Olmert says Abbas 'real partner for peace'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.12.12, 11:03
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1. Did he comment on why Abbas turned down his offer?
Jrebecca ,   modiin   (12.02.12)
No that would be too embarrassing. Abbas does not want peace. He wants Israel destroyed.
2. Olmert, you should sit in prison for fraud
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.02.12)
instead of running around like an idiot to get a certain feeling of importance you do not have. Nobody wants you back in politics, get real!
3. Vote for Netanyahu the Likud; Olmert is an embarrassment to
C.E. ,   Nigeria   (12.02.12)
Olmert is an embarrassment to Israel, he must not win any election he contest because he will sale Israel for one Dollar. Olmert has no agenda... He is not patriotic. Instead of Olmert, I shall vote for Netanyahu the Likud.
4. does than man do anything not designed to hurt Israel
zionist forever   (12.02.12)
He was all in favor of Abbas going to the UN Abbas is a partner for peace despite the fact he has spent the past 3 years refusing to talk In the media he wants to remind everybody about how Bibi was supporting Romney. Obama won, thats something we want to try and wipe under the carpet Olmert goes to America and reminds everybody. Giving up the Holy Basin with the majority of the shares in it being held by Muslim countries, not Israel. I am sure it breaks the mans heart . Olmert is the biggest palestinian patriot out there and when Abbas does resign I propose the palestinians make Olmert their next president, wouldn't surprise me if he then demanded Tel Aviv be part of their state. When he was PM he was hated now he is gone people take note of what he says and plenty would happily vote for him, Kadima already want to ditch Mofaz and bring back Olmert. Livni discussed the idea of forming a party with him. What is it in this country where allow corrupt zeros can become heros by supporting the enemy?
5. # 4
Jules   (12.02.12)
I hope you vote Likud-Beitenu or for Bennet.
6. Olmert says...
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (12.02.12)
The Flim Flam man is back and there is gonna be trouble. He does not stop and his onle interest is himself. Buyer beware. This man is a joke of epic proportions.
7. How stupid can one be?
Jacob Mansfield ,   NY   (12.02.12)
Abu Mazen adopted the "peice by piece process" conceived by the cunning strategy of Arch Murderer Arafat. Hard to understand how Jews and paticularly Israelis fall for this.
8. Olmert
An old currupt politician. Should be thrown to jail.
9. Ehud Olmert
How much you been paid by your friends in USA & rich Arab countries. Hey Mr Olmert, Israel not for sell. Keep your mouth shut !!!!!!!!
10. no 4
Ehud Omlette is very dangerous and should not be voted in. Keep him in jail for things he done illegal.
11. why is the media so interested in olmert?
12. Dont vote Olmert
Eclipse ,   Australia   (12.02.12)
This is the guy who wanted to give up the golan heights In 2008 he will destroy your strength and make you week he will make it so easy for you to lose. Your promise. This guy would of been better of being born a philistine never let this guy run Israel again
13. you are a shameful disgraced fool. every time you open your
ralph   (12.02.12)
mouth you show your ignorance. but i love it. keep it. your totally discredit labour and the left. thank you for showing us its true ignorance and empty ideas.
14. In prison he'll get used to using a treadmill
Ilan   (12.02.12)
15. Abas is an official Holocaust Denier
Herbert ,   Herzlia   (12.02.12)
It is a well a known fact that Abas wrote in his essay for his PhD at the university in Moscow that is the Holocaust did not take place. He is an official holocaust denier. Is he a partner for peace?
16. Parners? maybe in corruption!
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (12.02.12)
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv   (12.02.12)
I could write a book about first hand stories I've heard about Olmert. He is a thief and a liar. What was he doing in the Likud all those years while living with a Peace Now leftist wife?????
18.  but how is... understand?
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.02.12)
I am against for all that has been said about Olmert,I see this man a rational and realistic all talk of peaceful solutions, I find has a strong opposition but actually "peace" the better it is for Israel. but how is... understand?
19. Both Olmert and Abbas belong behind bars, for crimes against
Adam Smith   (12.02.12)
the Jewish people...!!
20. Olmert - you've got spaghetti for brains
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.02.12)
21. Hear Olmert! Israel doesnt not need you.
Yonathan haokip ,   sderot, Israel   (12.02.12)
Israel doesn't not need a men like olmert who is trying to sell Israel to Arabs. Your time is over!
22. Partners
JonC ,   Sydney Australia   (12.02.12)
True "Partners in Crime" might be closer to the truth,. Some crooks never die!
23. How did he become president??
American ,   USA   (12.02.12)
Olmert is the last guy Israel needs make sure you never reelect this Palestinian !!
24. Do not blame Olmert : Ynet is Guilty
Norbus ,   Holy Land   (12.02.12)
for incitement and publishing the rubbish the crooked Olmert spouts out
25. shmutz
milson   (12.02.12)
It is one thing to have a difference of opinion like I do with beilin, who believes in cutting a deal with abbas saying he's th ebest we'll get compared to hamas. That he has no power, has not changed the educational system of incitement, denies the jewish israel history and wants right of return to some degree are the essential differences. plus 2000 dead and wounded are enough for me that arabs period cannot be trusted in any way shape or form on security. i do not say that beilin is shmutz for believing what he does. Olmert is a different case. He never did combat duties for one. He selected peret for defense. He trusted erdogan to help the golan giveaway which would be a nightmare now or ever and rabin and others were shortsighted, dumb, to consider it. Winograd said that olmert was security deficient;he had no idea of what the hell he was doing and 150 idf got killed in halfhearted undermanned walking into be killed missions. Then olmert offers the moon to abbas including some on right of return. Beyond all of this, he degraded israel saying it is tired of winnning and life will be fun with the gaza withdrawal. No one can rejoice in anyone's departure. But israel will rejoice in this piece of drek and shmutz departs the scene. The arabs can have him.
26. Olmert's new home.
michael Pielet ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
Olmert a despicable liar.
27. Norbus no 24
take him to gaza free of charge and he can join your parliament as foreign minister
28. who cares what Olmert says!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.02.12)
He's an ex-politician, a has-been, with a bad reputation = a Nobody who still believes he has something to contribute by ventilating his opinion. He hasn't, because to Israel's friends he's a problem, but to their foe's he's an asset in their arsenal.
29. Olmert is beyond contempt - a man without honor
AK   (12.03.12)
He should be tried for giving aid and comfort to the enemy at the time of war. And that goes for other vain, stupid, selfish and treasonous Israeli politicians, as well.
30. Isn't Olmert Amusing?
Jezebel   (12.03.12)
That "two-bit-nothing Olmert" interfering in the Israeli political field against a fellow-Jew. Olmert, character-wise will NEVER be able to stand alongside Bibi Netanyahu. Olmert's character can never measure up to Bibi's character. No need to bring this to the attention of the world....... I think the world is long-since in the know!
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