Politicians: Netanyahu endangers Israel
Moran Azulay
Published: 03.12.12, 17:39
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1. With positions like these, that's why the left has become
Israeli Voter ,   Former Leftist   (12.03.12)
more and more IRRELEVANT in Israel. They ALWAYS stand against Jewish interests in the Arab-Jewish conflict. Not only Netanyahu's popularity is increasing in spite of Ben Eliezer, Livni, Olmert and the rest of them; even those to the right of Netanyahu are growing.
2. Why does every other country in world think they run Israel?
Absolutely ,   DISGUSTING!!!   (12.03.12)
They would not DARE to tell any other country how to run its internal affairs? So what gives them the gall to think they can do it to Israel?
3. An opposition of whiners and wimps
Dan   (12.03.12)
4. New Housing
ELYGOLDART ,   ST LOUIS PARK 55416   (12.03.12)
Keep building, ISRAEL. It is your right to do so.
5. Bibi is losing it.
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (12.03.12)
Bibi sure knows how to make friends. First he alienates the US/ Obama, and now he is alienating the Europeans. Can someone tell me what is going on with the senior leadership of Israel? I know Israeli's think they are number one in the world, however numbers don't lie. The world overwhelmingly voted against it recently and Israel should conform to this reality and try to find some middle ground out of the "crisis", however to "piss" against the wind is stupid because we all know what happens when you do. I support Israel 110 percent and personally I am happy the US sided with Israel, but we the US can't go against the world forever, we have to be flexible diplomatically and so does Israel when the stakes are significantly higher for it.
6. Diplomats often tell truths off the record...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (12.03.12)
...and the Israeli UN diplomat who said that Netanyahu and Lieberman will go down in history as the ones who finally gave the Palestinians their own state, was spot on.
7. Israelis are endangering Israel...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.03.12)
by not backing Bibi. He can t possibly fight alone on all fronts.
8. ISRAEL MUST NOT GIVE IN! Otherwise more ridiculousdemands
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.12)
will follow... Even a demand that the State closes up and all Jews get the H out. There will be 170 Votes in favour of this!
9. Livni & Israeli leftist
P. 0 old cow
10. Bibi endagers Israel not because of settlments, but
Oleg ,   USA   (12.03.12)
because he did not finish a job. He is going with a path of Peres, who completely out of his mind; Barak, who fled Lebanon; Sharon, who gave up Gaza. their actionsbring Israel to its knees and strenghten its enemies.
11. agree with #4 and # 7
jew ,   europe   (12.03.12)
nobody say or care about slaughtering in syria, about other unjustices in other countries they only know how to critize israel israel has right to do what they think is right for people and state ! dont listen europe?? look back 70 years ago? someone ever stand up for Israel?
Can Europe & USA tell any Islamic Country what to do to blackmail them with sanction, & calling back their ambasadors.
13. Not just him
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (12.03.12)
It's the revisionist Land of Israel ideology that endangers Israel.
14. Ben Eliezer blames Bibi for buiding in JERUALEM!! .
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.03.12)
The sick appeasing response of the left proves, once again, the Israeli left is sick and poses the gravest danger to Israel. As it always did. Ben Eliezer blames Bibi for building in Jerusalem. JERUSALEM!!! How despicable can one be? Nothing is too low for Israeli leftist parties.,
15. ben eliezer
moshe   (12.03.12)
send the levy report to ban ki moon and all the arab countries, I remind people tha tben eliezer said israel should not stick to its principles and kiss and suck up to erdogan. Ben eleizeer's best days are behind him and he was never,. never a good dfense minister
16. Hypocrisy from Europeans who demolished Oslo Agrrements
Palestinian Governments Build Missiles, Israeli Government Builds Homes, British Government Doesn't. Israel needs no lesson in Civility
17. Tel Aviv building permit
mark ,   NY   (12.03.12)
Tel Aviv building permit needed please call Abbas Hammass and UN. Jerusalem is our capital not any countries monopoly board game. Next Can't defend your self. Jews can't build. Can't buy goods next. Can't eat. Can't buy land. Can't bury their dead. Can't live. Do u see a pattern 1938ish
18. TO NO 7 .Dear
sam ,   colorado-USA   (12.03.12)
This talk was in the past and now the situation is different ......Dear
19. Politicans convenient condemnations
Baruch ,   Akko   (12.03.12)
Such attacks on Netanyahu's government policies might be believeable, even laudable, if they reflected a well reasoned and consistent position rather than appearing as opportunistic cheap shots made in the midst of an election campaign.
20. other than Livni who were the leading politicians?
zionist forever   (12.03.12)
Zouabi, Tibi, Galon or Mitzna maybe ? Lets have some names please see just hoe leading these politicians are?
21. The only ones' who endanger Israel...
Jake Stone ,   USA   (12.04.12)
...are liberal trash that makes-up the left.
22. Worse than hezbollah
StevieT ,   USA   (12.04.12)
I have been sypathetic to the plight of the ordinary people of Lebanon because the weaponry amassed by Hezbollah to attack Israel, could ultimately result in a retaliation that would wipe most of them out. In other words, they are hostages in their own homes. Now, I am starting to feel the same way about the average Israeli. The reckless actionsof the right wing in the territories is stripping away badly needed support in friendly countries The bellicose, hard nosed posts on websites like this one only add to my concerns.
23. Livni a foreign pimped stooge without shame
bernard ross   (12.04.12)
24. "politicians" you called them?
les ,   canada   (12.04.12)
with "leaders" like the livni/olmert comedy duo, israel will be a short foot note in the history books.
25. #2 So what gives them the gall......
Robert ,   Australia   (12.04.12) think they can do it with Israel? When injustice, illegality and downright evil is adopted by any country it should be brought to everyones' attention and if necessary sanctions should be applied to stamp these actions out. Would not DARE to tell any other country....... You must have been living in isolation during the last 50 years.
26. to #25
J ,   Canada   (12.04.12)
Well, I guess you and the World have been living in isolation: 1) 40,000 killed in Syria (never hear those comments) 2) Both Hamas and Fatah in their charters include the destruction of Israel (terrorist entities calling for the destruction of another country, is that a partner for peace?) 3) Guess what dude, Australia uses Israeli technology in support of its troops in Afganistan, I wonder how many they have had to kill in their own defense? (Oh, right, never hear about that on the news either). The thing is, I could go on and on.. Seems as though, you are the one living under a rock. And by the way, Australia is far more isolated than Israel; hence why all your $HIT costs more. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, doesn't Australia consult Israel on water consumption? Maybe they should just do that themselves as well. Good day sir.
27. I am waiting for Livni to release the marriage date
zioninst forever   (12.04.12)
The two L Livni & Lapid were made for each other, neither cares about the country, both have big egos and just want power and so rather than join a respectable party which can get things done they form their own so they can take a fast track to the top. These people were made for each other and would be the perfect couple.
28. Netanyahu will kill Israel
Dan   (12.05.12)
Like Sharon the man is a nationally suicidal idiot who is willing to alienate the whole world and delegitimise Israel by pursuing illegal and tactically unintelligent actions purely to achieve the mad ideological aims of his father and the Haredim. The question is whether he will kill Israel or has already killed it – and why Israelis support him.
29. 'foreign pimped'?
sealift vet67 ,   northern calif   (12.05.12)
why not give up all pretense of democracy, civil dissent, or consideration of other viewpoints. the course we are headed, growing settlements in a region partitioned by the UN and previously by San Remo group, cannot be justified on grounds of security, of interpretation of religious texts, or the fallacy that people living in the territories doe not hold probative deeds, nor that some of these people have killed, rocketed, suicide bombed us. If you actually make the trip on a regular basis from TA to west bank and gaza you will see far more despair than hatred. The soviets sought the demise of the US, developed all manner of nuclear and bio-weapons. we never would have dreamed the iron curtain could fall and people, different people, could find common interests while acknowledging uncommon nationalisms. Hamas and Fatah in reality do not speak for all those in the territories nor does the proto-fascist right speak for many of us.
30. Livni
JC1255 ,   Israel   (12.05.12)
Tzipi, You had your opportunity to be part of the government when you led Kadima and you chose to sit on the sidelines and fire spitballs at Bibi at every opportunity. You have had nothing useful or relevant to say for four years. Either help push the wagon or find some place to retire, either way, get off the wagon!
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