Both sides at fault
Emanuel Rosen
Published: 04.12.12, 00:34
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1. No two sides.
Jules   (12.04.12)
There are no two sides in his conflict. There is State of Israel: a liberal democracy; and there is a bunch of terrorists, lead by a Holocaust denier.
2. Rosen wants 2 arab terrorist states.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.04.12)
Israel had to choose between dishonour and war. Rabin, Peres, Sharon, Olmert Livni, Mofaz, etc choose dishonour and now israel will have war. Rosen is not satisfied with one terrorist state in Gaza. Rosen, the settler wants a second terrorist state in Judea and Samaria.
3. Very true
C2 ,   Aus   (12.04.12)
The chances of peace have dimmed significantly in the last years So the only hope is shared homeland for both palestinians and Jews Palestinians can't afford to build one Jewish people can't afford to allow Palestinian state next to them So go for the most logical option ..one state for all .
4. what is the end of the movie?
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (12.04.12)
I agree it is like watching a movie when we all know it ends badly. So how could we change the movie to reach a happy end? Paradoxically not by looking at what others are doing, but first establishing a national unity including even Diaspora Jewry to prove ourselves a single nation deserving a homeland. Jews have to prove they exist as a nation, which nation is vital for the rest of humanity, showing them it is possible to unite above differences and against all odds. The world needs such example as everybody is sinking on the Titanic.
5. Rosen's rose-colored glasses
Boris ,   US   (12.04.12)
No, Mr. Rosen, it is not "extremists" on both sides that are the problem. The problem is that for 100 years the Arabs, along with a few fellow-travelers among the European nation-states, have done everything in their power to prevent, undermine, and destroy Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel. I wonder what bothered the Arabs in 1929, 36, or 47 Mr. Rosen? You know, the years when they butchered Jews on mass in Hebron, Jerusalem, and Jaffa? Oh, right, those were just "extremists" angry about the occupied lands of 1967. Why, Mr. Rosen, did the Arabs (your friends in Jordan, Egypt and Syria) not lift a finger to create "Palestine" in the territories when THEY controlled them for 15 years? Why was the PLO created in 1964? Of course, because of those pesky lands of 1967 the evil Zionists seized! Seriously, Rosen, are you as foolish as you seem or just acting the clown?
6. The PM's talk of 2 states for 2 people
Jerry   (12.04.12)
is not for the British and the Jews, nor for Arabs and Jews, nor for Christians and Jews, but for haredim and hilonim. The British have their land in Europe, the Arabs have their 22 countries all over the Middle East, the Christians have theirs all over the world, which leaves the Jews, haredim and hilonim, for the tiny land of Israel. Time to leave the Jews alone in their little abode.
7. Embrace the future, Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (12.04.12)
8. Sad but true
Avramele   (12.04.12)
Like the old story of the frog and scorpion - the scorpion being carried by the frog across the river will soon sting and both will drown.
9. ridiculous nonsense
Steve ,   USA   (12.04.12)
Anyone who equates Mashaal with Feiglin and Haniyeh with Danon is certainly someone well outside the mainstream and without any moral compass, although the writer I am sure will tell you he is the one to consult on social conscience. A Chicken Little like the writer "the Titanic is sinking" wishes to be seen as a man of great insight and a lover of peace, but all he really does is show his complete and utter incomprehension of what has and what is taking place. And if he demonizes an Israeli patriot or two, and elevates a terrorist or two, so what, because isn't "peace now" worth the price? This writer is a man looking for followers that he can lead to a fairyland.
10. Both sides at fault....
Rafi ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.04.12)
The enemy is not after an inch...but the whole yard!....They attacked and lost!...now they want it all back gift wrapped......as the losers they take what suits the winners so this never repeats itself again... Would it not be for Israel these parasitical nomads living off Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon would never aspire to be named and have a country!!!! Israel,....you have been too considerate to these hate mongers, stand strong and unified!...adjust your democracy to suit the circumstances and to save your skin!
11. Israeli retreat IS the catastrophe.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.04.12)
Israeli reteat IS the catastrophe. It is the root cause of almost all our problems. Q: Why do we suffer terror from Gaza? Why do we have wars in Gaza? A: Israeli retreat from Gaza. Q: Why do we suffer terror from Lebanon? We do we have wars in Lebanon? A: Israeli retreat from our South Lebanon Security Zone. Israeli retreat causes almost ALL our problems.
12. From the Word of God!
Taz Man ,   USA   (12.04.12)
All the land from the Nile River to the Euphates River, as stated in the Abrahamic Covenant, belongs to Israel--period! There will NEVER be a Palestinian state--period! There will be a 7-yr false treaty with the EU and Israel, which will start "....the time of Jacob's..." The, soon, coming wars will set this whole thing up. We're living in the end-days--period! Pray hard...pray hard!!!
13. One day people will point to your domicile and say: "here
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.04.12)
lived and worked at subversing Israel one named Emanuel Rosen and now our tour will continue to the complex where Yossi Beilin, the Architect lived" Thankfully it looks like "the People" are slowly opening their eyes.
14. Brother, I will remember
Avi ,   USA   (12.04.12)
I was with you in 93 proud of the word peace. Ready to divide the land but I realize that we only strengthened our enemies. Today we have Islamo Nazis around us and their EU appeasers in our ears. What angers me is not the Abbas Cheap trick but that the EU gaurantors broke their word to us. I don't see any peace. I see world treachery towards israel. i don't feel i live in 2013 but in 1933. So now I say build Bibi build. Build till the defensible borders that we need. For the world has always been against us and it's Fort Israel that we must defend. But there will be peace someday, a time will come, When the racism of Islam is overcome. the religion must be reformed or mankind's future will be on hold. So Brother, don't fight your brothers they tried their best to find peace. They gave lands and shook hands but the enemy did not sleep
15. Excellent article
esse ,   --   (12.04.12)
And it's fair to say it's our fault (moderates who seek peace) that this tragedy is occuring. Our words may not be able to reach the Palestinians, but they can certainly reach those Israelis who propose actions that make peace with the Palestinians increasingly unlikely.
16. Bibi is a liar
yaacovic   (12.04.12)
Rosen has hit the nail on the head. Bibi says he is for peace and a two state solution but it is simply a lie. I have no problem with agressive defence. I have no problems with extreme measures taken in extreme situations. However here we have extremist ideology masquerading as reasonableness without any other option but to be unreasonable. Here we have no vision at all for what a peaceful future might look like masquerading as leadership. I have no time for two faced liars who say one thing and mean another. Time to get real Israel. There are leaders who could advance future peace and coexistence in the region but they are not in the Netanyahu-Lieberman bloc, not in Shas and not in any of the religious parties. They are also not in Hamas and maybe not in the PA either but in order to arrive at peace we need leadership here that is open to it.
17. About sinking ship
Chris ,   Austria   (12.04.12)
It's an old rule throw out ballast for keep a ship from sinking. I think Rosen and his left cronies are exactly the thing. There are no 2 sides, Mr.Rosen: one side is Jewish patriots and another arab terrorists and your comparison is disgusting. Unfortunately 20 years was not enough for Israeli left to understand that their unreasonable behavior endanger life of people.
18. No Crisis, Never Peace, More Settlements, No "palestine"
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.04.12)
19. a really good article !
fouad abdel nour ,   berlin   (12.04.12)
Dear Sir, with full respect, I enjoyed your article tremendously: I wish so many in Israel would support your view ! fouad
20. Lets not play Netanyahus game
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.04.12)
I ve always said...call his bluff By creating these so called 'pre conditions'.. such as freeze on settlements - Netanyahu dictates the progress or not of talks - not us I say...Abbas dont tie yourself in Israeli knots...just start the talks NOW. Because we all know that once the talks have started at a certain point in the talks there will have built up a level of momentum, trust and determination hope AND willingness to compromise from which there will be no turning back
21. To Sammy
Chris ,   Austria   (12.04.12)
When did you see willingness of compromise from Arab side? All talks are useless because Arabs want distraction of Jewish state. Every gesture from Israel they use only for killing Jews. I want to remind Mr.Rosen that Oslo accord was for 5 years only and can be cancelled.
22. Over simplification
Ilan   (12.04.12)
Most of the Likud realize that all of areas A,B and most of C are not going to be retained in any peace agreement. The question has been over how much of area C Israel will retain. The Palestinians have demanded a complete return to the '49 armistice lines with only cosmetic changes. There is a wide gap in expectations.
23. #12 Taz Man
DavidR ,   USA   (12.05.12)
100% spot on. And, In my opinion we are nearly 3 years into that 7. Pray hard and pack a Go Pack!
24. Open your eyes
Ruben ,   Modi'in, Israel   (12.05.12)
I think the author is spot on on. We need to open our eyes in Israel as to the fact that Palestinians will not be leaving, that we do not own all the land and that any peaceful solution will involve a neighbouring Palestinian state. It's time to put aside religion driven expansionary ambitions, stick to the initial concept of Resolution 181 (with obvious exceptions) and return to being the moral, intelligent and fair people we like to say we are. The argument of we do this because they are worse has to stop. Its childish and will only serve to prolong this conflict further. Seeing the extremists (on both sides) ability to organise and unite, means that moderates from across the country (secular and religious) need to stand together as a united front. Hopefully the January elections will bring about some worthwhile change.
25. #24. Fictional "Palestinians" will be leaving.
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.05.12)
#24 Ruben. You're the one who needs to open your eyes. This tiny land belongs to Jews. "Palestinians" have 22 homeland to choose from. There is nothing "extremist" about claiming our sole tiny Homeland. And yes, the Fictional "Palestinians" will be leaving.
26. To No. 25
Bertram ,   London, UK   (12.06.12)
Purely for the sake of argument, let us say there was proof that the Palestinians were not fictional and that they had an authentic claim to the land. And let us say that the Jews also had an authentic claim to the land. Again, purely for the sake of argument, how would the situation be resolved?
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