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President Obama, talk to Iran
Ronen Bergman
Published: 04.12.12, 18:12
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1. I Won't Feel That Safe Having b.H.o. Safe Guarding
My Future? How can someone So Self Centered and Egotistical as desendent of ham Look After The Well Being of Israel's existence and future??
2. Nothing worse than democraties negociating with dictatorship
Alan ,   Canada   (12.04.12)
There is no real compromise a dictatorship regime can agree to without endangering its political survival & the physical survival of its leader. If a dictator were to show any sign of true weakness towards some internal opposition or towards foreign countries, he would almost certainely have to fear raising the will of those oppressed citizens who wish to dispose of him by violent means, the only means they can rely on where the ballot means nothing. He would also encourage his ambitious direct underlings to seek to replace him with a stronger hand able to maintain the priviledges of the ruling class. Concessions for a dictator is a no no. He can only fake when agreeing to a compromise & gain time to regain his posture of violent domination, politics of the big lie & corruption. The Israelis have good reasons to worry about the meakness of those powers who have been unable to limit Iran's influence by isolating it & are now seeking a temporary lull with the Ayatollahs through mindless negociations.
3. Israel knows
Israeli 2   (12.04.12)
the mentality of the fanatics. You do not discuss with them. They understand might only. Learn from those who know - the experts.
4. Good and Balanced Article!
Max Hamelt ,   Irvine, USA   (12.04.12)
Good article. Talking to the Iranian regime doesn't mean endorsing them. If US did not engage with USSR during the cold war, it would not have resulted in the eventual collapse of USSR under its own heavy weight. Once USSR had no longer have an enemy in the cold war, it had no longer the legitimacy to exit. This should also work with Iran.
5. I really expected better of Bergman.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.04.12)
Were Iran to freeze its nuclear activities while talks were underway, perhaps Bergman's argument would hold water. But Israel knows, as Bergman should appreciate, that the centrifuges will continue spinning, the construction, the development and the testing would continue apace while the G5+1 engaged in fruitless talk. As to the effect of the sanctions, Obama has provided numerous waivers to keep participants from bolting, and Iran actively works around said sanctions with the help of our putative allies. Germany does billions in trade with Iran, while NATO ally Turkey is buying Iranian oil with gold. Bergman should also look to the example of North Korea, itself under harsh sanctions. Their population may be starving, but the missile and nuclear projects continue without let-up.
6. #2...TRADE?
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (12.05.12)
Given Iran's "existential threat" to Israel if nuclear weapons were developed by the former, would Israel be willing to dismantle its nuclear weapons program and submit to the same inspections as Iran if Iran agrees not to arm itself? See, the problem here is one of abject hypocricy by Israel if they dont disarm. I vote for a nuke-free ME. Everybody wins.
7. Its unbelievable....
Edward ,   New York USA   (12.05.12)
that anyone with half a brain could at this late date with Iran months away from weaponizing, that after countless lies, deceptions, and mounting additional evidence of plutonium generation at other sites, bomb designs, etc. that anyone can say we must wait, The only thing further waiting will get, is the nuclearization of not only a terrorist state but of its terrorist proxies around the world. Issue an ultimatum now and blockade Iran's ports until they fold. It they don't fold within two weeks take out their entire nuclear, military, and political infrastructure. If Obama won't do it, Israel must.
8. Ronen is another righ-wing Zionist who sees the light...
Persian CAT   (12.05.12)
"What appears easy to explain "at home" in Israel, became slightly more difficult for me in Singapore." Yes Sir, it's not only the folks in Singapore who are perplexed at Israeli stupidity, rigidity and war mongering. Most of the World, except Micronesia perhaps, think that way. Ronen is talking about the bad economic situation in Iran, but fails to mention the bad geopolitical and isolation of Israel in the region and the world. No doubt the ONLY reason this right wing Zionist is "supporting" Obama's efforts to negotiate with Iran stems from Israel's weakness and isolation. Otherwise this right winger would stick to his "attack Iran" rhetoric as in the past.
9. No Diplomatic solution !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.05.12)
Talks is only waste of time, Shiaislamic Iran will bow to nothing but death. The longer the Military Option lingers the deadlier will be its cost, Arn.Sweden.
10. Nr 6. You err in Principle !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.05.12)
Do you suppose we Should Disarm the Police and the Lawabiding Cityzens if the Criminals admit to the same ?. Further - I vote for a nuke-free ME. Everybody wins. Frank-el , Seattle USA (12.05.12 Comment - Why dont wote for a War Free World then ? Yes I consider you to be an usefull Idiot only !. Arn.Sweden.
LEO ,   CANADA   (12.05.12)
12. #10 you err in reason
Your supposed analogy is facile to its core. Israel is not demanding that others dismantle their police forces (think of what would happen in Palestine if they did); they are demanding that others not have the toys they do, which in this case is nuclear weapons. Sounds like you have something against peace, which I think makes its own point. Perhaps you should study up on your own country's policy on nuclear weapons and you may see some enlightenment. Double standards and hypocricy are usually self-evident and it is only the delusional that can't see themselves in the mirror.
13. Bergman delusional
SG ,   Teaneck   (12.06.12)
"successful policy?" How so? Iran steams full speed ahead towards plutonium bomb. Sanctions, as proven w/N Korea, are always porous and will not stop a government willing to impose any cost on its population in order to achieve nuke weapons. Mr. Bergman will awaken one day to news that Iran has successfully tested a nuke bomb. Then what? More talk?
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