Britain 'isn't recalling ambassador' over settlements
Published: 03.12.12, 13:26
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1. What is the problem??
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.03.12)
Through many wars which the neighboring states have put on Israel, they are NEVER been set under pressure from the international community. Islamic followers have been allowed to start wars without beeing fraid of reaction from the western countries. Just look to the "arabic-spring", people are killed in tousands, but who cares? Not the western world.!! Looks like the ISLAMIC FOLLOWERS are licensed to kill people, without any reaction from the western powers. Above all, now France and UK are making presents to the terrorists after shelling Israel... It seems that UK and France shares the same bed, using both entrance A and B to have fun...
2. british
MICHAEL WEINREICH ,   cape town   (12.03.12)
to all my fellow Israeli citizens stand behind bibi and the israeli government and tell the ammbassador and cameron and the british people to go to hell. the great Menachem Begin would have done the same. british pigs
3. Mull this!
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.12)
4. YESH !!
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (12.03.12)
Bring it on. This will be great ammunition for the electoral campaign to finally bring down this ridiculous arrogant xenophobic government which continually spits in the face of the world.
5. Palestinians want free Electricity.
Good for you Israel let the enemies pay for everything, electricity, water, etc,.
6. France & Britain will recall their ambasadors
Very good, let them even break diplomatic relationship, and Israel will build more & more. Hope next time Israel will announce they have approved another 60,000 houses. BUILD UP OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AND LET OUR ENEMIES TO HELL. BUILD & BUILD & BUILD. TO HELL WITH INTERNATIONAL LAW CREATED BY THE GREEDY & SELFISH EUROPEANNNNNNN
7. Area E1
Ed Codish ,   Pardessiya   (12.03.12)
The Israeli government is acting like a child testing limits. It crawls closer and closer to a dangerous edge, peeking over its shoulder to make sure its Mother is watching and ready to intervene. Netanyahu knows he cannot and never will build in E1, but wants his right wing allies to think he dares. Fortunately for us, the Americans and Europeans will save us from ourselves and universal disgrace.
stude ham   (12.03.12)
you've already destroyed and recolonized lybia... the world no longer needs a renascent british imperialism which at one time barred the jewish people from their homeland. israel got rid of the british. cameron stay out and keep out.
9. Consistent with history of UK hostility to Jews
Sidney ,   USA   (12.03.12)
UK violated League of Nations mandate by creating Transjordan. UK kept Jewish refugees out if mandate for Jewish homeland in 1930s. UK imprisoned Holocaust survivors who tried to reach Israel in Cyprus. UK armed Arabs while preventing Jews from getting arms when it gave up the mandate. A British officer, Glubb Pasha, led Jordanian army effort to destroy Israel.
10. UK and what, France again?
Walt ,   GA, U.S.A.   (12.03.12)
This is just funny! It was fine for the British to invade Afghanistan and Iraq as a response to 9/11, but it’s not fine for Israel to respond to rocket attacks on its civilians and total disregard for Oslo Accords by PLO by building homes for Jews in Jerusalem... As for the French, “We hate Americans! Oh, the Germans are coming?! Help, no, i mean hello Americans, we love you! You can build a Disney Land near Paris if you want!”. It's pathetic!
11. Once a POM always a POM.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (12.03.12)
Hey pom boy, you gotta do what you gotta do.
12. The British Mandate ended 65 years ago!
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (12.03.12)
Wait, let me understand this. The UK is going to break ties with Israel over building in Jerusalem yet at the same time has ties with totalitarian regimes all over the world? Sounds more like British mandate Palestine rules all over again. They would be hanging Jews here again if they had the chance.
13. Retire foreign aid to Israel
Shocked ,   Madrid,Spain   (12.03.12)
As U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul said, why do the people on the western countries has to subsidize the illegal activities of Israel?
14. Cameron.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.03.12)
your country will be soon Cameroon, and your grandchild will be a doarman at the palace of the Grand Emir of Britain.
15. Israel should give them a free EL AL ticket!
tiki ,   belgium   (12.03.12)
16. Sanctions
David ,   Netanya   (12.03.12)
In answer to the British and French recalling their ambassadors and imposing trade sanctions on us for building houses where we are legally allowed, I have a fitting response from personal experience. My Mother visited her local doctor in Cirencester. The doctor asked her how her I am getting on, knowing that I have cancer. My Mother told her that I am having chemotherapy, after which I will be transferred to another hospital for stem cell treatment. The doctor's jaw, apparently dropped to the ground and she gasped "we don't offer anything like that here, it is experimental but not something the National Health Service offers by default. There's no money for that here." The point I'm making without wanting to sound nasty is that in order to sanction or boycott this country, please do not take any life saving medicines, throw away your cellphones, don't use a computer or anything with a computer chip in it, deploy any agricultural or water technology or think about using anything for, that matter, which aids or improves your quality of life. Oh I forgot to mention air travel as well. You go and recall your ambassadors to you recession riddled, politically correct, multicultural, bankrupt European countries that you govern, or should I say, that Brussels governs, and we will build some more state of the art beautiful homes in our lush, subtropical, dynamic, free and magnificent country of ours. Have a nice day!
17. Israel take your gloves off. Israel's survival is at stake.
joseph ,   Australia   (12.03.12)
Firstly no more collecting taxes for Abbas. EVER. Let the broke European give him 100 million per month. Announce in 6 months Jordan and the Europeans must provide ALL services for Abbas, including employment. Deport every single European and NGO in Israel and the West bank that is working against Israel. Enact law to tax to suspend all funding from Israel's enemies. Give these millions to citizens who have been affected by terrorism. Charge Abbas for all services in cash and up front until the services move to Jordan. Cancel all dual Israel/citizens and move them back to Abbas.
18. Palestine will be FREE.
Lynx ,   Palestine   (12.03.12)
19. #4 You don't get it
Menachem ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
This is not about the Netanyahu government but about Israel. Israel has for years been at the receiving end of global anti-Jewish arrogance which preceded the current Israeli government. The only way Israel can avoid global condemnations is to commit suicide. Most Israelis think in fact that the Netanyahu-government has been too soft with regards to Israel's interests and security.
20. #13 Spain is going down the drain
Eyal ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
while Israel's economy keeps growing. There is no force in the world which can sever the eternal ties between the People of Israel with the Land of Israel.
21. #7 What are you smoking dude?
Menachem ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
Americans and Europeans saving the Jews? Don't make me laugh. Even our American friends didn't lift a finger to stop the Holocaust of 6 million Jews. Israel has survived and thrives despite European and international efforts to undermine the homeland of the Jewish people.
22. doing great
bill ,   canada   (12.03.12)
more isolation; less trade; no friends within a thousand miles; yes the israeli experiment is doing great; Obama will set you wackos straight; there is no leadership in israel; the gene pool is too small
23. To the best of my knowledge...
Josh Felt   (12.03.12)
Britain's economy hovers on and below zero growth for the 3rd year running and is continually in recession and the British economy is already in a severe turmoil. Bring your trade agreement freeze on pigs, just bring it on. Let's see who will draw the short end of the sticks!
24. Time for Israel to get tough on UK & France!
The UK are the biggest war-warmongering hypocrites on the planet. And France is just being the Arab-loving nation they have always been. I suggest Israel withdraws its Ambassadors' from both countries immediately. Supposed to be our allies. What a joke!
25. The Likud will benefit from that in the elections
Israeli voter   (12.03.12)
Any step against Israel will strengthen the Israeli right in the coming elections.
26. Jews must UNITE
Jews must UNITE as one body to defeat our enemies, and the European who wants our destruction.
27. Obama & Europe
Obama and the European leaders are united together to bring down Natanyahu, and to bring the currupt leftist EHUD OLMERT who is prepared to give Jerusalem & other holy places to the Palestinians. VOTE FOR BIBI OR LIEBERMAN. DOWN WITH LEFTIST
28. why not ?
evron ,   uk   (12.03.12)
why cannot israelis build and live in land they control now even if some land will be given to future arab state ? there are 2 millions arabs living in israel as citizens of israel. every thing must be negotiated between the 2 sides without precondition
29. 1948
NoBrit   (12.03.12)
That was the last year Brits where important in Israel. Now they are economical ill and political unimportant. There country lives from the memories of the old empire. As they say its all over now boys.
30. #13
GoHome   (12.03.12)
Why is it your country occupies moroccan land and we do still have ties with you? Or are Ceuta &Melilla forgotten?
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