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Hamas opens Pillar of Defense exhibition
Yonatan Gonen
Published: 03.12.12, 17:48
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1. Display
Paul ,   Vancouver, Canada   (12.03.12)
Thank you, Hamas for showing the world how precise and localized the Israeli strike was. The doors are still on the car - wonderful! I'm a bit concerned with the display of dud artillery rounds though. That looks like a quality control problem. There shouldn't be so much unexploded ordinance.
2. Warranty
Barry ,   Eilat   (12.03.12)
Do you think the Kia 7 year warranty is void now?
3. when was the last time a mechanic checked the car over?
zionist forever   (12.03.12)
They really do need to have a mechanic check out that car if its going to be considered road worthy I wonder what its resale value it? Hamas terrorists should learn driving around in an open top car like that one really are not very good for security.
4. Awesome Hit!
Dr. Langhorne ,   USA   (12.03.12)
So precise they didn't even damage the hood & engine compartment! Wish they could bring that car exhibit to NYC.
5. Are you sure you're using Gazan photos?
William ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
or just recycling photos of civilians hurt in Syria and Iraq, like you did a couple of weeks ago? Hitting Jabri wasn't a crime, it was making the world a better place. And that sure isn't his car. According to the video - which received a LOT of hits, by the way (no pun intended) - that car was blown into many pieces including the hood which flew 50 meters skyward.
6. Oh what a shame poor asesins, they are
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (12.03.12)
showing to the world the horrors of the war they say they win, where can israel make an exhibition of more than 4000 missils from the last years? Other terrorist results are in the graveyard's in Israel, USA, Argentina, UK all over the world. Please people open your eyes
7. Nice car is a shame..
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (12.03.12)
8. Very accurate missile. The Engine and front part untouched
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.12)
TheEngine can still be vused in another car.
9. Love the Magen Davids on the shells
David ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
Just incase people confuse them with the shells of Hamas
10. William spot-on as usual
Israeli grandma   (12.03.12)
What is being exhibited is clearly some more Pallywood Productions, but what did we expect? Cinema Verite?
11. And nobody mentioned the terror...
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.03.12)
...which the terrorist was responsible of. In his, Jabari's, time as a military commander, the number of rockets he has approved are more than 10.000.!! Ten tousands rockets with the intention to KILL CIVILIANS.!! Pls inform the EU, US and Ban Ke-Moon.... That JABAR was not an innocent lamb, as the leftist would like to believe.
12. sell it on Ebay
zionist forever   (12.03.12)
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.03.12)
Their car even survives a missile. Shame that a nice car was wasted on this guy, though. HAM ASS should start running scripts for Hollywood. I see a future here for them. They sure know how to exhibit their their self made misery.
14. Jabari's murder was justice - jihad !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (12.03.12)
15. Used holy warrior chariot
Cameron ,   USA   (12.03.12)
Scorched, but scraped clean of jihadi and son.
Edy Burak ,   miami , usa   (12.03.12)
pls fix this KIA car , make the best taxi in Gaza !!!! put inside an other terrorist , and the IDF will blow up again .- JUA JUA JUA
17. That car is more durable than a Humvee!
Essie HaKohane ,   FL USA   (12.03.12)
18. Hamas Membership PR... smear on dashboard
Hong Konger ,   Hong Kong, Hong Kong   (12.04.12)
Lol, fellow jihadists you too can end up being a martyred bloodstain in the car's backseat. It's like that classified ad al qaeda took out looking for suicide bombers with experience and references lol.
19. Pillar of defence exhibition
Patrick Wamahe ,   Solomon Islands   (12.04.12)
What about the attrocities committed by hamas, how will they exhibit those?
20. LOL! NOT the car. Do they think we're stupid? LOL!
My Planet Israel ,   LA-Jerusalem   (12.04.12)
As was clearly video-taped, the car was demolished, burned to a crisp and totally obliterated. The videos showing the pals rummaging through the ashes were very clear. More pallywood for you: straight from the planets dumbest people.
21. Spicoli's dad can fix it
Homi ,   San Francisco   (12.04.12)
He's a TV repair man
22. I bid $5, 000 in AS IS condition.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.04.12)
23. 22
undervalued, worth much more !!!!
24. Unexploded
Usama ,   Palestine   (12.04.12)
There shoulden't be so much unexploded XXX*ordinance*XXX Israelis.
25. Yes
Usama ,   Palestine   (12.04.12)
Yes it is void as you hatred Israelis.
26. Expensive
Usama ,   Palestine   (12.04.12)
Any way its resale value is more expnesive than your degraded soul.
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