search for her on the sabbath? Why didn't she ask a local rabbi for advice, assuming one with a reasonable world view would be likely to be found. What moral or other purpose was served by her action? She should be expected to bear the cost of the search to some extent. Her indulgence in her extreme Orthodoxy cost other Jews time, effort, risk and the breaking of their sabbath. I'd be interested to hear how the strictly observant justify her actions, seeing as how they led other to break their sabbath.
18. Stupid little girl, but thank God she's safe
Lyn Levinrad   (12.02.12)
Stupid little girl, but thank God she's safe
19. Make her pay the expenses.
miki ,   tampa   (12.02.12)
20. #8 Michael, California USA
rom ,   i   (12.02.12)
Forcing you on your Shabbat to use your keyboard? So what were you doing using your computer on Shabbat anyway? Hypocrite.
21. Hope the police press charges
David ,   Haifa   (12.02.12)
What an irresponsible women
22. Secluar self centered people
Damien ,   Tel AVIV   (12.02.12)
Unbelievable you don't give someone the same rights you want to be a secular Jew. I am not religious but I sure will give the religious people the freedom to be religious even at my expense. Why? Because i would expect the that same freedom in order to be secular!!
23. House burned down
Ronnie ,   Hod Hasharon   (12.02.12)
A few years ago somebodies house caught on fire on Shabbat, instead of calling the firebrigade they ran to ask the rabbi what to do. Stupid people are scared of their rabbis and can't use the phone in an emergency on Shabbat.
24. fool
adi ,   ISRAEL   (12.02.12)
what a careless women! The groom should rethink as it not too late.. How can she just not sms anyone! how could she just decide to stay some with family? Waste of country money on such fools.. she should be fined
25. I am sorry but the ultraorthoquack have no concept
Al   (12.02.12)
of what Yiddishkeit is all about. Its about personal responsibility and self reliance. Its about being a mench and not a drag on everyone and anyone. YOu can pray till the cows come home, but you have to own up for your lives.
26. Don't crticize
BDS   (12.02.12)
Don't call Palestinians as barbaric and living in the 7th century, when you people too observe silly superstitions. These silly incidents don't help your cause.
27. I wanna be angry with her...but she's just too pretty
David ,   uk   (12.02.12)
28. I had something similar here and the cops did nothing.
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (12.02.12)
I had an 18 year old come visit and he got lost. His phone died so he could not call. We went to the police - they shrugged. finally someone found him hiding from the rain, in a bus shelter. The stranger phoned us. So thanks to these cops who actually did their job, which we already pay for if they do or dont do it. I never would have said to him the horrible things some people on this list are saying. And we were the ones worrying. This girl did not even know anyone was looking for her.
29. Very bad education
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (12.02.12)
She can drive close to Shabbat - and then she cannot find one minute of her time to prevent people worrying? She was not taught any responsibility; what good is all her Jewish upbringing if she's not capable of caring for people who love her and worry about her? Some aguten shabes her parents went through!!!
30. Tzadekes
Ariella Abrahams ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.02.12)
The Arizal tells us that it is the merit of the righteous women of the final generation that will bring Machiach
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