Real meaning of UN vote
Dan Calic
Published: 02.12.12, 11:07
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1. Remember who created Israel !
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.02.12)
Thats right. The UN. Ungrateful bunch. The corrupt colonial international system gave you most of Palestine, without "negotiations" with the indigenous Palestinian Arabs. Oh well, Arrogance Unlimited is the definition of Zionism.
2. I largely agree BUT
Yehudi europi ,   France   (12.02.12)
Although I could go along with the authors opinion on the un to a large extent., what is disturbing today is that even our closest friends in Europe either voted for or abstained (Italy Netherlands uk Eastern Europe) so on this occasion we can't just blame the undemocratic pro Arab states. The question is why? And why such a change after the unesco vote a year ago ?
3. The Real Meaning Of UN Vote
Michael Hegarty ,   Dublin, Ireland.   (12.02.12)
I would be very grateful if you could clarify the number of Israelis killed by Arabs since 1945 and the number of Arabs (including Lebanon) killed by Israelis since 1945 including those killed by Jewish terrorists before the state of Israel was founded. Thank You.
4. Dan, eat your heart out, The World Stands with Palestine
Salma ,   Occupied Palestine   (12.02.12)
Voting For Palestine State Results 138 Countries With 8 Countries against 41 Countries abstained Free Palestine!! The international community is with us :)
5. what is written here only "normal" people understand
thomas   (12.02.12)
6. I don't agree with the writer.
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (12.02.12)
Arafat doesnt know what is Fordow,Natanz,Bushehr. Dont wait him to understand or nobody will ask him. Already gone. Nuclear Iran wants to close Hormuz Strait, Bab el Mandeb Strait, Suez Strait, Istanbul Strait, Dardanelles Strait, Gibraltar Strait,Tiran Strait. Will you be happy with the Mega Olympic Swimming pool of Global Jihad? Who the hell is Arafat. ME problem is a big reflector which makes blindness. As you can see the results. Where is the Jewish Wisdom and who the hell is gravedigger Bibi? Whole body health starts at Dental care. Peace Now.
7. The UN and Magog same gematria in Hebrew
Nicole ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.12)
Why am I not surprised The UN- האום and Magog מגוג have the same gematria of 52? UN is no friend or fair.
8. You forgot one meaning!
Zoany Elamy   (12.02.12)
Now more will vote for Biberman and the other right wing factions. When almost the entire world votes against us, we unite. Huge thanks to the UM SHMUM! :-)
9. Dan
Volvi   (12.02.12)
agree with every word you said and dont let the israel haters whos first comments are printed looking for any opportunity to castigate israel, let them rot in their own fantasies. Israel grows more and more inspite of them so let them continue to froth at the mouth like rabid dogs whilst we build, build and build inspite of them To hell with them.
10. Unfail nations
mirriam ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
It's been prophesied since Obadiah, Zecheriah and King David to mention a few, but those who hate the God of Israel just don't get it. By the way, Israel survives unlike to nations who try to destroy her.
11. Very plausible and interesting
John ,   Cardiff   (12.02.12)
It is difficult to grasp the concept of majority or democracy by this article.
12. To Yehudi europi @ #2
Israeli 2   (12.02.12)
Because the End of the so called "palestinian" people and their imaginary land is about to begin.
13. Normal thinking person
Mordechai ,   London   (12.02.12)
I was speaking to a non-jew, who does not get his news from the BBC. Surprisingly to him it was clear as daylight that the PAs are the cause of the trouble in Israel, and not the Israelis. He understood very clearly that it is Abbas who does not want peace with Israel and not the other way round. Amazing what happens when people use their brains instead of accepting what the BBC feed you.
14. Salma
Eclipse1 ,   Australia   (12.02.12)
Not yet salma. The whole world will turn against Israel And the god of Israel will destroy all the nations who divided his land Joel 3 and Zachariah 12
15. #4 "Dan, eat your heart out..."
Jenn ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.02.12)
Hey Salma, Do you REALLY think that the international community is with you? Were that true, what a twisted, hate-filled Orweillian world this would be. Let me quote Abba Eban, which is apt for this topic: ""If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat and that Israel had flattened it, it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions."-- Abba Eban Hey! The numbers even look similar! Jenny
16. To 4. Eat Your Heart Out
D'vorah ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
We Israelis don't need to worry about the nations being on your side...it's the God of Israel who matters. And He's definitely on our side. Sure you don't want to change sides? It's not too late...yet.
17. Consequences of UN Vote
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (12.02.12)
Gaza will become part of Egypt and one country. Jordan and the areas currently under PA control (Areas A and B?)and Jordan will become Palestine. Israel, Judea and Samaria will be called Israel. The arabs living in Israel will be offered a choice as to their wishes: A) Accept Israeli Citizenship, serve in the army and be treated like a full Israeli Jewish person or leave and financially get paid compensation for any property they own. That is the bottom line.
18. clowns of israel
bill ,   canada   (12.02.12)
the world is wrong; a few million jews are right; the gestapo inspired black police uniforms are a great touch; the circus is complete; the UN is the place israel gets reminded of where they stand; isolated; shunned; far from respected or tolerated; israel is laughed at
19. Yes Dan you are correct
StevieT ,   USA   (12.02.12)
How can a new member be admitted to the U.N while at war with a bordering U.N. member state? You can't; but where was this clear central argument prior to last weeks fiasco? Answer those questions correctly and it will lead you directly to the diplomatically inept Netanyahu and Lieberman. Where are the smart Jews when you need them? Not in the Israeli circle of leadership.
20. This article tells the truth
Sidney ,   USA   (12.02.12)
Too many Israelis deceive themselves. Until the Palestinians give up the goal of destroying Israel, it is folly to make any concessions. As far as the UN is concerned, it has been hostile to Israel for a very long. As far as the duplicitous European countries are concerned, Israel should realize that they are friends only when convenient.
21. UN = Unfair Nations
Jessica Howard ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.02.12)
Dan Calic has clearly stated the Israel/Palestine situation within the UN perspective. To suggest that UN now stand for Unfair Nations precisely and accurately expresses the current corrupt state of the UN. It is my contention that the UN is obsolete to say the least, and probably so dangerously bias at this point as to be the cause of a future world war.
22. No, Real Meaning Is Palestine Will Be A State
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.02.12)
The reason this is going to come about is that the non-voting Palestinian entity can now bring Israeli leaders before the ICC for crimes against humanity. They can ask for sanctions against Israel just like the sanctions you insisted against Iran. And when no Israeli government official or ex-military member can travel outside of Israel for fear of arrest then you Israelis will begin to have second thoughts about your tendency to solve all your problems by attacking the neighbouring countries around you. I can't wait to hear the howls of Israeli protest when some 22 year old infantryman on a backpacking vacation in South American is picked up to find out what he did in Gaza 1 and Gaza 2. Yes it's true.
23. # 3 Hegarty
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (12.02.12)
What is the relevance of the number of people killed? In the Second World War, the Germans suffered many more civilian fatalities than Britain and France (who originally declared war against Germany). Does that make the Germans the good guys?
24. Unfair?
Phil ,   Los Angeles   (12.02.12)
Blah blah blah, only none countries voted against Palestine including Marshal Islands , population 55,000 Micronesia, population 112,000 Nauru , population 9000 Palau , population 20,000, probably because Israel promissed to buy a truck load of coconuts from them. And Israel named landmarks after such terrorists like Ytzhaq Shamir and Menachem Begin, so what's your point?
25. (2) the writing is on the wall!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.02.12)
Your 'closest friends in Europe are 'no friends! This time they were given the chance to ride on the Arab carousel to ventilate their never evaporated Jew hate, conveniently folded in the 'fair' Human Rights// Palestinian State mantra. Like this they can't be accused of genetic Anti Semitism. The UN has completely lost it's role as a neutral body or peace maker. They havn't stopped one war or conflict and should be abolished in it's current form for they are nothing more than a marketplace with corrupt dealmakers in Valentino suits! They are part of many conflicts but not of one solution!
26. #22 world citizen
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (12.02.12)
Israel should take Abbas to the ICC for financing the massacre of The Israeli athletes in Munich. What's good for the goose is good for the gander
27. Actually, it's a great victory for Israel
Amos ,   Kiryat Ono, Israel   (12.02.12)
Exactly 65 years after the partition resolution of 1947, the UN has passed what is in effect another partition resolution -- this time, with the 1967 borders, which were never recognized officially, even before 1967. This means that all the area held by Israel since 1949 and was not included in the 1947 resolution, is now officially recognized as belonging to Israel -- including Jerusalem (the western part, anyway). So now, will all the countries who support it finally move their embassies to Jerusalem?? (Caution: do not hold your breath...)
28. Talk about war crimes
Amos ,   Kiryat Ono, Israel   (12.02.12)
Better not talk about war crimes... While some Israeli actions may be questionable, ALL Palestinians actions can be considered war crimes. They never hit civilians by mistake, only on purpose. Keep in mind that armed people who engage in violent acts, and are not members of any regular army, are considered "brigands" by international law -- a status equal to that of pirates.
29. State of Palestine
Harold ,   USA   (12.02.12)
I predict within few years State of Palestine becomes a legitimate member of the United Nations with its the 1967 borders and all setlers living on Palestinian lands will be counted as intruders and land thieves.
30. we're alone, a nation among 70 wolves.
meyer ,   israel   (12.02.12)
the jewish folk have no right to a country. it's back to the auschwitz line.that's the ruling from the u.n. what will happen next to the jewish people..only g-d knows, but i'll tell you this, we'll take the world with us.
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