Ban: Israeli settler bid a 'fatal blow' to peace
AFP, Itamar Fleishman
Published: 02.12.12, 22:11
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1. Oh, I don't think so
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.02.12)
The fatal blow was cast by the ersatz "Palestinians" when they tried to circumvent real and honest negotiations with Israel. Now they will be left with nothing. Israel will continue to build. Israel has cut off their funding. Israel will revoke their work permits. Israel will annex Judea and Samaria. I wish to thank the ersatz "Palestinians" to playing right into Israel's hand. Thank you, thank you -- and good bye and good riddance. Don't let the door slam you in your asses as you leave Medinat Israel.
2. yeah but
SA ,   USA   (12.02.12)
Yeah but shooting rockets at civilians on purpose and using human shields is also against international law, but Ban doesn't say anything about that. Maybe it's not a fatal blow since Israel keeps on negotiating with those guys even despite the terror attacks.
3. Abbas already killed the peace process
Charles ,   Paris_FRANCE   (12.02.12)
4. Ban Ban Ki Mun
Shlomo ,   Israel   (12.02.12)
Ban Ban Ki Mun as Bhutrus Bhutrus did not care about peace until now, somehow only now, once the battle in UN is over and no more relevant, he starts thinking about international law and natural consequences of that vote. E1 homes should be constructed, Jewish housing is not thread to peace! The vote in UN represents a fatal blow to Oslo, sad Ban Ban does not understand that.
5. this loony Moony man!!!!!!!!!!!
gianito ,   gibraltar   (12.02.12)
what a job secretary general of the United Nations gives you the p[ower to harm the Jewish people in whatever way possible...look at the list U thant,kurt waldheim utros brutos,kofi and now thisMoony man.the ilk of these never miss an opportunity to slam Israel and the Jewish people...and then who the hell remembers them! their contribution to mankinds history is zilch.
6. Ban is using glasses...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.02.12)
Then he is not blind, nor he is deaf! Could anyone explain to him what has happened between hamass-fatah and Israel? Both islamic organisations have in their charter the destruction of Israel, and have let the rockets hail down on Israel. And they have no intention to lay down their charters. Ban should start there. But BAN does not know? If he do, why so speechless? Does he fear islam in the same way as the rest of the christian followers do? Then he is not suitable to be the leader of UN.
7. What peace ? ,...
split ,   US   (12.02.12)
That's all they want is more land and Swiss cheese like labor camp ,...
8. Fatal blow to peace?
mufflets ,   Dublin   (12.02.12)
What is Ban talking about . Every move Israel has made for years has been designed to kill the two state solution
9. Hamas statehood
Exenon ,   Australia   (12.02.12)
Hamas is a recognized terrorist orginization who's stated aim is to "Drive Israelis (re. Jews) into the sea". It is hardly understandable the Israelis should not comply with this "Final Solution" to a less than peacefull resolve to the vexed question of Israels existence.
10. good news !
alsky ,   toronto   (12.02.12)
there will never be peace until Islam reforms and accepts Israel as the homeland of the Jews. (in othr words....there will never be peace----so why sugar coat?)
11. Dearest Mar Moon
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.02.12)
I thought there were lately about 1600 blows to peace from Gaza. Mar Abbas didn't criticize a single one of them!
12. The International community has
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.12)
joined forces with the malicious Ishmaelim. Their fate is known, predicted, and long anticipated. Let them taste the pain with which they have tormented Jews all these centuries. Let the festivities begin.
13. So-called "Palestinians"
john ,   USA   (12.02.12)
Never wanted peace anyway. The Islamist quest to impose a "Palestinian" state on Israel's land is only a "means" to try to destroy Israel for the "Ummah". UN chief Ban is willfully ignorant.
14. Ban: Israeli settler bid a 'fatal blow' to peace
Z. Brenner ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (12.02.12)
The UN should have thought about the consequences of their illegal actions by voting for the Arabs. There was never a palestinian people other than the displaced Jews from their homeland by the Roman conquerors. The arabs were never there and have no historical attachment to the land. It is about time that the Jews do what is right for them and their Nation. The Nations of the World and especially the European countries, have absolutely no moral standing or rights in demanding or asking anything of the Jewsh Nation or telling them how to conduct their National Rights in their National Homeland. The only thing that they can do is to get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness and nothing more. There was never another nation on the Land of Israel, there never was and never will be besides the Jewish People.
15. Fatal blow to peace
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.02.12)
The very establishment of the state called "Israel" in 1948 was the fatal blow to peace. And peace will not some to the Middle East until the inevitable disestablishment of this political entity; hopefully through BDS and other economic means, or (hopefully not) through an all-out war that "Israel" could not possibly win. This is NOT 1967 or even 1973.
Better to have a war which we will survive than to have a " peace " which will lead to our demise and to the demise of our precious jewish homeland.
17. Sarah B what you think is irrelevant to us
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (12.02.12)
18. Ban: Israeli settler bid a 'fatal blow' to peace
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (12.02.12)
No ! the UN vote killed it.
19. The fatal blow, dear friend (not)
Mira ,   Vienna   (12.02.12)
came from the passing of the resolution on Thrusday! Thiese are only the consequences!
20. What peace process?
Joe ,   USA   (12.03.12)
There hasn't been a peace process for years and there won't be one until the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
21. To nr. 1.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn NH, Holland   (12.03.12)
The Palestinians are not left with nothing . They always can go to Jordan or to the rest of the Arab/Islamic world. You are right that Eretz/Medinat Israel is the state/land of the Jewish people, from the river to the sea. Those Palestinians/people who do not agree with that, are free to leave. A criminal fifth colomn who wants to end the existence of israel can be forced to leave and can be put over the borders. Israel will remain the state for the Jewish people on that piece of land forever where it is now. The bottom-line is also the Jewish people have the right on a life in peace/prosperity in their own country, period. The United Nations also have to take care of that.
22. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.03.12)
At least I am Jewish, and have Israeli citizenship. You can claim neither. What you think is irrelevant to us. Especially since your significant other is an Arab. Get the hell out of our country; both of you.
23. Moon
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (12.03.12)
UN = Appeasement of the worlds despots,tyrants,dictators and corrupt states.
24. To No 17
Daniel ,   Uk - Jerusalem   (12.03.12)
Speak for yourself. Sara B is The Best : - )
25. Settlements?
Michael ,   Australia   (12.03.12)
And the rockets, WTF were they? BTW Israel is not a settlement is is Israel all of it belongs to the Israelite. That is us !!
26. Israel
Buck Mast ,   McMinnville   (12.03.12)
Always remember that King David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel almost 2000 years BEFORE Mohammad invented Islam.Jerusalem belongs to Israel
27. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (12.03.12)
B"H - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's own UN killed the peace by letting the Arabs evade their part of the bargin
F*CK UN   (12.03.12)
29. Hamas missiles the real blow to peace
Dan   (12.03.12)
Gaza has shown Israel that if it is ever stupid enough to give the West Bank to the Palestinians,they will use it relentlessly and without provocation as a missile base to attack Israeli civilians, and that the UN would only reward them. So goodby peace and thank you Hamas.
30. to 1
true arab ,   cairns-Austraalia   (12.03.12)
You know that your 2nd paragraph is totally absurd.Nothing will be annexed. Your PM is a pussy-his boss in the US is punishing him.I only want peace between the Arabs and Jews.
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